Monday, September 10, 2012

MA - Crazy Landlord (Catherine Tratola) False Rape Accusation Caught on Tape

This video shows you how fast your life could be ruined by someone, in a matter of minutes. Luckily the guy was recording the video.

Video Description:
Catherine Tratola, landlord and owner of the Brookside Manor, a hotel in Quincy, MA, barged into the room of one of her tenants, assaulted him repeatedly and screamed rape several times.

According to the person who posted the video, Cathy Tretola, the property owner, was allegedly pretending that she was attacked by the tenant once she noticed he was recording her during an argument. Tretola claims the man recording was peeing out of the window.

This is the last minutes of a 15-minute fight, according to the person who recorded it, so it's uncertain what may have led the argument to go to another level.

The person who took the video wrote:

At no point did I touch her. Everything changed when I pulled out my camera. At the very beginning of the video you can see Cathy Tretola trying to grab the camera and hitting me. Then she turned into an actor and unsuccessfully tried to make it look like she was the victim. Notice how fake she is trying to act upset and notice how Joe Saccoach and the other guy are acting like they are consoling her. The police were called by me, and they did not believe a word of her story. I can't wait to have my day in court.

This video is a copy and was first posted in July, but only recently went viral after users of 4Chan and Reddit brought it to the surface and began commenting on it online.

I myself found it at the site

I titled the video as such to draw light as to how easliy a women can accuse a man of rape and if proven false the accuser will receive little to nothing in the form of punishment for making a false accusation of rape, all the while leaving the victim with a tarnished reputation.


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Craig Elder said...

This video is extremely disturbing and exceedingly sad. My God, where are you?!

Nathan said...

This woman has issues big time a few times.she was grinning ear to ear and laughing also

Ebay Blows said...

I would check out if I was her.