Sunday, October 14, 2012

AUSTRALIA - Sex offender website goes online

Are all the people on the list really pedophiles, or are some non-pedophiles? I am willing to bet most are not true pedophiles, so stop putting everyone into one category, they are not all pedophiles. It's disinformation like this from the media that causes the vigilantism in the first place. Send these idiots an email: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo News


Video Description:
Police are warning against vigilante action when the State Government's new sex offender website comes online on Monday.

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kikipt said...

Wow! How smoothly and effortless they switch from the term "sex offender" (which they do not bother to define) to "pedophile!" And we are not told if the links to which one clicks from the initial vague listings with photos will actually tell one what the person was actually convicted of!