Thursday, September 13, 2012

UK - Ex-deputy mayor (John Johnson) in court on child porn charge

John Johnson
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A former deputy mayor of Peterborough has appeared in court accused of downloading a large amount of “extreme” child pornography.

John Johnson (62), of Deerleap, Bretton, who was deputy mayor between 1999 and 2000 appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Johnson, who was a Labour councillor for North Bretton between May 1995 and January 2001, has been charged with making 714 indecent images of children.

He is accused of downloading six level-five images of a child, which is the most extreme level of pornography in legal classification terms.

Johnson, who made his name as a determined anti-hunt campaigner, is also accused of downloading 546 indecent images at level one, 15 at level two, 82 at level three and 65 at level four.

Dressed in a grey suit with a tie and wearing glasses, Johnson spoke only to confirm his name and details during the five-minute court hearing.

He listened intently as the charge against him was read out and did not enter a plea.

Prosecutor Giles Beaumont said: “This charge relates to some extreme level pornography. Some images involve adult males with various animals.”

Magistrate Michael Flanagan said: “I am going to decline jurisdiction in this instance.”

This case will be heard before a crown court.”

Johnson was released on unconditional bail to return to Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on November 6.

He gained publicity as a councillor in 1998 for taking part in pioneering “roving surgeries”.

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NJ45143112 said...

I've long suspected, and now I'm sure, that there is something basic in the construction of the male brain that is susceptible to stimulation by the images portrayed in child pornography.
Given that men from all walks of life are downloading images of varying severity, the conclusion can be drawn that ANY man could be susceptible. We have priests, ministers, police officers, judges, school teachers... If men from positions of authority and trust can fall victim, then something is decidedly wrong. But there is no virus out there... No drugs in the water or alien radiation causing these aberrations...
The one difference I can see is that some men are more susceptible than others. One man may look solely at images of adolescents playing nude on the beach. Another may attempt to go to that beach to not only get his own photos but seeking sexual activity...
Perhaps it has something to do with men being hard-wired for procreation. If regular, constant sex is not available, that need may force him to expand his parameters of what is acceptable. Other societal influences can exacerbate the situation...
I'm no psychologist but, not being one, I can see things that aren't written in text books. We may have the wheel, I-Pods, computers and such but we are still basically animals. OK, we have a cerebral cortex and opposable thumbs but that doesn't change the fact that our nature is to perpetuate the species. Just look at your average Hispanic family, they usually have between 4 to 6 kids every time I see them. They're often wonderful people but compared to your average white family, they seem to be part rabbit.
That said, it's important that before condemning all offenders for being so disgusting as to download images of naked children, we should all step back and realize that fines, incarceration, restrictions and registration will do nothing to solve the problem. In fact, now that molestations appear to be on the rise (or, at least, more prevalent in the media), the conclusion may be drawn that stemming the flow of pornography may be causing some to seek out other forms of stimulation. Is it possible?