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Our Mission:
Bridges to Hope seeks to accompany former offenders while they are moving out of the correctional institutions and into the community.

Our Vision:
We envision our Partners, the formerly incarcerated, having lives of personal responsibility, accountability, productivity, purpose and hope in building a new life while on the bridge of re-entry.

How We Do This:
Bridges to Hope provides access to clothing and furniture necessary for setting up an independent household after incarceration. Job readiness, mentoring and coaching are an important part of the re-entry process and also a part of our programming.

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IN - Politicians Weigh In on Possible Aliahna's Law

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Just the typical knee-jerk reaction to a horrible crime, and proposing more laws, named after a child, that will not prevent something like this from occurring again.


By Megan Trent

FORT WAYNE - Could an Aliahna's Law be the silver lining in an otherwise devastating tragedy?

The details of any new, proposed legislation stemming from Aliahna's death could only be formulated following the release of further information regarding the 9-year-old's death. However, both federal and state officials say they are keeping a close eye on how the case unfolds.

Laws could be proposed at the local, state, or even federal level. Indiana State Senator Carlin Yoder [R] says the government's responsibilities include protecting children whenever possible, and he would certainly consider an Aliahna's Law if gaps in current legislation become apparent.

"It is our job to provide as much safety as we can for our children," says Yoder. "So, if there is anything we can do from a legislative standpoint to prevent these things from happening in the future, I think we need to look at them and I am confident we will. I'm not saying there is anything we can do necessarily, but why not look at it?"

U.S. Representative Marlin Stutzman agrees. He points out that Michael Plumadore, the man who confessed to Aliahna's murder, has a criminal history in more than one state, including Indiana.

"We're definitely going to be following what happened here, and if there is a way for us to communicate better between states with criminals, that is possible. We can't always stop every horrible situation like this, but we need to do everything that we can to avoid them," says Stutzman.

If information is revealed that indicates sexual assault was involved in Aliahna's death, a completely different component could be added to possible legislation in the future. However, Michael Plumadore has not been previously convicted as a sex offender, and it is not yet clear if sexual assault was involved in Aliahna's death.
- Man, the media wants this to be a sex offender or sex crime so bad.  But why?

CA - D.A. to Support Mission Viejo's Sex Offender Park Ban

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By Peter Schelden

District Attorney Tony Rackauckas will attend the Monday city council meeting in support of a ban of sex offenders in city parks.

When the Mission Viejo City Council reconvenes Monday night, it will have some company. District Attorney Tony Rackauckas announced Friday he will attend the meeting in support of a registered sex offender ban in city parks and public facilities.

The proposed ordinance makes visiting a city park a misdemeanor for registered sex offenders. The maximum penalty for violating the new law will be six months in jail and a $500 fine if the council approves city staff's draft of the law Monday.

The ordinance, as proposed by Councilwoman Cathy Schlicht, was unanimously approved Oct. 17. It requires a signed permission slip from the sheriff for any sex offender to enter a city park.

The ordinance applies to at least 70 city parks, open space areas and public facilities. It bans registered sex offenders from the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center and the Montanoso Recreation Center. It mirrors similar legislation passed in April which applies to all county parks, harbors and beaches.

The city worked with the D.A.'s office to draft the ordinance.

Many Orange County cities, including Rancho Santa Margarita, La Palma, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest and Placentia, have discussed or enacted similar laws.

Do you think banning registered sex offenders from city parks makes sense? Tell us in the comments.

FL - Deputy (Carlos Periu) Accused Of Molesting Autistic Girl

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Seriously, there must be something in the water in Florida. Just click the above "/Crime-Police" link, and you will see, a ton of sexual crimes comes from Florida, and many are by the police.



CORAL SPRINGS — A Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) deputy is the target of a criminal investigation into allegations that he had inappropriate sexual contact with another deputy’s 8-year-old autistic daughter.

The investigation involves Carlos Periu, 40, who has been with BSO for 10 years. The child has used graphic details to describe the acts which she says he committed. The child is the daughter of another BSO deputy and the two families have been close friends for years, South Florida Times has learned.

The case is being investigated by detectives from the sex crimes division of the Coral Springs Police Department.

Police are not releasing details and this newspaper is not publishing the names of the child and her parents.

The investigation has not been completed and I am not able to discuss any details at this time,” David Kirkland, public information officer for the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Unit of the Coral Springs Police Department, said in an email to South Florida Times.
- And no photo?  Why not?  If this were the average citizen, their photo would be splashed all over the place, guilty or not.

Periu’s family had invited the girl’s family over for a visit during the Thanksgiving holiday and that was when the incident allegedly occurred.

The child later told her mother in explicit terms about a “secret” involving “Uncle Carlos.” Her parents contacted police and took the child to Broward County’s Sexual Assault Treatment Center for a forensic examination that included questioning by investigators.

The results of the examination are not known but Coral Springs police informed BSO of their investigation. Even though BSO is not involved and the case is not related to Periu’s work, the agency placed him on administrative leave on Dec. 19.

Periu’s patrol car was seized and its doors and trunk were sealed with bright red “evidence” tape before being taken to a garage for examination.

In addition to his work as a sheriff’s deputy, Periu owns CCC Entertainment, a company that provides music, photography, video, bounce houses and other entertainment services at parties, weddings, and other functions. His company has worked at BSO events.

Jim Lejedal, BSO’s director of media relations, said he was not familiar with Periu’s company and was not sure what, if any, impact his suspension would have on any future relationship with the sheriff’s office.

BSO hired Periu in 2001 and he works in the Pompano Beach district, earning $69,908 annually.

As a general rule, BSO employees are prohibited from discussing pending investigations and co-workers were reluctant to speak about the allegations. But some described Periu as friendly and incapable of doing what he is accused of.

It is unclear when the investigation will be completed or if the case has been presented to prosecutors. Officials at the Broward State Attorney’s Office declined comment when contacted. Coral Springs police say they are unable to provide any timetable.

I am curious, however, as to how you learned about the case,” Kirkland, the Coral Springs police spokesman, said. “As soon as I am able to release any information, I will let you know.”

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