Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BREAKING: News Crew Harassing Sex Offender on Halloween Around the World!

Video Description:
No this is not real news. It is a parody to show how ridiculous society reacts to sex offenders on Halloween. Sex crimes do not take place on Halloween - Fact.

Bits and pieces are from an actual news report about a man living in an "adults only" park. The news agency (having nothing better to report on) decided to show up at the mans door to tell him that the neighbors are upset about his Halloween decorations.

This man is not on parole or probation. He has served his time. He should be left alone and treated the same as everyone else.


Lynn Gilmore said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!!

Damian said...

Thank you SOI, you have no idea how much of a laugh you given me. I will be saving this video as the topic of sex offenders and Halloween tends to come up around me at this time of year. You've made my day. Thank you.