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OH - The state of Ohio is still ruining kids lives before they even start!

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This is just insane! 20 or so years ago this was called "growing up" now it's a crime. At most, they should have been suspended for a couple days, not ruined for life! And I cannot believe parents are so darn clueless and ignorant!


SPRINGBORO - The 14-year-old boy charged with rape after having consensual sex with a 12-year-old girl is out of juvy and back home with his parents. But the young man's problems extend far beyond the charge.

Parents are appalled the pair was able to sneak out of class at Springboro Junior High to have sex in the bathroom.

"It was a stupid mistake," said Annette White, a mother of three children.

But now the boy is charged with rape. If convicted he could be committed to the Department of Youth services until he's 21. He would also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
- Why is it always the males problem?  If it was consensual, and both agreed, then why isn't both charged with a crime?  They both had sex with an underage child!  Although, like I said at the top, this is insanity and they should not be ruined for life because of being kids!

"I think they're too young. I think it was a mistake. Kids having sex at that age is awful really. But I don't think he should have to register as a sex offender. That will be with him for life," said Annette's husband, David White

"It's awful because his life is ruined forever. Once you place that strong a label, you can't go back," said grandmother Sandy Hays

The Warren County prosecutor says the sex was 100% consensual. But Ohio law says anyone under the age of 13 years old is unable to consent. It doesn't matter that the boy is only 14 since the girl is 12. But most parents disagree. They believe a school suspension for both children would be a more appropriate punishment.
- Yes, and since that is an insane law, why aren't both being charged with a crime?  They both broke the law!

"I think we need to look more closely at things that can ruin children's lives," said grandfather Tim Hays.

"There are some really bad sex offenders and this isn't. This isn't," agreed Sandy.

The boy will in juvenile court for his preliminary hearing on April 25th.

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Other Kids Ruined For Life Around The Country:

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kiokwus said...

The result of years of hysteria concerning anything containing the words "sex" and "consent" together in the same subject. Laws that target true rapists or criminals drag in all ages regardless of the circumstances. Such stories of victims, (both being victims in this case) has been published before where as the results being both parties being the aggressor and the victim. Such a broad reading of law is the destruction of youth for life. It doesn't matter if the charges now would be dropped, the CHARGE ITSELF shall follow these young people for life affecting every action they take. Such is the American breed of justice for sex crimes.

IMO, while this was not the smartest move by these young people, the matter should not be subjected to criminal law absent real proof this was other than consensual, regardless of age. I do not agree to underage sex as there is a lack of maturity and judgement needed for such actions for young people, today or in the yesterday. How many other young couples in the world have done the same, at the same age? There will be no lessons learned by young people as they will believe this could not ever happen to them. This will, has resulted in the end of life for these two youths before they even have a chance to begin. Prosecutors are so swift to push for charges, regardless of the incident, there is no time for rational judgement to take place. Such is the American Judicial system as it stands today. 

I hope these kids can make a life for themselves carrying the weight this action has caused. Suspension, after a full understanding of the facts, would have been the better choice and the saving of these children's futures. 

kiokwus said...

I also would like to know why, regardless of age, both being below the age of consent, is only the male being charged? Is being 12 and partner with full "understanding" of her actions, make her moot in a case like this? Would it have been the same if the age factor was reversed? Or would it have been swept under the rug? 

SOIssues said...

 If the roles were swapped, the male would still be the one charged, I've seen it in other cases, but can't recall a link right now.

SOIssues said...

 I doubt they will be able to make a life for themselves, at least not the male.  And what if, years from now, he commits suicide?  Is the state going to compensate the parents for their insane laws?  I doubt it!

Welcome to the new Germany!

anonymous said...

What an utter disgrace of our judicial system. The kids should be punished by thier parents, at home, end of story. However, the way the statutes are written the MAGIC ages are 13 and 18 in most States. Under 13 is an aggravating factor, under 18 (some States it's 16-17) makes the person a stautory minor. If I had to speculate I'd say the girls mother, the female school representative, the female social services case worker, the female court appointed special advocate,the female prosecutor, AND the female detective (did I leave out anybody?) were adamant about pressing charges against the boy. After all, It just HAD to be the BOY that coerced the girl by employing deviant psychological manipulation, coupled by extensive grooming, and then coaching her to testify that the act was consensual.
Yep, like you said SOI, no matter what happens in this case, the boy's life will pay for the majority of any punishment that justifyably should be equally shared. This is what happens when HATE and RETRIBUTION are the primary motive in creating these unconstitutional laws.
It appears that the objective of protecting children has BACKFIRED. I hope lawmakers and advocates are proud of thier accomplishments.