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NC - Sex offender round up - And not a single arrest for a new sex crime! Wow, what a shocker!

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We hear by the media, politicians and the sheeple who believe everything they say, that sex offenders have a "high recidivism" rate, but many studies, and this article busts that myth. Out of all the arrests made, not one was due to a new sex crime.


By Mary Katherine Murphy

In an effort to preserve community safety, the U.S. Marshals Service, in cooperation with the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office, has recently completed a sex offender registry compliance drive.

The drive, called Operation SCOTS, was conducted throughout Scotland, Hoke, Richmond, and Moore counties from Nov. 7-11. Other law enforcement agencies involved included the NC State Bureau of Investigation and NC Probation.

The operation aimed to ensure that all convicted sex offenders currently living in the area are properly fulfilling their legal obligation to meet the requirements of NC sex offender registry statutes.

This was a very effective operation,” said Jones. “Periodically we need to do things like this to make sure that individuals on the sex offender registry are in compliance.”
- It's a waste of time and money if you ask me.  Most ex-sex offenders, if the laws are reasonable and not draconian, obey the laws and insane punishment restrictions in the first place, and this story shows that.

This is a great example of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies joining forces for the betterment of our communities,” said Bill Stafford, U.S. Marshal for the Middle District of North Carolina.
- Not the way I see it.  It's just the Gestapo out in force, doing nothing to prevent crime or protect anybody, but wasting tons of money and time.

Throughout the four counties, 31 offenders were arrested on assorted charges including possessing and distributing illegal drugs, firearms violations, violation of probation/parole, sex offender registry violations, and various outstanding warrants.
- No new sex crimes, wow, what a shocker!

Of the 96 offenders registered in Scotland County, 12 are in prison and three in jail, with one wanted on charges for failure to register. Of the 80 potential contacts remaining, local law enforcement agents were unable to reach ten, and 70 were ultimately verified.

According to Sheriff Shep Jones, his office will be following up on the ten offenders with whom they could not make contact last week.

We’ll follow up and continue to try to make contact with them,” said Jones. “If they aren’t living where they’re supposed to be, they will be found in noncompliance and prosecuted accordingly.”

Non-compliant registry violators of the Sandhills Region of North Carolina have been served notice that their illegal activity will not be tolerated,” Stafford said.

Fifteen homes occupied by registered sex offenders were completed and five computers searched. Five possible violations are currently under investigation. Three registered sex offenders were arrested on other charges – two for possession of drugs and one for failure to pay child support.

In addition, the drive gave the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office an opportunity to update their sex offender files, said Capt. Kevin Howell, who manages the local registry.
- And also a way to waste a lot of time and money!

We’re updating scars, marks, and tattoos,” said Holwell. “For each one that we didn’t have current photos of, or their appearance had changed, we’re making appointments with them to come in to take new photos to upload to the state and national registries.”

VA - Another TSA worker (Harold Rodman) charged with sex crime, as well as others

Harold Rodman
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By Dave Gibson

Manassas - On Sunday morning, Prince William County police arrested Harold Rodman, 52, after a 37-year-old woman reported that a man approached her on the street, displayed a badge and then sexually assaulted her.

The man fled the scene on foot and police quickly found him as he lives only a few houses away from the victim.

According to police, Rodman, a Transportation Security Administration employee allegedly showed the victim his TSA badge and was actually wearing his uniform at the time of the assault.

Rodman is charged with aggravated sexual battery, object sexual penetration, forcible sodomy and abduction with intent to defile.

This is only the latest incident involving a TSA worker accused of committing sex crimes, sometimes against children.

-September 2011, TSA worker David Ralph Anderson, 61, was arrested at the Elko Area Regional Airport and charged with six counts of lewdness with a child.

Anderson had been under investigation since July, when the Elko County Sheriff’s Office was notified of alleged sexual contact between Anderson and the young girl.

According to court documents, the girl told detectives that on as many as 10 separate occasions between 2010 and 2011, Anderson instructed her how to perform various sex acts and engaged in mutual sexual contact with her.

Anderson also reportedly told the victim to sleep with him in his bed and taught her to say various vulgarities, made her watch pornographic videos, gave her alcohol, rubbed lotion over her body, kissed and fondled her.

-March 2011, TSA screener Thomas Gordon Jr. working at Philadelphia International Airport was arrested and charged with distributing child pornography.

Gordon, who began working for the TSA in 2005, allegedly uploaded more than 100 pornographic images of young girls via Facebook and Photobucket.

One of the pictures was reportedly of Gordon in his blue TSA uniform.

The federal indictment says that Gordon used multiple Facebook accounts “to upload and store images of sexual exploitation of minor children.”

-November 2010, Transportation Security Administration agent Sean Shanahan, 45, of Winthrop, Massachusetts has been arrested and charged with statutory rape, enticement of a child and indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or older.

Winthrop Police began their investigation when the girl’s father saw sexually explicit text messages on his daughter’s cell phone, allegedly sent by Shanahan.

Shanahan worked as a TSA agent at Logan International Airport in Boston.

UK - Former inspector Russell Dew admits sexual activity with 13-year-old girl

Russell Dew
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A former Nottinghamshire Police inspector has pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl.

Russell Dew, 44, appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Monday where he admitted the offences, which took place in Newark last year.

Dew resigned from the force and his post as an inspector at Mansfield on 18 August.

He will be sentenced on 19 December and was told to expect a prison term.

'Disbelief and anger'

The incidents took place between February and August in 2010. In one instance, Dew lay on the floor in handcuffs, the court heard.

The girl reported the sexual activity to her teacher and the information was given to police.

Chief Inspector Diane Heydon, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: "The nature of these offences goes against everything the role of a police officer stands for."

"Safeguarding children is a priority and yet Dew took opportunities outside work to target his victim and take advantage of her."

"People are shocked and there is disbelief and some anger as you would expect."

"The victim … and her family are working their way through this difficult time - it is clearly very challenging. The plea today has actually spared her going into court and testifying."

OH - Oops! Wrong Names Posted on Ohio Sex Offender Site

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By Cary Ashby

Authorities attributed the mix-up to a test of the site

False information related to thousands of people's names was published erroneously on the state's sex offender registry website recently. Authorities attributed the mix-up to a test of the site.

Huron County Sheriff's Sgt. Lisa Schaffer, who oversees sex offender registration for the county, said the mix-up was related to some technical issues from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's office (Related Story), but she didn't know if there had been any information published about any local people.
- They also use Offender Watch, and are spreading lies about offender recidivism. They claim on their presentation that "50% of sex offenders re-offend," which is a lie. And if you see the studies we have linked above, you can see it's a lie. That is based on an old study, which can be seen here.

Schaffer referred further questions to the attorney general's office (AGO).

"From what I understand, there is no immediate way to determine whether anyone from Huron County was affected since the correction was made all together at once," said AGO public information officer Mark Moretti.

"This happened because of an error by a company redesigning the website; it was doing a test, but accidentally posted the page live. The AGO noticed the problem and had it corrected. None of the names listed were unrelated to the sex offender registry; that is, of the individuals (who) were displayed incorrectly, all were convicted sex offenders. But some were no longer to be listed because of changes in their status," Moretti said.
- You can see the previous articles for Ohio by clicking the above ".Ohio" link, and see, this has been going on for a long time now.

Ellen Shores, of Families Against the Registry, discussed this mix-up with the Reflector.

"People who had fully served their time and by law were no longer required to register found their profiles suddenly publicly listed. Others were incorrectly reclassified as (sexual) predators and Tier III offenders, which they were not."

People called the attorney general's office as early as Oct. 18, "loudly complaining" but, as of Oct. 22, when her organization sent a press release, the problem has not been corrected, Shores said.

"Some people have been on and off the registry several times over the week," she said.

A Mansfield-based organization, Families Against the Registry, is a newly-formed group of people opposed to the sex offender registry.

"We are the family members of registered sex offenders and are currently filing to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit," Shores said.

Families says its mission is "to restore the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for United States citizens who have a sex crime in their past, as well as their family members. We shine a light on the human face of repressive registry schemes, advocate for registry reform and mobilize individuals and families whose lives are adversely impacted by unjust registry laws."

Shores blamed the mix-up on a third-party vendor, Watch Systems, LLC.

Watch Systems controls many of the nation's state sex offender registry databases.

"The attorney general contracts its sex offender database, Internet and community notification services to this out-of-state private company," Shores said.

"Ohio pays Watch Systems over a half million dollars each year to manage its sex offender data. Watch Systems is also the parent company of several additional companies, including Family Watchdog and the Notification is Protection Foundation," she said.

On its website --, Watch Systems describes itself as "a leading technology partner and consultant to law enforcement nationwide" and "the industry innovator in sex offender registration, management and community notification."

Offender Watch, officially endorsed by the National Sheriff's Association, is Watch's "sex offender management solution (which) has been in use in hundreds of local and state agencies of all sizes for over a decade," according to the Watch Systems website. The site also says Offender Watch "is regularly updated to incorporate the latest user group input and legislative changes."

Shores said she isn't surprised Ohio's registry was in shambles.

"Contracting registry services to a for-profit company puts sensitive information in the hands of a business whose primary goal is to perpetuate the registry and make money. Watch Systems and the Ohio attorney general do not seem to care that when you list a man on the registry his wife and children suffer," she said.

VA - Rooftop standoff with noose-clad sex offenders ends

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By Dena Potter

Two sex offenders who climbed onto an awning at a psychiatric facility with nooses around their necks ended an hours-long standoff with police without incident Monday, saying they were protesting the conditions of their confinement.

[name withheld #1] and [name withheld #2] are two of nearly 300 offenders being held indefinitely at the Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation for treatment after they served prison sentences. The two climbed atop an awning outside the Burkeville facility on Monday and tied the nooses fashioned from bed sheets to a building support.

The men refused to come down for three and a half hours until police and officials assured them they would look into their complaints.

Both men said the feel like the facility is being run more like a prison than a psychiatric center. The U.S Supreme Court has said that civil commitment programs for sex offenders are constitutional as long as the offenders are there for treatment, not further punishment.

"I'm not mad about being here," [name withheld #1], 32, told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview. "It's not about wanting to be in the facility. It's about wanting to facility to be what it's supposed to be."

Neither man will face criminal charges, said Virginia State Police Sgt. Thomas Molnar. They were interviewed by state police investigators and medical personnel and returned to the facility.

The complex is surrounded by razor-wire fence, and the men were never close to escaping, said Meghan McGuire, a spokeswoman for the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, which runs the facility.

[name withheld #1] said he had no desire to escape. Instead, the two took jackets, blankets and food — crackers, peanuts and Pop Tarts — and planned to stay the night if necessary.

In calls and letters to the AP, [name withheld #1] and other offenders have complained about an increase in security. The offenders argue that their privileges, such as outside recreation and property allowances, continue to be cut back while security measures increase.

McGuire said the center is a secure facility, but like other psychiatric facilities "individuals have many freedoms of choice and careful consideration is given to human rights concerns." In addition to group psychotherapy, the center also offers programs such as life skills, vocational training and education.

While two state inspector general reports in 2007 and 2008 were highly critical of the amount of treatment offenders received, that has increased in recent years so that each resident is offered at least 10 hours of treatment each week, McGuire said.

[name withheld #1] argues that the population has grown so quickly that classes are now full, living quarters are overrun and tempers are flaring. The 300-bed facility, which was finished in 2006, reached capacity years before officials expected, so lawmakers chose to double-bunk residents rather than build a new one. Some residents have complained that they fear assaults and cramped living space will be the result.

While the facility is governed by human rights regulations similar to those in regular psychiatric facilities, residents argue those are routinely violated. [name withheld #1] has filed numerous complaints, including two that were upheld involving an improper strip search and withholding treatment.

"Nobody wants to listen to us anymore," said [name withheld #3], another offender who called the AP to report the standoff. "There's no voice here. Some people are taking drastic measures to make their voice be heard."

Neither [name withheld #1] nor [name withheld #2], 29, said they planned to hurt themselves. They said they just wanted to take a stand.

"I think that a very big point was made," [name withheld #1] said. "However, I'm not so sure that it will make much change."

IN - Young Kids Hard Time - Act One

Video Description:
Young Kids, Hard Time is an extraordinary new series from Calamari Productions and MSNBC that throws back the veil on the reality of young kids serving long sentences behind adult prison walls. With sweeping access to go inside the maximum security Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, Indiana. The only adult prison in the state of Indiana that houses kids sentenced as adults. Young Kids, Hard Time reveals what life is like for young kids staring down decades behind bars. Wabash Valley is home to the Youth Incarcerated As Adults cellblock (YIA), where 53 kids eat, sleep, study and recreate while being alienated from their adult counterparts. But once a youth turns 18, they are transitioned into the adult population, where thousands of adult prisoners await. (Narrated by Rick Springfield)

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