Friday, June 8, 2012

Sue the b------s

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By DG:
ok. lets look at all the facts now. fact 1 - every person stuck on the registry is prevented from making a viable living. lets say the median income is $40,000. I speak from experience. A sex offender can no longer support himself if his name is on the registry. The people who work for the registry boards wont voluntarily release anyone from the registry or even downgrade them. the supreme court has ruled that the registry is merely remedial just a process of getting a persons home address, work address, phone number, license plate info. and whether or not a person attends a university. If someone can explain to me why being homeless and unemployed is remedial im all ears. How many sex offenders have successfully been able to go back to school and further their careers? Another interesting fact to find out. I am guessing that out of the 747,000 people declared on "Hell's List." There are very few people practicing in the fields they went to school for. I am also going to venture that out of the total number there are less than 1-2% enrolled in some form of vocational/educational program. There are no statistics currently being kept for this but I am also curious how many on Hell's List have been arrested for new charges that would not have been promulgated if these people weren't identified as sex offenders. I was arrested for OUI back in 2008 and I dont even consume alcohol or use drugs. It's rumored that the meticulous requirements of being on the registry has enabled 30% of all former sex offenders to be re-arrested again on new charges, ie. failure to register, failure to do somthing which they wouldnt have to do if they werent on hells list. I know noone has any information on this but how many sex offenders have been murdered either in prison or at home by vigilantes since being classified as sub-human. We dont know. we also dont know how many sex offenders have starved to death or been forced to die an early death since being placed on this list. We do know their lives have been irrepably harmed. either forced to move, lost their jobs, lost their license to practice in their field, banned from schools, banned from ymcas. basically kicked out of the communities they spent their entire lives in prior to being placed on hells list. the sex offender registry is remedial. causing people to lose about a million dollars over their entire lives is remedial. never being able to live with your children is remedial. never being allowed to participate in your children's lives is remedial. being kicked out of nursing homes that are all old people is remedial. not being able to live in public housing because you cant get a job to save your life is remedial. having your neighbors vandalise your personal property is remedial. having the local news station broadcast that a level 3 sex offender is moving into your home town is remedial. being told u cant attend church with your family or go to the park with your family because they have bans placed on level 2 and 3 sex offenders at those designated areas is remedial. i think the dropping of the atomic bomb on hiroshima and nagasaki was ruled remedial. if you can tell me with a straight face that a lawyer with $50,000 cant prove now that the sex offender registry is punishment for all the reasons already supplied, I will shake my head in disbelief. We have 747,000 people tied to one cause. if you include their families and closest friends I am going to estimate that we have about 3 million people tied to this problem. Are you going to tell me with a straight face that it is impossble for 3 million people to join together in one cause to raise $50,000 for one law suit I dont care what state its filed in i have to again shake my head in disbelief. The politicians wont help us I contacted all of them personally and no one came to my rescue. There is one other thing I didnt mention here and that is the punitive effects on sex offenders in having a lifetime CORI. You cannot have your criminal records sealed as long as you are on the registry, please tell me with a serious face this is remedial and not punitive. We are all better and safe knowing that 747,000 people cannot successfully have the privilege of working where they choose and this is remedial and actually protects kids. If your organizaion cannot figure out a way working together with the ACLU, RSOL, SOSEN and any other advocacy organizations to find one lawyer and find one victim (a person whose infomation is on CORI and the registry),and any legal aid organizations, hunan rights organization or human rights watch and file one law suit with a real victim that is actually being twiced punished for his crime by laws passed by the legislative office not the judicial without due process and without violating separation of powers. I think you are giving up to easily. As the commercial on tv says you have the law on your side. we do. we just need to show that our rights have been violated by the powers of the legislature and not the judicial offices with these new laws passed after 1994.


50000rso said...

DG is right on.  He fully out lined my life.  I accepted a plea in 92 and severed 90 days in jail and completed 1800 hours of community service and therapy.  I had fulfilled the terms of my probation. In 96 I was informed that I now had to register.  No one said anything about this in my 92 plea deal.  I was done. I was veary angry and I still am.  In less than a year after being on the registry I lost my second wife and two step children.  I also was fired from my job as director of sales for Utah, Idaho, and Nevada for a large satellite pay tv company.  I have endured vandalism threats and physical confrotation.  In 2000 a pinapple grenade was placed at my neighbors door with a note that said do us a faver and pull the pin.  I started my own communications company in 2001 in 2011 I was told either resign or my service provider would stop allowing my to retail their products.  My company still operates or I should say my wifes company still operates today.  I volunteer the knowledge and skill.  I am unemployed.  In 2011 I requested a level reduction from nevada and was told by some board that I would never be able to obtain a reduction in classification.  I pay $75.00 a year to register.  This is called a registration FEE however unlike other FEEs it is not volantary.  I belive this constitute a fine however no one in government in nevada calls it that.  I half to get a drivers liscense every year instead of every four years like everyone else.  All this to save NO ONE.  Not one documented case of any child anywhere being saved by the registry.  What crap!!!!!

Lagunabruin said...

I completely understand your rage. I am an RSO, and fight the bitterness I taste everyday from being forced into "optionlessness" by an unforgiving society hell bent on our persecution and retribution.

Still, I managed to get fully funded through a federal program called the Workforce Investment Act to return to school, full-time. I have been accepted into a well-respected American Bar Association accredited Paralegal Certificate program at a major University of California.

I've already enrolled and begin classes in under 2 weeks.

Even in the midst of all the public outrage and mass hysteria over registered sex offenders, I managed to find someone willing to give me a chance to change directions. I shall be forever grateful to my case worker "Pat", who opted to see me as an articulate man with a mind, a passion to help others with their legal troubles and who has a conscience. And not as the monster society thinks I should be because I am on the public registry.

I hope others in our situation can find that one person like I did who says "yes, I choose to believe in you."

Redeemed1 said...

I'd be all for that.  I'm tired of everyone being pushed around.  How would we organize something like this though?  If everyone on registry could pay a $1, that would be more than enough.  Getting a hold of everyone would be hard though.  I figure a lot of people wouldn't do anything because of fear.  I would be hesitant if I got a random letter or email asking to do something like this.  I t might feel like a trap.  But if we got a lawyer to organize..then maybe...

I am definitely feeling the whole fight or flee syndrome.  Either we punch em in the mouth, or start our own new colony somehow..

F.A. Leonetti said...

re: Sue the Bastards

There have been countless  articles sent to this site suggesting the very same line of action be taken. THIS HAS MERITS.

We need to get serious. Sign up committed individuals and groups and ask for  a collection.  Place it in a very secure account.  Select a case or cases,  to be brought to court.  Hire the best qualified, not the most expensive, attorney.
File the required  motions and  get this damn registration issues settled and squared away.

  If persons are not trustworthy and not allowed  to live a normal life, after serving their sentence, how in the hell is a simple-minded guilt ridden registration going to be effective.  It won't!!!
The registration only ''serves & protect'' those who sex offenders really serve and makes and protects the jobs of those who babysit sex offenders.

Frankly, I believe this registration over-haul is many several years past due. The cost in  registered sex offenders lives, homes,incomes and their futures has been horrific.  Not to mention the harm and fear to their  family  members and friends is all quite weighty.. This whole idea of sex offender registration is very very costly to everyone involved. 

Sex offender registration is a FAILED social experiment

The reasoning behind such a plan of call to action is,  as you mostly stated is  very evident.  This registration  has  a sickening history of  human rights errors and violations to it, under the guise of saving the children or protecting society. Lest to mention the twisting of laws and the Constitutional.

The simple math will tell you.......THIS IS A VERY DOABLE AND WINNABLE LEGAL ACTION.

What is needed  is a Rx for the registration 'Money Bomb'.

This registration gimmick is  tough to beat  mainly it is making so damn much money and no one really serious has stood up to it with a winnable attitude with backing to win.

Glad to read other  like minded souls.

""We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.""
If we see the win, we will.

Best Regards
F.A. Leonetti

Guest said...

I love the idea of pooling money and organizing.  That's how things get done.  As someone who has filed successful lawsuits against my state Pro Se, though, I would actually caution against believing in the idea that one good lawsuit can bring the whole system crashing down.  The belief in magical solutions is the basis for the registry, and it won't be the solution.  That's not how things work in real life.  Cases are progressively less influential the lower down in the court system you get, but they are progressively more influential the more times they are followed and result in similar holdings.  What we need is not one great lawyer making a single case where the state can devote a ton of defense dollars, but many good lawyers making cases all over and forcing the states to spread their time and money thin.  We need more RSO's to pool up, spend a little money, take some online courses, and learn how to effectively argue clear cases Pro Se in local courts against clueless county attorneys.  Remember--you can devote all your time to one case, they have to spread their time thin between many other unrelated cases, which means you have an advantage.

In order to ultimately win a big case on substantive due process grounds (which the Supreme Court expressly left open as a possibility), we need to be able to point to lots of little cases that show how out of control the registry has become and how it's used for so many things that have nothing to do with the public interest.

F.A. Leonetti said...

Reply:  Sue the Bastards article.
Like I have said numerous times, this site is all that is needed to compile and communicate concerns regarding Sex Offender Issues.

From this small but important sampling of individuals who replied to this article MORE  than indicates, that within the readership of this site lies the resources who are intellectual and motivated to organize, take action in getting the right results to  make positive changes effecting thousands of peoples lives for the better.

""To first trust others, we must first learn how to trust ourselves. In order to do that, we must allow  others to help us.""  FAJL 

I am willing to offer $500.00 for the cause. {$250 in a direct donation and $250 in matching funds.}

This is so very important.  Who best can know which way to go than those who are already there?

Thanks S.O.I.'s for this post.

Best Regards
F.A. Leonetti

John said...

I too am 1000% willing to contribute everything and anything that I can to this cause. This could very well be the post that sets everything in motion. I encourage anyone else who is reading to chime in here, even if it is to just say, "Hello I am reading this". I know there are LOTS of people who check this site and the number grows daily. I have checked this site every single day for the last seven years. I have explained with great success to those around me in the real world how messed up the registry is. Many people do believe that there is something seriously wrong with having an online hit-list. I honestly believe that the sheer number of people who really support the registry is much smaller than they want any of us to believe. Most people believe that it is extremely messed up to have something even remotely like the list, and when presented with actual facts from someone who is going through it day-to-day (me), their reactions are always the same: Compassionate, Understanding, Angry. All of the things people who are on the list have been feeling for years. The lies were blatant and repeated over and over by Bill O'reilly, Sean Hannity, Nancy Grace, and many other local news stations. Many sheriff's departments still fly the "50% of sex offenders reoffend" flag high and proud right on their websites. It's lies and most people are honestly smart enough to be able to identify bull*hit when it is piled up as high as the powers that be have piled it on us. If one thing that this new digital age has brought us, it is the ability to document everything, most importantly these absurd lies that were told to the public. When I show people what really happened, they are simply appalled. I have seen it happen time and time again. I believe that we can win this because the truth is on our side.

50000rso said...

Great comments.  Sex offender issues may be the perfect people to start a legal fund and publish the amounts online to fight these laws.  I have wanted to not only donate money but I have a desire to completely change how I look every year when I register.  Think of all the difrent ways you can look for your photo.  This would further prove that the information supplied to the public is unreliable.  I also want to stage a protest at the steps of my state capitol on the aniverasry of each registration law that was passed.  I would love to dress up in a flashers trench coat that when opened would reveal a picture of uncle sam shredding the constitution.

Disqusted_1 said...

COUNT ME IN!  Hell I'd donate more than $1 every month as long as I knew my money was being used responsibly to fight this crap. I believe the person commenting as 'guest' has some very good points. I like the idea of wearing them thin and wearing them out and then moving in for the knock out blow.

Daniel Goichman said...

so how do we organize this? i nominate any person working on this website to set up a committee to accomplish this.
who's included so far? 50000rso, diehard25fl, Lagunabruin, Redeemed1, F.A. Leonetti (probably should be in charge), Guest, John, Disqusted1. we got 8 so far. we need to find a lawyer who will take our case. find out how much in fees he wants to do it. have to figure out if it is better to file in state court or federal court in one state. not sure if it matters. need to figure out a way to collect money. .need to figure out a way to get more people signed up and what the suit is going to challenge specifically.

first thing u need to do is find a lawyer whose expertise is in constitutional law.  Plan to Challenge Megan's Law Step 1) Need to show economic harm that is caused by the registry. Survey 200 random employers. Find out how many of them doing background checks.Step 2) Need to survey 400 random people - all ages, all nationaliities, all genders. This is your general population sample. The goal is determine what portion of the general population is in the povery level. 11,344 dollars per year. source -   This is your normal population for the statistical data. Step 3) Survey 400 sex offenders and find out how many qualify for poverty and determine what percentage of sex offenders are in poverty. Step 4) you compare the % in poverty for your normal population and compare that to poverty for sex offender sample. Step 5) Determine if there is a significant difference between the groups. If there is a difference a lawyer can claim that putting people on the registry forces them into poverty and causes them economic harm, punishment, and is uncostitutional. Step 6) Does putting people on the registry reduce # sex crimes committed each year? If the answer is no , then the registry isn't really necessary because it accomplishes nothing. Step 7) Does putting people on the registry indirectly cause other problems for the offender that might normally not enounter?  A) Forcing him to move. B) Setting him up for retaliation by police or other vigilantees. C). causing him to lose relationships with people he had former ties to. Step 8) Does the registry cause him to experience feelings of low self esteem? Step 9) Does one sex crime justify life-time registration? How long do people live nowadays? Do people automatically start re-offending once they are removed from the registry? Does destroying a person's life long after they are no longer dangerous protect the public? How come the original 10 yr registration periods weren't adequate?
How many sex offenders out of the total population of sex offenders re-offend? At what point does making laws for public safety violate a person's individual civil rights? Are passing laws that make sex offenders homeless, unemployed or under-employed justifiable? Do the ends justify the means? At what point does monitoring people violate their civil rights? Does putting a person on the registry guarantee that he will never commit a new offense or does it in instead guarantee that he will never be successful in making money and having a normal life? Can it be argued that putting a person on the registry is no different than having him on probation or parole for life?

The Emperor said...

If I was you 50000RS, I would tell (or better yet, sing while dancing) to the state 'Go F&%$ Yourself' in regards to the fines or fees they impose on you on the grounds that the fine is too excessive.

If my face and info is going to be plastered, I see it as a license to not work anymore seeing that no one will hire me, and as long as I am making a token effort to find a job (turning in job applications) nothing can be done. Also, every citizen is protected by a little US Supreme Court Ruling called 'Bearson vs. Georgia' which states a person can not have their parole/probation violated if they are unable to pay their fines/fee because they are unemployed and as long as they are making a good faith effort to try and pay their legal obligations.

And Gentlemen, so you know, the states knowingly will omit or rather, 'forget' to mention this by word of mouth and on the legal forms.

And while being locked up is bad, keep in mind that in the long run you are screwing over the taxpayers. A guy in Washington State who was unable to pay $60 was locked up for two weeks at the cost of $1600 to the taxpayers.

Daniel Goichman said...

i have a lot of trouble using this website. downloaded firefox and its still giving me headaches. anyone willing to fight registry. contact me at my official website:
we need as much money as we can possibly raise. we need a lawyer willing to take lawsuit. we need 500-700 sex offenders who have been destroyed by any laws passed after 1994. thanks daniel j. goichman.

SOIssues said...

What kind of trouble? It may be associated with the toolbar at the bottom. I am going to remove it for a couple days, let me know ASAP if that fixes the problems for you.

Brian Ingles said...

count me in

like most said...

IM about to register and will ask my lawer about this issue im scared as hell to reg but a law suite has to happen the fed gov has put more harsh "non punishment" rules for reg that will only make more rso's homless. But the rso is on the virge of colapse. Ill see what i can do.

like most said...

but i do not support 3rd level or reactivist

like most said...

Unless you were under the age of 18 when it happend