Thursday, October 11, 2012

CA - Victory in California!

Posted elsewhere. See the link below for videos on the hearing and more info.

Dear Registrants,

Family Members and Supporters - California RSOL scored another success in Anaheim last night when the City Council decided not to pass a proposed ordinance that would ban all registrants from the city's 50 parks.

This decision was made after 7 people from California RSOL who spoke in opposition to the ordinance. It was also made after presentations by the Orange County DA, deputy DA and mother of Samantha Runnion.

The City Council debated the issue for about an hour during which one member of the council stated clearly that she does not want to punish registrants. In addition, the Chief of Police stated that he believes the ordinance would be ineffective and would create potential legal liability for the city.

This was AMAZING! A video of the relevant parts of the city council meeting can be found online at

Please join us next week for the City Council meeting in Fountain Valley -- Tuesday, October 16. It's time to Show Up, Stand Up and Speak Up!

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g4change said...

Samantha Runnion's daughter's murderer was NOT on any registry. What is her point???