Monday, May 28, 2012

AZ - Getting off lifetime probation

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By C:
My fiancee is on lifetime probation in AZ and has done a little over 7 years now. We are going to ask the courts to release him from probation and to drop his requirement to register from lifetime to 10 years. Do you have anyone who has written a letter to the judge to ask for this and been successful that would share what to say in our letter? He has one victim, one time, that was incestuous not predatory.
- I think you mean lifetime registration. I do not know of anybody who is on lifetime probation and/or parole.


Frank said...

I was on lifetime probation in AZ. No, it's not lifetime registration, it is really lifetime probation. I filed my own motion after 10 years, and my probation officer supported. A letter to the judge is a waste of time, you need to file a motion and make sure your probation officer supports it. Otherwise, they will take anything negative from your fiancee's group or probation notes and send it to the judge with the recommendation to reject the motion. I know, it took me four tries over 6 years to get off lifetime probation. Tell your fiancee I feel his pain.

Jim said...

Lifetime probation, with a jail or prison sentence as part of the terms of probation, is a very common sentence in Arizona.
Make sure your probation officer will support you, then file a motion with the Superior Court for Modification of Probation. It might help to have a lawyer as well, though it's not necessary.
Good luck.

christy said...

My son got life time probation and parole.. He is only 21 first time he ever got in trouble. He went to counselling, did treatment for 14 months, did 2 years in jail and now is stuck with life time probation and parole. He wears a bracelet monitor for ever, can not go to any family functions, or be around any minors.. never have kids. Did I tell you we were told he is one that would not likely to reoffend. He has a good head and is a very good kid, he made a mistake. But who ever said there is no0 life time probation, or parole, there is. I do not wish this on anyone. Oh and did I mention he has to register for life also.

lonely lady said...

well my husband has been on lifetime prob. for 26 yrs. from az. not a repeat offender. yr after yr all his former po s have put in for early termination only yo be shot down? why? you tell me. its all over control. there was no reason for it. yeah he has violated a couple of his terms, but hell all lifetime is ,is a setup for failure if you ask me. he violated this time 2nd time that is and he just finally told them he d do whatever to get off probation. so he is now serving a yr and a half over something that happened in 1986. forget that he has already servered a life sentence. what about all those yrs he was good? where is the reward for that? arizona needs to have the fed government step in or the people there need to quit voting these people into office! i agree some need to be watched maybe forever but there are those that dont. individual people and cases.not all have the same story..but who cares about sex offeneders? except me and you?

C said...

Well we asked last March and got told no "due to concerns raised by your group counselor" but when the counselor heard that, he was pissed cause he never said one negative thing against him getting off probation. As a matter of fact he never said anything period. If asked he would have recommended probation termination. So, we are asking again this March and going to try and take a letter from the counselor and add it to the motion. Also, just a couple days prior to submitting the motion last year we got a new probation officer who honestly thought he would never even meet us cause he thought we had a great chance of getting off. Anyway, the ex-probation officer is now in a position that he can write a letter to the judge because he is no longer the probation officer. Also, I have completed chaperone classes and we got married so maybe they will look at that as he has a built it babysitter. Which is BS but hopefully it helps. Cross your fingers everyone!

hau palama said...

C is correct in stating "lifetime" probation. My son has the same classification which was ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme courts however Arizona choses to ignore this ruling and only of you know about it and have the monies to challenge them in court can you force them to release you from "lifetime" probation. The registry is a separate issue.
The longer the offender is kept in this system it weighs heavy on their mental health to the point of giving up..which is crucial that family needs to step in to put a end to lifetime probation. They brow beat you with weekly must attend counseling meeting fees ( a big state moneymaker), polygraph tests $150 each at your own expense whenever they feel they need a test, disruptive home visits and continuous summoning at will to the probation office 3-4 times within a month making it diffucult to sustain a job.. This is corrupt Arizona. We have been on this merry-go-round for 13 years. Complying and being good resolves nothing.

Sam said...

I'm a victim and don't believe they should get off lifetime probabtion and if they do the victim should have a say in the matter.

Nunya Bizness said...

I was on Lifetime Probation out of Yavapai County for 5 years. I
requested the court to reduce or terminate my probation after the 5
years, but I was denied. I was told by the YC probation department that
it is their policy to NOT support termination. I have never heard of
anyone having their Lifetime Probation terminated in YC. However, I have
heard of many people getting their probation terminated out of Maricopa
County. I finally chose to reject probation and go back to prison to
"kill my number." I am now free of my lifetime probation, but I had to
do 2 more years in prison for that freedom. I only wish I had violated
sooner. It feels amazing to be free of the clutches of AZ!!!

Tudy said...

i'm on lifetime probation
for a failure to register......already revoked my lifetime probation in
2003.....but is there anything new i need to know to get this done again
bro?.....cant deal with this anymore.....been out almost 3 years with no major
infractions....just want to get this over......what did you tell your p.o.
or did you just refuse to comply with treatment

alex said...

Can someone recommend a good attorney in Phoenix, AZ for the filing of early termination of life time probation?