Thursday, January 19, 2012

True Life - I'm A Sex Offender (Full Episode)

If you are faced with the "sex offender" label, or are the family member of one who wears the label, use the links on the left to contact your state senators, governors, legislature, etc, and voice your opinion on the laws. The more people who speak up, the better chances we have to get them repealed or fixed.

Show Description:
Justin and Terry are registered sex offenders who live their everyday lives under major restrictions. Both men are reminded of their past mistakes as they carry around a stigma that could last their entire lives.


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SOIssues said...

I feel very happy for the one man who got off the registry, and feel confident that if Justine continues, Illinois will eventually let him off, but, it also makes me angry.  A person friend of mine, whom most know as ZMan, exposed himself to a child, which lasted about 10 seconds or less, back in 1988/89, and to this day, he is still on the registry.  He has asked the judge once, a couple years ago, to be let off the registry, but the judge denied him that right.  That is not fair at all, IMO.  He should also be let off the list, IMO.

You can read more about his story, here:

Diehard25fl said...

I'm glad those guys participated in this video. My only hope is that 300 million americans watch this video and change is immediately forthcoming. My only hope is that people change their perceptions of what constitutes necessary punishment in this country for that crime.  and maybe god willing mgans law gets repeald as wll.