Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CA - Judge temporarily blocks part of Simi Valley Halloween sex offender law

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By Mike Harris

A federal judge Monday temporarily blocked enforcement of a key provision of Simi Valley's new Halloween sex offender law but left the rest of the ordinance intact.

U.S. District Judge Percy Anderson's ruling came days before the holiday on Wednesday.

Anderson temporarily blocked the city from requiring its several dozen convicted child sex offenders listed on the Megan's Law website to post signs on their front doors on Halloween saying: "No candy or treats at this residence."

But Anderson let stand requirements that the offenders refrain from opening their doors to trick-or-treating children and decorating the outside of their homes or front lawns with Halloween ornaments. The convicts also must turn off outdoor lighting on their properties from 5 p.m. to midnight Wednesday.

Attorney Janice Bellucci (Unrelated Video), who last month filed a lawsuit saying the law was unconstitutional, said she was pleased with the ruling even though she had sought to have enforcement of the entire ordinance temporarily blocked pending the outcome of the lawsuit.

Simi Valley City Attorney Marjorie Baxter said the ruling was "a big victory on the majority of the ordinance."


Babachet said...

I just got off the phone with Janice and there is a lot more to this story than the artical let's on. She has sent me the 13 page decision let me know I you want it!

Babachet said...

Of corse they won't let you know that the so's had a victory!!

SOIssues said...

Sure I'd like to see it. Can you put it online somewhere?

Babachet said...

She actually asked that I don't post it here. I didn't know that when I posted the comment and can't delete my comment.. Sorry. Here is her # she wants people to call and ask for it.. (Not sure why)
(805) 896-7854
Northern Los Angeles Area