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TX - Police Chief (Joe Rodriguez) Accused of Texting Porn to Election Rival: It Was an ‘Accident’

Joe Rodriguez
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So! A Texas constable says his 2012 election opponent, who just so happens to be a police chief, sent porn pictures to his government-issued cellular ConstablePhone—not to brighten his workday, but to sully his reputation. But maybe it's all just a misunderstanding?

In an interview with KGBT-TV, Primera Police Chief Joe Rodriguez admits to texting the sexxxy pictures to the constable, Robert Lopez. The porn pix feature a blond transgender woman "flashing a sultry stare" and flashing "other things" as well:

Reporter: "Why did you send those pornographic images?"

Chief: "I explained to him [the constable, Robert Lopez] that it was accident."

Reporter: "So you did send the messages?"

Chief: "Accidentally."

The intended recipient wasn't the constable, Rodriguez asserts, but his cousin. They must be pretty close! At holidays, instead of gathering around the fireplace they gather around the cellphone. Instead of trading stockings full of socks and oranges they trade issues of dirty magazines. Strong family bonds are so important.

For his part, Constable Lopez believes his rival wanted to embarrass him—"[b]ecause I have a county issued phone, anyone can ask for an open records request and see what's on my phone," he tells the Brownsville Herald—and plans to file charges against Rodriguez. It wouldn't be the first time porn caused problems for Primera's Top Cop: In 2007, a Texas school district sacked him for using school computers to look for porn. Which he did on behalf of his cousin, no doubt! But still, there are rules about such things. Please read the policies and procedures manual for additional information on this matter.

Let this serve as a teachable moment for all you political candidates that sending scandal-sexts to your opponent from your own phone might not be the most winning campaign strategy. Ask your cousin to do it for you.

Set Them Free - God Behind Bars

CA - Sex offenders at state hospital protest ‘violent predator’ designation

Coalinga State Hospital
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By Ryan Gabrielson (Twitter)

In one unit of Coalinga State Hospital, a few convicts ruled to be sexually violent predators are starting to publicly protest their indefinite incarceration.

More than 900 sex offenders are housed at the mental hospital in Coalinga, a small city along I-5 in Fresno County. The hospital houses criminals with assaults on their rap sheets and psychological conditions showing them to be a danger to society.

That population had been growing slowly for years. However, the California state auditor recently reported that courts have all but stopped [PDF] designating sex offenders as violent predators in the past two years, as fewer convicts have met the requirements.

And the prisoners in Unit 9 at Coalinga have been running a public relations campaign to prove they’re being wrongfully held. Some have set up websites; others are mailing reporters large manila envelopes stuffed with documents, from court transcripts to psychological evaluations.
- Here is another about Coalinga, and here.

And on Sunday, one attempted civil disobedience.

[name withheld], convicted of statutory rape in 2004, climbed atop an outdoor basketball hoop. For two hours, he refused to descend during what he describes as a demonstration against hospital conditions.

We’re not supposed to be punished, but that’s exactly what they’re doing is they’re punishing us,” [name withheld] said in a phone interview yesterday. “They blocked off these windows and painted them black. They don’t let us leave.”

Police officers at the hospital fired a bean bag gun at [name withheld], according to multiple witnesses, knocking him to the ground. Staff had covered the concrete below with mattresses to cushion his fall.

The incident began during a fire alarm evacuation and ended without serious injuries, Deborah Ireland, a Coalinga hospital spokeswoman, said in a written statement. Because police used a weapon, the hospital is "conducting a use of force review to ensure proper procedures were followed," she wrote.

[name withheld] said he was on parole for the sex offense when, in 2008, he traveled to Mexico, violating his parole and returning him to the prison system.

In 2006, California voters passed Jessica’s Law (Proposition 83), which expanded the number of criminal offenses that can lead to a violent predator designation. Also, an offender previously had to have assaulted two victims to be ruled a predator; the proposition reduced that requirement to a just one victim.

The reasoning behind the law is that by holding the sex offenders indefinitely at the mental hospital, they are unable to commit additional sex crimes. A second component is that the prisoners can receive rehabilitation to reduce their risk.

However, a majority of Coalinga’s prisoners do not participate in treatment, KALW News reported earlier this year. In some cases, they resist because statements they give during counseling can become evidence against them in court.

Multiple prisoners in Unit 9 said they distrust the treatment offered and doubt it could help them earn freedom.

We could be here 10 years, 20 years,” said [name withheld], who’s been housed at Coalinga for two years. “It’s hostility in a unit that’s supposed to be therapeutic.”

[name withheld], 44, broke into a woman’s home in 1991 and attempted to rape her, state Department of Mental Health records show.

Long after finishing his prison sentence for that assault, [name withheld] was convicted in 2006 of petty theft. The attempted rape 20 years ago then made it possible for the courts to rule [name withheld] a predator.

In 2009, the state’s psychologists diagnosed him as having an unspecified psychosexual disorder and antisocial behavior, the records show.

Video Link | More Videos Of Coalinga

Is Civil Commitment Just Modern Day Mental Hospitals?

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MO - Ex-offender wins his case on failure to register charge

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I have been going to court now for many months for a failure to register charge. The thing is that in the beginning the public defender did not want to defend. I managed to get that fixed by calling the office and talking about the laws with the supervisor. Missouri says that even though my conviction predates the registration laws I must still register because the federal government said so. The problem is that Missouri is charging me not the federal government so we are moving for a dismissal of the charge.

  1. The Federal law makes registration retroactive.
  2. Missouri state law may not be retroactive.
  3. Federal law has their own failure to register charge.
  4. Missouri accepts the retroactive registration by federal mandate.
  5. Missouri doesn't accept the retroactive registration under Missouri law.

The question that the judge must answer is; Can I be prosecuted under Missouri law because of a failure to register through the application of the federal mandate?

This is a tough question for the judge because of the complexity of the laws and other court rulings. If the judge dismisses the case this creates an opening for others to fail to register and not be prosecuted under state law. If the judge doesn't dismiss the case this could become a constitutional challenge that may be won. So far I have been set off by the courts about 5 times for the ruling. My next date is July 25 so I will let you know how it turns out.

BAHAMAS - 11-year-old's death sparks call for registered sex offenders' list

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One child is murdered, and the town mob comes out screaming for blood. And because they say he was sexually abused, they want a sex offender registry, but, when one child is murdered and not sexually abused, you don't see them out for blood for a murderer registry, or if someone steals something, they are not screaming for a thief registry. If you are going to create any public shaming list, why not one for all criminals, to be fair?



The discovery of 11-year-old Marco Archer's severely decomposed body in bushes in western New Providence has renewed public outcry for a registered sex offenders' list.

Community activists, residents, family members and Internet users hit out at the secrecy surrounding child abuse cases amid reports that the child victim had also been sexually assaulted.
- I am not saying this is or isn't true, but how do they know the child was sexually abused?  They do not go into any details on how that was determined.

Public furor grew after reports surfaced that the chief suspect in the brutal murder had been recently released from prison, and had been jailed for a similar offence (see lead story page one).

"The police know who the molesters are," Tancia Humes, Marco's older sister, said. "The people in the neighbourhood can only tell you about what is happening in that neighbourhood, but the police are supposed to know about the entire island."

"Our children should know that when I see your face to run. If my brother had known he would have seen that man and break off running."

Civic groups, Bahamas Against Crime, and the Bain and Grants Town Advancement Association, both issued commitments yesterday to relentlessly pursue the establishment of a registered sex offenders list.

"This is going to be the cause of a whole revamping of the way these things are handled," C B Moss, spokesperson said.

"Persons should be able to go to the Internet and see anyone who has been convicted of a crime like this. Registered sex offenders, I guarantee you we will have it."

He added: "We have to stop playing with this, this is a serious situation. We let the criminals take over the nation. There should be a certain level of security in the community."

Marco was last seen leaving his home on Brougham Street, off Baillou Hill Road, on Friday afternoon between 4pm to 6pm. He was wearing a Bob Marley T-shirt and long khaki pants.

Family members say he went to a store to buy candy.

Lasummer Archer, Marco's older sister, said: "This is going to change a lot of people because all kind of children live around here. Even the children are not safe."

"What saddens me most is the community. They know exactly who did it, they had family members. No one helped us. (Suspect's) family was right around the corner. Someone had to have seen my little brother."

"Marco's death will not go in vain. This won't be swept under the rug, he will not go in vain," Ms Archer added.
- Here comes "Marco's Law!"

Bahamas Against Crime will launch a registration drive today, Mr Moss said. The drive will seek to compile the names and photographs of all known sex offenders to be made accessible on the Internet.

"Predators are out here patrolling around looking for victims," Mr Moss added.

"Why do we have to wait until your children are destroyed, emotionally, psychologically, even physically - as in Marco's case - destroyed. We sweep these things under the rug, the community is disinterested, disengaged until it happens on their doorstep."

"There is no love, no compassion. We are not serious in this country about certain things."

Hours after police found the decomposed body, concerned citizens flooded social networking sites with calls for a sexual offender registry.

"We need to fight for the youth of our nation. . .Let our voices ring loudly into the system's ears and demand a sex register so that we know who these paedophiles are in this society," wrote Jewel Carey on Facebook hours after she created an online group, For Young Marco Archer, in memory of the murdered child.

Tributes and condolences in memory of the slain child spread like wildfire across social media networks Twitter and Facebook yesterday.

"My sympathy really goes out to the parents - I don't know your (sic) pain, because I am not a parent yet but it saddens and scares me to bring a child into this world and have him or her taken away from me in such a cruel way," one user said on Facebook.

"I can't imagine the horror this baby boy experienced before he was killed, so sad, I have two sons and I can't begin to imagine the pain his mother feels," wrote another Facebook user.

OR - Sex offender released from jail after case of 'mistaken identity'

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So basically, someone saw a man talking to a child at school, they checked the registry and assumed it was a sex offender, when in fact, it was an athletics coach.


Updated Article:
Police released a Springfield man from jail Wednesday night after police say he was misidentified in a alleged sex offense case outside an area elementary School.

Police said [name withheld] is not the man an eyewitness had originally reported seeing talking to young girls outside of Riverbend Elementary School.

[name withheld] is a registered sex offender and was arrested Friday after the eyewitness found [name withheld]' picture in the state's predatory sex offender registry.

[name withheld] was released from jail on Monday after the district attorney's office elected not to file new charges while police investigated the report further.

Springfield police told KVAL they thought his release was 'not in the public's best interest' and rearrested him.

Police said the original eyewitness called to report that the wrong man was in jail and that [name withheld] was not the man she saw outside of the elementary school.

After further investigation police determined that the man reportedly talking to children was actually an athletics coach who frequently talks to children at the school.

Police released [name withheld] Wednesday night. They said he will not face charges related to the initial complaint and that this case is one of mistaken identity.

Original Article:
SPRINGFIELD - A predatory sex offender arrested on suspicion of violating conditions of a sex abuse conviction has been released from jail after the district attorney's office elected not to file new charges against the man, according to police.

Police in Springfield arrested [name withheld], 48, at his home on Friday after a concerned mother reported seeing him talking to children at Springfield Elementary School. The mother found the man in the state's predatory sex offender registry and called police.

Sgt. John Umenhofer said that [name withheld] violated court orders stemming from past sex abuse convictions by talking to children. [name withheld], who abused both girls and boys, is not allowed to have contact with anyone under the age of 18, according to state records.

Police booked him into the Lane County Jail on an accusations of unlawful contact with a child and loitering in a place frequented by children.

[name withheld] was released from Lane County Jail on Monday after prosecutors decided not to file formal charges, Umenhofer said.

The case remains an open investigation for the Springfield Police Department, he said. Umenhofer said parents should contact police if they see [name withheld] around children in the future.

SWITZERLAND - Roman Polanski Apologizes to Woman He Raped When She Was 13, Also Blames Press

Roman Polanski
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ZURICH - Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski apologizes to the woman he sexually assaulted when she was a 13-year-old girl in a new documentary that premiered Tuesday night at the Zurich Film Festival.

"She is a double victim: my victim and a victim of the press," he said in Laurent Bouzereau's "Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Franco-Polish director was charged in 1977 for giving Samantha Geimer, who was 13 at the time, champagne and drugs during a photo shoot at the Hollywood home of actor Jack Nicholson.

The then 43-year-old filmmaker then had sex with her despite her protests.

Polanski pleaded guilty to unlawful intercourse as part of a plea deal in 1978, but fled the US before being sentenced. He has remained an active filmmaker from his home base in France and has avoided extradition to the US with limited travel.

France does not have an extradition treaty with the US.

In 2009, however, he was apprehended by Swiss authorities when he tried to attend that year's Zurich Film Festival to receive a lifetime achievement award. He spent 10 months there under house arrest before he was ultimately released.

Tuesday night he received a standing ovation at the festival as he finally accepted the award.
Polanski, 78, thanked the crowd, telling them it was "better late than never."

"It's a strange anniversary for me, two years, day for day [since his arrest in 2009]. … Certain parts of it I'd rather forget, but I'm happy to be here," he added.

Polanski won an Academy Award for Best Director for his 2002 film "The Pianist" but was unable to attend the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles due to his legal issues.

TX - Ex-deputy (Paul Briones) accused of sex assault re-arrested on new charges

Paul Briones
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By Jessica Willey

HOUSTON (KTRK) - A former sheriff's deputy is in jail after being missing for more than a month.

We were the only ones at the Inmate Processing Center when Former Harris County Deputy Paul Briones was brought in. He would normally be getting processed on Wednesday night but instead, he's in the hospital, according to his attorney, putting off jail for at least one more night.

"Have you been running from police?" we asked Briones. "How come you didn't show up to court in August?"

Briones didn't answer any of our questions as he was brought in to jail Wednesday afternoon. He's had a warrant out for his arrest for almost a month after missing court twice. Last month, he told Eyewitness News he's been having health problems.
- This is what everyone should do when faced with any crime.  SHUT UP, DON'T SAY A WORD!  Even if you are innocent!

"Just a shortness of breath, the pain that I had on my left side, the tingling and just the pain that ran across my chest," Briones told us.

And that's why he hasn't turned himself, says his attorney, Abraham Fisch.

"I advised him to stay put," Fisch said.

He says the two have been in contact with authorities and Briones wasn't running. But that's not what authorities say.

"We tried to talk him in, we made contact with him and his attorney but we were never able to pinpoint his location. We believe family members were actively concealing him," Sgt. James Bilinovich said.

Briones was found guilty in July of two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child under age 14. But the conviction was thrown out and a new trial was granted after his attorney discovered the jury considered evidence not admitted at trial. Briones was supposed to be back in court last month but didn't show. Ever since, he's been considered a fugitive.

"He knew we were after him," Bilinovich said.

On Wednesday afternoon, members of the Harris County Sheriff's Gulf Coast Violent Fugitive Task Force arrested him at a relative's house in Spring. He walked into the jail barefoot and silent, and according to his attorney, still with serious health issues.

"Does that preclude him from making a court appearance, just showing up and saying, 'Look I am not a fugitive, I am not running from you?'" we asked Fisch.

"Yes it does because his doctor implicitly told him, and I have medical documentation to prove that, that he wasn't supposed to be in any situation that would cause him stress; he was at risk for stroke," he replied.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office says it's relieved Briones has been arrested. His bond has been forfeited.

He also waits trial for two other charges, including having improper relationship with a jail inmate as well as indecency with a child.

VA - Righting old wrongs for a mislabeled 'sex offender'

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[name withheld], wrongly convicted of a series of sexual assaults in Richmond in the 1980s, is out of prison after serving 27 years, but he's still saddled with the label of sex offender. On Tuesday, he asked a Virginia Court of Appeals to clear his name.

He has an unlikely ally in his quest: his boss, the state's chief prosecutor, Ken Cuccinelli.

No one would accuse the attorney general of being soft on criminals. He is, after all, the one who pushed to increase the penalty for convicted sex offenders who fail to register with the state.

But in this case, Cuccinelli noted that having [name withheld]'s name on that list was a miscarriage of justice, and "it is our job to try to fix it."

[name withheld], 46, was paroled by Gov. Bob McDonnell in March after DNA proved he wasn't the rapist in two 1984 cases. The DNA instead implicated a convicted serial rapist who resembles [name withheld] and is serving a 100-year prison sentence. But two other convictions against [name withheld] - for which no DNA evidence exists - were left standing.

To grant writs of actual innocence, the Court of Appeals, which heard arguments Tuesday for a half-hour, must conclude that the new evidence means no reasonable juror would find [name withheld] guilty of those other charges.

The judges questioned how much weight they should give the eyewitness testimony that prosecutors used to convict [name withheld] in 1984, The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. Prosecutors in Richmond and Henrico County joined Cuccinelli in pressing for the court to overturn the remaining convictions.

The judges also wondered what weight should be attached to the state's chief prosecutor arguing to nullify convictions.

Attorneys answered appropriately: a lot. It's rare for the attorney general to argue against a case he's supposed to be defending. But [name withheld]'s innocence is supported by DNA, based on thorough investigation and backed by commonwealth's attorneys whose offices previously prosecuted him.

[name withheld] had no criminal record when he was arrested at age 18. Now that he's out of prison, he's working in the state attorney general's office. But he has to register his whereabouts every month with the state, provide all email addresses he uses and abide by restrictions on where he can go.

It's freedom, his lawyer said, but he's not free.

The judges can rectify that. And they should. Immediately.

KS - Kansas Law - Reform for Sex Offenders NOW!

Visit the blog here

This blog is dedicated to the organization of and for the peoples of Kansas. To facilitate changes in law that affect/effect the community as a whole.


The most recent law change governing the registration of ( sex ) Offenders.

The federal law known as The Adam Walsh Law was adopted by Kansas and signed by the governor on May 25th 2011. This law creates a false sense of security for the public, and grossly violates the civil rights of many of the people who were previously convicted under a different set of laws.

If you have a law that your aware of in Kansas that is detrimental to the citizens of the state please feel free to contact us… Please add all info known , in order for us to easily find the law and or statutes to which your concerned!