Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NY - Ex-Sex offender shot in broad daylight at a park in front of kids

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By Solomon Syed

ALBANY - This now the fourth shooting in eight days in Albany, but this one comes with a bit of a twist, one that has neighbors scared and police wondering if this shooting wasn't random.

On Monday, Swinburne Park looked much like it did Sunday afternoon when a man was shot in broad daylight as kids played nearby.

"This world is just going to pieces right now. I'm just shocked," said Albany resident Jamaica Harris.

The victim, [name withheld], 26, sustained three gunshot wounds. One of the bullets is now lodged in his spinal cord. But [name withheld]' own criminal history's raising some questions about why he was near the park in the first place and why he may have been targeted: He's a level three sex offender out on parole since April 13th for the statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl.
- So, is the reporter trying to justify the shooting?  A man was shot, his past should not have anything to do with it, except to prove motive in court.

"It's very frustrating. We can't be in this fight alone. This is our city, our neighborhoods, too, and we need everybody to work together," said Albany Police PIO Steve Smith.

Police say witnesses have not been forthcoming, which hasn't gotten them any closer to cracking the case, one that now has parents in this neighborhood on high alert.

Harris said, "I mean, I have a baby myself. It's unbelievable. So many things are going on in the world right now. You just have to be a lot more careful."

Now as part of his parole, [name withheld] has to stay at least a thousand feet away from any park or school, so even as the victim here, he could face some legal problems of his own. Police are still looking for two suspects. Anyone with information urged to give Albany police a call.


EGAMA Manager said...

Statutory rape means it was consensual sex with a teenager and this former sex offender may have been a teenager himself when this occurred. The news media is very deceptive in these articles.

Sai-lorr Thom said...

It also fails to mention when the crime took place, only that he is now 26, and at the time the victim was 14. He easily could have been in prison for several years before let out on parole. Yeah deceptive and sad as hell. Bash sex offenders, take away our gun rights, shall we just give out government the satisfaction of bowing down to them as well?