Saturday, October 20, 2012

CA - Judge asked to temporarily block Simi's Halloween sex offender law

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By Mike Harris

A federal judge was asked Friday to temporarily block enforcement of Simi Valley's new Halloween sex offender law. The judge could rule as early as next week.

The motion for a temporary restraining order was filed with U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson in Los Angeles by attorney Janice Bellucci (Video), who last month filed a federal lawsuit that argued the law is unconstitutional. Bellucci contends the law violates the First and 14th Amendments of the Constitution because it "suppresses and unduly chills protected speech and expression."

Bellucci, president of the board of a group called California Reform Sex Offender Laws, filed the suit on behalf of five registered sex offenders, three of their spouses and two of their children, all Simi Valley residents

"Even though we said in the lawsuit that we were going to seek injunctive relief, we had to file a separate motion to do that," she said. She is seeking to temporarily block enforcement of the law while the lawsuit, which seeks to permanently block enforcement, is litigated.

Bellucci said the judge will rule on her request without input from the city, as early as next week.

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