Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CA - Simi Valley ex-sex offenders want their Halloween candy

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We've changed the title. Replaced "molesters" with ex-sex offenders, and "Halloweed" with Halloween.  And this is not about wanting to pass out candy, it's about rights.  I am willing to bet most don't celebrate Halloween in the first place.


By Bill Carroll

A number of California communities have begun enforcing Halloween restrictions on sex offenders, banning them from putting up holiday displays and outside lighting on Oct. 31. Some are required to place a sign on their front doors, telling children no candy or treats will be handed out.

But some believe such restrictions violates the 1st Amendment rights and those of their families.

Times reporter Steve Chawkins reported that less than a month after Simi Valley approved Halloween restrictions for registered sex offenders, the city has been sued.

Both the prohibition on decorations and the mandatory sign violate free-speech rights, according to the lawsuit.

Chawkins reported that 119 registered sex offenders live in Simi Valley. Although some have been convicted of misdemeanors and do not have their names displayed, 67 have been guilty of more serious crimes and are publicly listed on the Megan's Law website. None has been involved in crimes involving children on Halloween, according to police, who say they have no records of any such crime occurring in Simi Valley during Halloween trick-or-treating.
- There is only one case that we are aware of, of a child being sexually harmed on Halloween, and that was back in 1973. It's a moral panic, just like the "razor blades in candy" scare.

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sarah said...

When will the insanity end, Is this still the land of the free?