Tuesday, December 27, 2011

IN - Scene of 9-year-old girl's killing a haven for sex offenders (Yet none of them had anything to do with the crime!)

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Wow! We have the media, politicians and many others are always saying how "high" the recidivism rates for sex offenders are, and yet no sex offender had anything to do with this brutal murder. So that means, ZERO RECIDIVISM! And why bring up the fact the grandfather was a sex offender, except for sensationalism? He had nothing to do with this crime, period! I guess if you want to get people to read your crappy news stories, insert "SEX OFFENDER" somewhere into the article title.


By M. Alex Johnson

The Indiana trailer park that was home to 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon — whose dismembered body was found this week — is also home to an extraordinary number of registered sex offenders, police and court records show.
- So what? So are many other neighborhoods. And seeing as how many murders we have daily around this country, almost zero are by known sex offenders. So this is pure sensationalism!

An affidavit filed Tuesday by Allen County sheriff's investigators said Michael Len Plumadore, 39, of the Northway Woods trailer park in Fort Wayne, confessed to having killed and dismembered Aliahna on Friday. Her head, hands and feet were found in a freezer in Plumadore's home; the rest of her body was scattered elsewhere in the area.

Plumadore was held without bail Tuesday pending formal charges.

Plumadore lives in the same trailer park as Aliahna — who a relative said was partly blind and deaf — and her two younger sisters, and he often baby-sat for them. The girls had been staying with Plumadore for about a week because their mother was ill.

The affidavit doesn't say why Plumadore would have wanted to kill Aliahna. He isn't on the county's sex offender registry — court records show only convictions for trespassing, assault and auto theft in Florida and North Carolina.

Northway Woods is one of an increasing number of isolated locations around the country that have become havens for registered sex offenders, who in most states must not live within a certain distance of places where children congregate, such as schools and churches.
- So instead of this article being about a sick and sadistic killer, they have to insert "sex offender" into the article to get viewers. Wow, the media is hard up these days, and as usual, exploiting sex offenders for their own gain. Even if zero sex offenders lived around this child, this crime would have still occurred.

The Allen County sheriff's registry shows that 15 sex offenders live at Northway Woods, a small mobile home park with 54 lots, only about 25 of which are occupied. Among them are men with multiple felony convictions for sexual abuse of a minor and child molestation.

In other words, three-fifths of the occupied units house a registered sex offender. That's an extraordinary concentration in Indiana, which has only 137 registered sex offenders per 100,000 population — the third-lowest ratio among all 50 states, according to data compiled by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
- So, since you like looking into sex offender "statistics," why not look at the percentage of other crimes committed NOT committed by sex offenders? Sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rate of any other criminal, yet those other criminals are not on an online shaming/punishment list. Why not?

Seven other registered offenders live within 2 miles of the trailer park, the registry shows — meaning nearly 5 percent of all of the county's 537 registered sex offenders live within a short walk of one another.

"You see it on TV all the time in other states, in other places, but this is in our own backyard," said Kathleen McKee, who lives in the Northway Woods park. "It's in our own home, and it's scary."

"I feel for the family, because I have three children myself — two daughters and a son," McKee told NBC station WISE of Fort Wayne. "I can't imagine what that family is feeling, especially around Christmas time."

Before he was arrested, Plumadore gave a brief interview Monday morning to WISE. The station hasn't aired the interview, but it reported that Plumadore said he was going in to take a polygraph test and that he, too, was eager to find Aliahna.

WISE constructed and aired this timeline of the hours leading up to Plumadore's arrest.
- So you see, this article is about a sick individual who murdered a child in cold blood, but the entire thing is about sex offenders instead. Why? SENSATIONALISM!

WA - Another child ruined for life

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A man who was convicted of molesting a 6-year-old boy about 13 years ago has registered as living homeless in Clark County.

[name withheld], 27, is classified as a Level 3 sex offender, the group considered most likely to commit new sex crimes, according to a bulletin from the Sex Offender Registration Unit of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.
- So if he is 27 now, and the crime was 13 years ago, he was 14 or younger.  Another child ruined for life.

In 1998, [name withheld] was convicted of first-degree child molestation of the boy, whom he knew, the bulletin said.

That same year, while being investigated for another matter, [name withheld] was found with about 300 women’s undergarments stolen from coin laundries.

[name withheld] is about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 134 pounds. He has red hair and brown eyes.

He is being monitored by the sheriff’s Sex Offender Registration Unit and the state Department of Corrections.

About 50 Level 3 sex offenders are registered in Clark County. Of these, several are homeless at any given time.

Corrections officers say it’s dangerous when high-risk sex offenders are homeless because they are difficult to keep track of. Several years ago, a homeless Level 3 murdered a 13-year-old girl in Hazel Dell.

VT - Sex offender has no place to live, must stay in jail (Punished for being homeless?)

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BRATTLEBORO -- A registered sex offender who took a plea deal for violating his conditions of release by carrying brass knuckles with the intent to use them was given probation Dec. 20 by a Windham Superior Court Criminal Division judge.

However, [name withheld], 33, of Brattleboro, remains behind bars in prison because he doesn't have an acceptable place to stay.

[name withheld] was arrested on Dec. 13 for failing to register with the sex offender registry. Police located him at a residence on Canal Street and, once in custody, found he was in possession of brass knuckles.

[name withheld] served 14 years in prison after he was convicted of furnishing alcohol to a minor, first degree aggravated domestic assault, sexual assault of a minor and violations of probation and conditions of release.
- So, if he served 14 years behind prison, and he's 33 now, that would mean he was 19 or younger, probably younger.  So another kids life has been ruined.

According to the Vermont Department of Corrections, he is designated as being at high risk for sexual re-offense that may include violence.

On Dec. 20, the Windham County State's Attorney's Office and [name withheld]'s council entered into a plea agreement, said State's Attorney Tracy Shriver.

"We were asking for 9 to 24 years to serve and his attorney could ask for anything he wanted," she said.

[name withheld]'s lawyer asked for probation and the judge issued a sentence of five to 10 years, all suspended except for the past two years, which he has already spent in jail.

The judge also ordered [name withheld] to an indefinite term of probation.

"One of the conditions of his release is that he find an approved place to live," said Shriver.
- Tell me, how does one do that when they are behind bars in prison?  Not everyone has family or friends on the outside who can or will help them find a place, so basically he is screwed.

Because no residence has been approved, the court stayed [name withheld]'s release and he is still in jail.

[name withheld] has until Jan. 27 to find a place to live. If he doesn't find one, he will be back in court for the judge to determine his fate.

"We'll have to wait and see what happens until then," said Shriver.