Saturday, October 20, 2012

MA - Town of Ayer fights back in sex-offender bylaw challenge

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By Lisa Redmond

BOSTON -- The town of Ayer has fired back after a Level 3 sex offender and his wife filed a federal lawsuit challenging Ayer's new sex-offender bylaw, which limits where sex offenders can live.

In court documents filed Oct. 11 in U.S. District Court, attorney Leonard Kesten, who represents the town, filed court documents in opposition to [name withheld] and [wife name withheld]'s request for a preliminary injunction and asked the judge to deny the [name withheld]' preliminary injunction.

The injunction, if approved, would put the town's sex-offender-residency bylaw, enacted Oct. 24, 2011, on hold until a judge decides whether to strike it down as unconstitutional.

A hearing on the preliminary injunction was scheduled in U.S. District Court, but the hearing was canceled. No new date has been given.

On Sept. 5, [name withheld] filed a lawsuit in Middlesex Superior Court against Ayer and Ayer Police Chief William Murray. [name withheld], 39, a convicted Level 3 sex offender, and his wife [wife name withheld], are living in the basement of Ashley's parents' Harvard home.

[name withheld] was arrested by Ayer police on May 15 for allegedly residing at 6 Whitcomb Ave., in violation of the state's SORB law.

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