Sunday, July 22, 2012

Due Process: Megan's Law

Video Description:
It began in New Jersey 15 years ago when the murder-rape of 7-year-old Megan Kanka launched a nationwide movement - and laws in all 50 states.

The idea was to keep tabs on sex offenders through town by town registries ... and, in the cases of those deemed most likely to strike again, to notify neighbors, schools and community institutions that a potential sexual predator was among them.

But now a federally-funded study by the NJ Department of Corrections concludes that Megan's Law may be a failure - that it hasn't prevented either new sex offenses or repeat offenses.

Sandra King looks at the history of the law, its cost, and the DOC study.


SOIssues said...

Like we've said, these laws are based on emotion, money, and vengeance, period.

They do not work, and will not work, never will. You can pass 10 million laws, but if a person is intent on committing a crime, they will.

SOIssues said...

The person who just committed the sexual crime, is not on any public registry, not until they get out of prison, and the people who are out of prison, usually do not commit another sex crime in the first place, so Dick just showed the registry doesn't work! (Around the 11:50 mark)

SOIssues said...

Hey Dick, a lot of murderers are recidivists, so are gang members, drug dealers/users, thieves, etc, but we don't see a draconian registry and residency laws for them.

So do you really want to protect people? I don't think so!

SOIssues said...

These politicians have some hidden agendas, it's obvious. They don't listen to any study done, nor facts, they have their minds set, and that is that, in their opinions. This law will NEVER be repealed, I am afraid to say, because it would make politicians look bad if the real facts came out. Not without God's intervention!

entenmanns said...

This is old.Governor Corzine he's long gone the crook that he is!