Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Laws Scapegoat Sex Offenders

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This lady confuses me. One minute she is saying the laws are insane, the next she is all for them, but, we agree with what she says below.  Click the "DianeDimond" link above for all the articles about her.


By Diane Dimond

Here we go again. Law enforcement officers nationwide are about to stage their annual pre-Halloween effort to make sure everyone listed on the local Sex Offenders Registry knows – imagine this being said in a spooky voice with a scary laugh at the end – They Are Being Watched!

This annual charade is also supposed to help the community feel safer. I’m here to tell you it is nonsense.

The intimidation campaign is a silly diversion of manpower and a waste of your tax dollars. Police and the politicians who are in search of tough-on-crime votes will tell you otherwise, but don’t believe the myth that Halloween is the night child sexual predators wait all year for.

The facts tell a different story.

Those on the registry – convicts who have done their time and are trying hard to blend back into the population – will likely get a personal visit from officers. Depending on the state in which they live, they may be told that they must stay home on Halloween night, that they must keep their lights off and not answer the door. Many will be required to display a sign that reads something like: “No Candy at This Residence.”

There could be other restrictions, too: No holiday decorations outside the home; no dressing up in costume; no attending holiday parties, haunted houses, hay rides or any other Halloween activity where children gather.

Now, let’s look at the facts.

Over the last several decades there has not been one reported instance that I can find of a convicted sex offender molesting a child on Halloween night. Shall I repeat that? Despite all the hysteria, I couldn’t find evidence of even one case. Further, a huge majority of these convicts never re-offend.

The only Halloween tragedy my research turned up was back in 1973 in Milwaukee, where a 9-year-old girl, trick-or-treating by herself, went to the home of a stranger named Gerald Turner. Turner, a man with no criminal record, raped and killed the child. Using today’s guidelines Turner wouldn’t even warrant a visit, since he was not a known molester.

Fact: Our sex registry system is foolish. It lumps in everyone who ever mooned or streaked or urinated in public with hard-core career pedophiles. A registrant may have been a teenager caught with a girlfriend in the back seat; the victim of a vindictive ex-wife who made abuse allegations; or a man who, legitimately, believed his partner was older than 18.


g4change said...

I don't know who this author is, so I have no history on her previous articles. Does she go back and forth on the matter, or are we dealing with someone who used to want to throw all registrants under the bus and who has now seen the light. Does she flip-flop back and forth? Or, has she just flipped after finally knowing the facts?
If the latter, then she should be embraced because we need people who have "seen the light" to step up and admit so. If she's wishy-washy and going back and forth, then to heck with her.

SOIssues said...

She's been on TV many times. See her bio here:

And more articles on Google: