Sunday, October 7, 2012

AUSTRALIA - Sex Offender Documentary

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Documentary Description:
I have placed on here in sections a 10 hour DVD my son has made as a part of trying to free himself from abusive cycles. He made this so he could take it to people who maybe able to create change. In the DVD he addresses issues like the sex offenders register, the courts, the police, the prison system and other subjects. There is a lot of rare insight and helpful answers that I hope may help others from what ever walk of life they are from. This DVD gives a truthful look at the entire system from a person that has had 25 years involvement with it.

  • Chapter 01 - Introduction
  • Chapter 02 - The Sex Offenders register
  • Chapter 03 - My court case
  • Chapter 04 - Today's position
  • Chapter 05 - The courts
  • Chapter 06 - The prison system
  • Chapter 06.1 - Shocking follow up
  • Chapter 07 - The Police
  • Chapter 08 - My Police experience
  • Chapter 09 - Vigilantism
  • Chapter 10 - The Government & the misleading of the people
  • Chapter 11 - In closing
  • Chapter 12 - Bonus chapter: Legal BS, Technicalities & Revelations

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