Friday, September 14, 2012

NY - Former Monroe County Jail guard (Robert Wilson) charged with raping seven female inmates

Robert Wilson
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By Brett Davidsen

He was sworn to uphold the law and watch over jail inmates. Now he is charged with raping several females who were locked up at the Monroe County Correctional Facility.

On Friday, 41-year-old sergeant Robert Wilson, of Greece, was arrested and charged in a 23 count indictment accusing him of rape and other sex crimes.

Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn announced Friday that Wilson, a 17-year veteran of his department, was now accused of abusing his authority accused of raping several inmates in his custody.

At the Monroe County Correctional Facility in Brighton, Sergeant Robert Wilson was a supervisor in charge. But investigators say for more than two years, he was using his position of authority to sexually abuse seven female inmates.

Addressing the issue head-on, Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn said it was a disappointing day to have one of his respected sergeants betray the public’s trust.

Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn said, “I find that Wilson's actions were obviously reprehensible and disturbing and they are an embarrassment to our organization and to the community we serve."

Wilson was arraigned on a 23 count indictment unsealed Friday morning, charged with rape, sexual abuse, criminal sex act and official misconduct. Investigators believe he had relationships with many of the woman prior to their being locked up, resulting in one charge of patronizing a prostitute. Whether any of the sexual contact in the jail may have been consensual would be irrelevant because, according to the law, inmates cannot consent. The district attorney called them serious crimes and said the victims deserve justice.

Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney, said, "Regardless of what they've done in the past and where they are and what their station in life is, if they are victims and a law is violated, we will represent their interests in court."

Interestingly, it wasn’t one of the women who first came forward to report the alleged abuses. It was staff at the jail who reported Wilson for improper use of the work computers. An internal investigation eventually led to the alleged sex crimes.

I-Team 10 attempted to reach Wilson at his home in Greece, but no one answered the door.

I-Team asked if Wilson promised any money or favors to the women in return for the sex, officials declined to say. And while the sheriff says Wilson is not believed to have taken any of the inmates off the jail property, he did acknowledge that they were, at times, out of secured areas.

Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn said, “He was a supervisor in charge so he had access to the entire facility and he had very calculated actions to be able to manipulate the system to accommodate his actions."

Authorities say the women are cooperating with police in their investigation of Wilson. But beyond that, the sheriff says they do have video evidence from inside the jail that they have turned over to the district attorney.

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