Saturday, December 3, 2011

AUSTRALIA - Pedophile vigilante warning

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Police are warning contributors to a Facebook page that asks Tasmanians to "name and shame" alleged pedophiles that they could be breaking the law.

Several men are accused of child-sex offences on the site, even though it is unknown if any of them have been convicted.

Tasmania Police said contributors could be liable for defamation if the men named took action against them in the civil courts.

But a child safety advocate said people were resorting to the Facebook page because they felt let down by the justice system.

The page was created as an "event", scheduled for April 14 next year.

About 100 people are listed as "attending" the event, titled 'Name The Dirty Pedoflies [sic] In The wall'.

Almost 430 people were "invited" to the event.

Most posts on the site included profanities and poor spelling.

One man named on the site was described as a "dirty dog [who] touches young girls and boys".

One young female contributor alleged that even more men could be named but "none hav [sic] been convicted".

Others threatened to physically harm the men named, if people could provide details of their whereabouts.

"If I ever see him he gunna [sic] get stomped, he likes young girls," one man said.

Another posted: "Put little slits on them with razor blades all over there [sic] body and dab with metho".

Police warned page commenters that it was illegal to threaten violence.

"Individuals who incite or commit acts of violence in Tasmania, against any segment of the community, can face prosecution," said Detective Sergeant Luke Manhood, from the e-crime unit.

He said users also risked civil action if a person named on the site believed they had been defamed.

But STAMP (Stop the Abuse Molesters and Pedophiles) advocate Megan Harris said people were resorting to online forums to name offenders because they felt let down by the legal system.

"[They're] being forced to take this step because no one is listening to their complaints," she said.

"Nothing is being done. Justice is not being done."

Despite this, Ms Harris said she did not support the naming of accused child-sex offenders unless they had been convicted.

State Commissioner for Children Aileen Ashford said it was "pretty dangerous" to publicly name alleged offenders.

"We have a justice system that should be utilised," she said.

CA - Former Sheriff's Deputy (John Eric Freeman) Sentenced for Molesting Daughter

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Man pleaded guilty to three counts of child molestation in exchange for a three year sentence.

A Concord man and former Alameda County sheriff's deputy was sentenced Friday to three years in prison for molesting one of his daughters throughout her childhood.

John Eric Freeman, 53, of Concord, pleaded guilty earlier this year to three counts of child molestation in exchange for the three year sentence handed down in Contra Costa County Superior Court this afternoon after hearing emotional statements from his four daughters and ex-wife.

Judge Brian Haynes said Freeman would be paroled for five years after his release from prison and required to register as a lifetime sex offender for the repeated sexual abuse of his daughter, which was initially reported in 2002.

Freeman, wearing a plaid shirt and black jeans, faced his family members as they addressed him from across the courtroom today.

"You could have been such a better person, a better father, a better man, but you chose to be a coward and give in to your sexual perversions," said Freeman's ex-wife and mother of the victim, who said she first learned of the abuse in 2002. "The damage you have caused will last our lifetime."

She and others who spoke during today's sentencing noted that Freeman had been molested by his own father as a boy.

"I was forced to grow up when I was a child - I was forced to think of how I could protect my baby sister from a monster when I was nine years old," said the victim, addressing her father today. "I could've chosen to be like you, I could've chosen to be a monster, I could've chosen to be the victim of my situation, but I didn't, and it's a choice that you could've made."

After handing down the sentence, Haynes shared some words of encouragement with the defendant's family members, including the victim and her step-sister, who said she was also raped by Freeman as a child.

The judge condemned Freeman's acts as "disgusting" and "downright creepy" and said he had dishonored his former role as a law enforcement officer.

"You spent many years as a police officer investigating theft offenses...what you did, you tried to steal someone's humanity - how dare you do that!" Haynes said, pointing at the defendant.

Freeman did not look at his ex-wife or daughters as he was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom.

Deputy District Attorney Paul Graves, who prosecuted the case, said in 2008, Freeman was charged in a police sting for attempting to make sexual contact with a minor, for which he served three months in jail.

The same year, Freeman was investigated but never charged for the reported statutory rape of a 16-year-old while he was on duty as a sheriff's deputy, Graves said.