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NV - Sex Offender Disqualified From Epic Poker League

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The inaugural Epic Poker League got off to a shaky start in August after Chino Rheem won the competition, while a number of fellow pros were busy complaining about being scammed or short-changed by the player, including Will “molswi47″ Molson, Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Ben Lamb, and Joseph Cheong.

Now a few weeks later, and the drama continues after [name withheld] qualified for the EPL Main Event after finishing 8th in the EPL Pro-Am event, only to later be blocked from registering for his tournament seat at the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Monday.

[name withheld] was subsequently stripped of his $20,000 seat at the Main Event and refunded his original $1,500 buy-in for the preliminary qualifier, before being escorted off the premises. His prize was then transferred to 10th place finisher Jamie Kaplan.

At the heart of the controversy, allegedly, is the fact it was brought to the attention of the Epic Poker League that [name withheld] is a registered sex offender with a conviction dating back to 1991 for; “Assault with intent to commit a specified sex offense, annoy or molest child under 18 years of age, sexual battery and sexual battery involving a restrained person.”

It also transpires that [name withheld] was arrested in 2008 on a similar charge which was then dropped after the victim refused to testify.

It has since been speculated that the decision to disqualify [name withheld] was probably taken outside of the EPL’s Standards & Conduct Rules, and probably came in response to pressure brought to bear from other players in the league.

As season one of the Epic Poker League enters it’s second month of operation, the series of poker tournaments is also getting known for producing some pretty epic off the table news stories, too.

If you are on a sex offender registry, you should check your info for errors!

Many times people have looked on the registry at their own information, and almost always found it was wrong. For some people, it even shows the wrong photos, and others is shows other stuff they did not do, making them look worse than they already do.

So if you or a family member is on a registry, I advised you to check it out and then contact the local sheriff to have them fix the problems.

NOTE: For those in California, if you are a registered sex offender, then have someone else check it out for you. For some reason, it is a crime in this state for an offender to review their own information.

Stuff like this needs to be brought out into the open, in our opinion, to show how the registry is filled with errors, wrong info, photos, addresses, etc.

If you have had to have the sheriff fix something, then leave a comment here, without any personal information of course, and let us know what they had to fix.

And make sure you document everything, for your own protection!

NY - Former police officer (Paul D. Pierce) arrested on child sex charge

Paul D. Pierce
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A Rensselaer County man who media reports indicate is a retired police officer was arrested this week on a child sex charge and allegedly had sexual contact with the victim in Warren County, police said.

Paul D. Pierce, 58, of East Greenbush was charged with third-degree criminal sexual act, a felony, for allegedly having sexual contact with the teen in Albany.

Pierce, who the Times-Union newspaper reported is a retired Albany Police detective, also allegedly had sexual contact with the boy at a “camp” in Chester, though State Police did not specify if the location was a private residence or child’s camp.

He has not been charged in Warren County.

Pierce was sent to Albany County Jail pending prosecution.

Anyone with information in the case was asked to call State Police at 783-3211.

CA - Worried about my partner

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From A:
Please help me. My partner, a registered sex offender (female) has been having a very hard time recently. She completed parole in march of this year with ZERO violations (same with her prison sentence). Because she also has psychiatric issues, I believe she is easily discouraged. Could you please point me in the direction of some good future career ideas for her? She is worried that being a registered 290 is going to forever barre her from having a normal life.

We have been moving frequently as jobs are changing, and I think the constant re-registration has her really upset. Normally, it does not affect our day to day life. She seems to be able to find work, and I have a good job and am almost done with school.

I want to inspire her. Do you know of any good career fields that are accepting of 290's? I know it isn't easy to live life with a scarlet letter, but I certainly don't feel it would be worth her taking her life (which she seems close to). We otherwise have a (what I think is) great life. We have a decent home, nice amenities and decent income for our humble taste.

Please, any words of wisdom, links for support groups (we are in San Diego), or ideas on future job prospects (she wants to go back to college, so I want to point her in the right degree direction). I'd really appreciate it.

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"Please understand; this narrative is a totally spontaneous writing from a jail cell after having observed, studied, and reflected upon events as they happen first hand. I do not have access to court records or to any prosecutor's side of a story or any research data that might be available to me in a "civilized and principled society" even though incarcerated. I am simply reporting to you what is obvious, what I have observed, and my own subjective outrage as well as a didactic appeal to the soul of America." Wayland Matthew Fox

About The Author:
Wayland Matthew Fox is a native Texan, married, with 3 children, 2 grandchildren and a huge extended family of friends and loved ones across the US. At present he is an independent contractor as a sales agent for a large company. He has spent much of the last 25 years exploring and speaking out about the issues and ramifications of alcoholism, abuse and addiction. Currently living on Lake Livingston, he stays in touch with childhood friends, loves fishing, gardening, writing poetry, tinkering in his garage, a good argument and wants to live forever.

SOUTH AFRICA - Officer (André Botha) accused of running a child pornography ring through instant messaging service MXit

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By Andrea van Wyk

Prosecutors dealing with a former police officer accused of running a child pornography ring through instant messaging service MXit are hoping to make more arrests soon.

The Hawks detained André Botha in Welkom in August following a four-month long investigation.

Officials said new information which could strengthen their case has come to light.

The Hawks believe Botha, who worked as a police officer in Durban during 2003, is at the helm of a national child pornography ring.

Senior prosecutor Charmaine Labuschagne said the state is waiting for indemnity from the Films and Publication Board (FPB) to use the graphic photos.

If convicted, Botha faces a 20-year prison sentence.