Friday, March 23, 2012

TN - Sex Offenders Could Lose Their Ride Under Proposed Bill

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Hell, with the way they always use the "for the children" argument, I'm surprised they are not rounding up all suspected sex offenders and just killing them on the spot, you know, like the Nazi's did awhile back in history!


By Adam Ghassemi

HENDERSONVILLE – It was a quick stop for lunch Thursday and a chance for five-year-old Kaden Woodard to enjoy the park. His mother, Jennifer Woodard, was always close by knowing she can't risk taking her eyes off her four kids because there are people out to hurt them.

"It's a real concern for me as a parent," Woodard said.

Last fall, Hendersonville Police arrested 42-year-old [name withheld], a registered sex offender, rode his bike to a nearby park anyway. He was later charged with a sex offender registry violation.

Now HB3398 would allow investigators to not only arrest offenders, like [name withheld], for violating the terms of their release, but also seize their property or vehicles as well.
- So are we also, to be fair and equal, going to do the same for all other criminals? If someone is arrested for DUI, take their car. Fair is fair, right? So I guess next they will be cutting off the persons legs because they can walk to the park, if they chose, as well?

"People who prey on children look for any way to get into that area," said Sergeant Jim Vaughn with the Hendersonville Police Department.

Vaughn says the idea could be a good deterrent to keep sex offenders away from places they aren't supposed to get near in the first place. "So people won't want to go to the park because they're aware if they go in there and if they get caught they're going to lose that vehicle that got them into the park," he said.
- What if said vehicle is their feet?

"We're just looking for ways to try to make them understand that they've got to stop hurting our kids," said Representative Debra Maggart, R-Hendersonville, who sponsored the bill.

Maggart says she hopes this will stop repeat offenders. "Sex offenders are usually very clever people. They're very manipulative people and so they're always looking for a way for whatever law we put in place," she went on to say.
- Yeah right, and politicians are very manipulative people as well, always looking for some way to exploit children, ex-offenders, fear and sex for their own purposes.

That could make parents, like Woodard, feel like their children are a little more safe. "You try to protect your kids at all costs and if there's certain laws that's going to help do that then it makes you feel a little bit better as a parent," she said.
- So what about protecting kids from falling down? Are we going to wrap them in padding so they cannot hurt themselves? Or what about getting hit by a DUI offender? Getting shot by a drive-by shooting? Or beaten to death by a parent? You cannot legislate the problem a way, it will never go a way, that is a fact of life. If someone commits a crime, then arrest them.

The bill would amend current law to allow law enforcement agencies to seize any personal property used by sex offenders convicted of preying on children. That means anything used to get them to places they aren't supposed to be could be sold to benefit child advocacy centers, court appointed advocates and the child abuse prevention fund.

The bill is still making its way through committee in the Senate. It's scheduled to go before the House next Wednesday.


anonymous said...

More and more laws passed each and every year. Criminal statutes, criminal sentences,and criminal PUNISHMENT..........
ALL, based upon what our SCOTUS continues to say is civil/regulatory law? One of these days, someone up there is gonna have to come clean!

Tom said...

Bet you it passes with out one no vote!