Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OH - Police: Pair (William Rumfola & Nicole Dudenas) beat suspected sex offender with ball bat

William Rumfola and Nicole Dudenas
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And like usual, people are trying to get these vigilantes free?  See this Facebook page and group.


By Emil Whitis

A Vickery man and woman were arrested Thursday for allegedly smashing a baseball bat into a suspected sexual offender’s face.

The assault victim — [name withheld], 32, of Vickery — was later arrested on charges of gross sexual imposition. He’s accused of groping an 18-year-old woman.

His alleged attackers — William Rumfola, 25, and Nicole Dudenas (Facebook), 25 — were charged with felony assault and aggravated menacing, because they also threatened [name withheld] with a knife, Erie County deputies said.

Deputies sped to the 7500 block of Wahl Road at about 1 a.m. Thursday after receiving a call about a man who’d been assaulted. They arrived to find a crowd gathered on a trailer park road, with a bloodied [name withheld] near the group.

[name withheld] told deputies he’d been hit in the head with a baseball bat.


Shiners1278 said...

.... and of course the victim of the assault will be listed on the sex offender registry while the dangerous psychopathic criminals get a second chance at life.
I would rather live next to or WITH the groper than with the violent a-holes.

NJ45143112 said...

I do so love all of the wonderful terminology that our justice system uses:
"Gross Sexual Imposition"
"Aggravated Menacing"
It just makes everything so much more exciting than "groping" and "battery."
I suspect the courts would have a much easier time if they simply dispensed with the colorful language and stayed with the basics...

anonymous said...

Just more EVIDENCE that being required to publicly register absolutely,undeniably,and FACTUALLY puts a persons life at risk of serious psysical violence up to and including MURDER!!!!!!!
The registry MUST be made available to law enforcement only, while the public should be made to request information on a need to know basis required by positive identification.
That our Government would continue to allow laws that put citizens at risk of vigilante murder is ILLEGAL no matter which way they try to spin it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently in William (LB Sickning) Rumfola's world it is ok to sleep with 15 yr old girls and get them pregnant? How is he any better than the offender? He is not and is a pile of crap! He is insane and unfortunately the most sane in the family (atleast from the ones I've met)! He is a talentless high school drop out who will never be able to financially take care of his 2 kids!

banshee70 said...

wrong. every parent deserves to know if there is a sex offender near their innocent children immediately, not after their child comes home traumatized. The fact that you posted as anonymous and are defending offenders leads me to believe that you yourself are a registered sex offender.

SOIssues said...

You may deserve to know that, but in the past, before politicians realized they could exploit the issue, nothing gave you that right, and personally nobody deserves to know who lives around them, it's called privacy for a reason.

And if we make an online registry for ex-sex offenders, then we should put ALL ex-felons on an online registry.

And people post anonymously to stop harassment from the many idiots out there.

Since ex-offenders have one of the lowest re-offense rates out there, why aren't you pushing for a registry for all ex-felons? Like murderers, gang members, gun owners/offenders, thieves, DUI offenders, abusive parents / babysitters, etc, etc!

SOIssues said...

Just because someone may live in a trailer park doesn't mean they are bad people. Are you assuming all who do are "trailer trash" or something?

Mark said...

My failure to clarify and the humor got twisted!