Thursday, October 18, 2012

FL - WE ARE NOT MONSTERS (2012) - Dealing with sex offenders in the U.S. and Germany (Documentary)

Video is in German, but you can make out some of what is said in the USA portion of the video, and the description below is translated by Google, so it may not be 100% accurate.

Video Description:
Sex offenders - the monsters of our society? Regularly reported by cruel child abuse or rape. Thousands go from fear and dread of these people to protest on the streets. In Germany and the USA.

In Miami, Florida, the rules for sexual offenders have been tightened so much that is left open for offenders after their prison time offered only a residence during their probationary period, namely the Julia Tuttle Causeway (YouTube) bridge. Under this highway bridge sex offenders living in tents and self-made wooden huts were under inhumane conditions until they finished their probation. America shows a particularly hard dealing with sex offenders. Someone who is urinating in public as so sexoffender branded as a child molester - including Internet pillory and labeling on the identity card. Looking to Germany shows another picture. Even in the prison time is to treat attempted rehabilitation measures initiated. Even after the imprisonment of the offender is not left alone. Assistance and control to the same extent.

But the "Popular sentiment" is incalculable. Harder approach is required, even for lynching called. At the front, the NPD acts with the demand for capital punishment and castration for pedophiles.

The documentary shows the differences in dealing with sex offenders in the U.S. and in Germany. There are both two American offenders and two in Germany to speak out and share their feelings and desires and fears of an uncertain future. Experts shed light on the pros and cons of Resozialisierbarkeit of sex offenders and go to the demands of the population for tougher measures.

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