Friday, September 14, 2012

Kids Live Safe Tries to Defend False 52% Sex Offender Recidivism Rate

The statistic is about child molesters, and is from an old study, which is being misquoted all the time. See the "See Also" link below.

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Very amusing and telling conversation with a representative from Kids Live Safe (More Here).


nathan rabalais said...

Shana stepping on toes again I take it

F.A. Leonetti said...

KIDS LIVE SA............
From the last 15 years of collected data, information, records from both private and public domains, THE ONLY WAY ANY GROUP, government or private, can make such fallacious and straight up lying statements OF SUCH GROSS DISPROPORTION is to have added ALL crimes prior to and/or after to anyone so charged with a SINGLE OR ORIGINAL sex crime.

Because the ACTIONS for such deviant behavior, ON BEHALF OF THESE LYING TWISTED MINDED DOLTS who produce this crap and are so well protected by First Amendment Rights and driven by more and more B/S media, tv, and radio and on line, these distorted figures are made out of dollar signs.

Remember this:

While calling these A-wads or writing them may make you feel good, THESE BASTARDS NEED TO BE SUED IN A COURT OF LAW FOR DAMAGES.....MAJOR DAMAGES.

Oh, well, nice thought. But that would take a whole group of really concerned and very involved persons, with a strong will to do things right, have little or no excuse that they don't have the time or money AND KICK THESE JERKS WHERE IT BELONGS.......IN THEIR POCKET BOOK.

Less than that and this whole sex offender issue just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

Best Regards
F.A. Leonetti

John said...

I was mislabeled as a sex offender for urinating in 1998. It has destroyed my life. The registry does nothing to help anything. It haunts me to this day. it makes good people unemployable. It hurts taxpayers and is ridiculous as I have never committed any sex crime in my life. Before this happened to me i believed that someone labelled a sex offender really was a monster. Now I know better. It is all about the system-MONEY! Label is complete B.S. Real sexual offenders/rapist/molesters/ect... , should never be let out around our children. Then there would be no use for this ineffective labelling.