Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PA - Sex offender registration bill passes in state House

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By Jennifer Rizzi

A bill regulating sex offender registration has passed in the state House of Representatives, as per a federal law intended to strengthen registration standards and unify them across the country.

The bill complies with the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006. Any state that does not comply with its statutes forfeits 10 percent of its federal grant.
- Isn't bribery a crime?  Why yes, yes it is.

The act categorizes sex offenders into three tiers according to the severity of their offenses. Tier I offenders must register for 15 years, Tier II offenders for 25 years, and Tier III offenders for life.
- No it doesn't, it categorizes them based on the label of their crime, not their history and the nature of the crime.

Sex offenders not only must notify officials of a change in residence, employment, or school status under the act, but also when they change their phone number or email. They must also report any plans to change location for seven days or more or travel internationally.

Additionally, the act allows state police to launch a new feature on the sex offenders website that provides their information to the public given any ZIP code or geographic location.

"It has been a real team effort to get this bill passed. We have been working diligently with the Senate and the governor to get this done," said Majority Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Ron Marsico (R-Dauphin) "It was truly a bipartisan effort."

OK - Community At Odds Over Homeless Sex Offenders

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See the video at the link above.  My question is, why are they homeless?  Would they still be homeless if the draconian residency restrictions were not in place?


140 Sex Offenders A Month Register As Transient

VALLEY BROOK - You can track sex offenders in your neighborhood.

But what about the ones who are homeless?

Eyewitness News 5 first told you about the problem in May. About 140 sex offenders a month register as transient, and some are staying in Valley Brook.
- Like we asked above, why?

At the corner of Eastern and 59th Street a community is constantly on the move.

Registered sex offender [name withheld] said, "They may have made a little mess, but they are still human beings. They stay in their tents. That's all they were doing. It's just like a neighborhood."

[name withheld] says his home is literally anywhere. Right now it's in Valley Brook.

"When it's 17 degrees, it ain't easy. I've got four blankets. But you still notice it," said [name withheld].

A few hundred yards away there are several businesses.

Joe's Addiction embraces the transient population.

It's a ministry, says owner Jamie Zuwalt.

"We are aware there are sex offenders that come here, that hang out here. We just said we have to love them the same way that we would love the girls here, love the people that live in the community," said Zuwalt.

But the business on the other hand said it doesn't feel the same.

Club owner Ms. C said, "They walk up and down here. They are always bumming from the customers, money, cigarettes. It's hurting everyone's business."

Police say they monitor the area, trying to make sure the sex offenders are registered and complying with the law.

By law, sex offenders who claim they are homeless must register once a week.

UK - Former police officer (Andy Easterby) caught driving naked sped off from former colleagues after romp with lover

Andy Easterby
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By Lucy Buckland

Andy Easterby found 'crouching behind wheelie bin sporting nothing but a pair of shoes and socks' after abandoning car

A former PC sparked a dangerous police chase after he was spotted driving naked following a seaside romp with his girlfriend.

Shamed Andy Easterby sped off from officers who spotted him driving in the nude, leading his former colleagues on a chaotic car chase through Scarborough town centre at 3am.

The 30-year-old was eventually caught crouching behind a wheelie bin ‘sporting nothing but a pair of shoes and socks’ after trying to evade capture.

Yesterday the former York police officer was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to dangerous driving.

A court heard, with smoking tyres, Easterby twice went through No Entry signs, driving the wrong way down several one-way streets, and turning off his headlights in a bid to get away from officers.

York Crown Court heard Easterby and his girlfriend had been on a day trip to the North Yorkshire resort when he’d taken off his clothes to have sex with her in their car.

But the former officer, who was forced to resign from the force after being caught drink driving, was spotted by a CCTV operator who tipped off police after spotting Easterby was driving naked as he drove through the town centre at 3am on April 25.

Two armed officers approached and ordered Easterby, who had just romped with his then partner in her car, to stop where he was.

But, while his girlfriend sat in the passenger seat, he reversed away before leading the officers on the high speed chase through Scarborough town centre.

The former York PC sped the wrong way down three one-way streets and went through two entry signs to lose the police officers.

He was eventually found crouching behind a wheelie bin after abandoning his car.

Chris Moran, defending, said Easterby’s actions had been committed out of embarrassment.

It was the second time the former police officer had broken the law -in 2009, he was banned from driving for a year after he was caught drink-driving.

Following his drink-drive conviction, he was forced to resign from the police after eight years in the job that had been his childhood dream. He had just taken the sergeants’ exam.

Mr Moran, defending, said: ‘Two times in his life he has done something reckless, stupid and impulsive and both times he has paid a considerable price for it.’

Easterby, of Leeds, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving on Monday.

He was also banned from driving for three years and ordered to retake his driving test.

Judge Stephen Ashurst told the former neighbourhood police team member: ‘This is a difficult day, I know, for you."

I have to take account not only of the strong personal mitigation in your case, but also the public interest in seeking to deter people from driving dangerously, particularly when they are pursued by police, where the sensible course is to stop.’

My Interview on the Dr. Drew show today

Lynn Gilmore
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By Lynn Gilmore

"Once a Fry Cook, Always a Fry Cook"

I'll explain that in a minute.

First, pedophile defined, as found on wikipedia: As a medical diagnosis, pedophilia (or paedophilia) is defined as a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 or older) typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty may vary). The child must be at least five years younger in the case of adolescent pedophiles (16 or older) to be termed pedophilia.

Um, hello? My husband is NOT a pedophile, Dr. Drew.

Today, I was interviewed by Dr. Drew for his show which aired tonight on HLN. I was told by the very nice producer that I would be asked questions about SOSEN, my book, and my feelings about the Sandusky case. Wrong-o! I spent the whole time defending my decision to marry a sex offender. GAH!!!! The interview went horribly wrong. So horribly wrong that it is almost comical.

OK, it IS comical. I am actually laughing.

I was totally and completely ambushed by Dr. Drew who's objective was clearly to sensationalize and belittle women who choose to marry sex offenders. And the worst part was seeing, "THE MAN IN MY LIFE WAS A PEDOPHILE" in a banner above my name during the whole interview. Let me clear this up right now: I did NOT marry a pedophile!!!!
- And this would be defamation as well.

Not only did Dr. Drew call my darling, loving husband of ten wonderful offense-free years a pedophile, Dr. Drew continually interrupted me and wouldn't let me explain my reasons for choosing him as a husband.

The state of Arkansas has NEVER labeled my husband as a pedophile. He is not, nor has he ever been a pedophile. I'd like to add that not all offenders NEED treatment, as suggested by Dr. Drew. Just because a guy makes a mistake one time does not mean he is a predator, pervert or pedophile. My husband went through a lengthy invasive stringent interview and assessment. If the professionals who assessed him felt he needed treatment, then he would have certainly received it. No one has ever suggested he get treatment because no one ever felt he needed it.

I, however, as a child sex abuse victim, DID need treatment in therapy, and I DID receive it. I went to counseling for about 2 or 3 years after the abuse, and it did me a world of good. I KNOW, without a doubt, that I was not "attracted to pedophiles" as Dr. Drew luridly suggested.

My explanation is this: I felt that with my unique experience with child sex abuse, that I would be acutely alert to any inkling of sexual deviant tendencies of any man I brought into my life. Prior to meeting my current husband and during my divorce, I was cautioned by my own father how common it is for men to molest their children, ESPECIALLY if they are step-children. I knew I would have to be extraordinarily cautious about who I brought into my life.

When I met my husband, I did not know he was a sex offender. Once we began to build a relationship and once we saw that there was a potential future together, he told me about his one and only crime that happened in 1996. It was now 2001, I did the math, it had been five years and no offense since then. As he explained to me what happened, I could see that he was completely remorseful and ashamed of what happened. He had learned a very hard lesson in life and had paid his debt to society. He was not on the registry at the time and was not made to register. At that time, he was leading a normal life as a free citizen and a successful contributor to society. I figured, well, it's a low-level crime, after all, the girl was well known in the community as being a sexually active teenage girl and she had wanted to drop the charges. I met her personally and talked with her myself.

Finally, I concluded that my children were actually SAFER with a man who had made a mistake, paid dearly for it and learned his lesson, than they would have been with someone who had never offended who had the potential to offend. 95% of all sex crimes are committed by first offenders - people who are NOT on any list.

Still, I took every precaution I could in preparing to bring this man into my life and into the lives of my children. I even sat them down and told them that if he ever touched them or ever made them uncomfortable in any way, to come and let me know immediately. That never happened.

He has been a very good father to not only my two older children, but also our young daughter. He has also been a very good husband for me. We have been married ten years. It has been 15 years since his offense, his one and ONLY offense.

Studies show that offenders who re offend do so within the first three years.

So at what point do we stop punishing people for what they did one time many, many years before?

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. I was once a fry cook. And not just once, either. Multiple times, over and over again for a period of just under a year. Am I still a fry cook? No, that's ridiculous. I am no more a fry cook than my husband is a pedophile.

CA - Shocking Footage of Women Abused on the Porn Set

WARNING: No nudity, but has adult language and disturbing scenes.

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