Sunday, June 26, 2011

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OR - Kristina Buckley strangled her daughter to 'save' her from pedophiles

Cecilia Buckley
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Clearly this is a disturbed woman, and hopefully she will get the help she needs. But, I wonder how much the media and other hysteria contributed to this?


By Michael Rollins

SHERWOOD - The Sherwood mother of an 11-year-old girl confessed to police that she strangled and killed her daughter to save her from pedophiles, according to a Washington County arrest warrant for murder.

Kristina Buckley made the statement during an ambulance ride to St. Vincent's hospital, where she was being taken for treatment of self-inflicted wounds to her wrists and neck, the warrant read.

The warrant does not specify anything further about the reasons why the mother feared that harm would come to her daughter Cecilia Buckley.

The girl's body was found on the living room floor of her home at 17618 SW Galewood Drive late afternoon on June 2. Police had been dispatched to a report of an unresponsive person.

The warrant for Buckley was prepared by Tualatin police officer Kevin D. Winfield, who helped investigate the case as part of the Washington County Interagency Major Crimes Team.

Winfield said he arrived at the Buckley home about 5:20 on June 2. He was told that Cecilia Buckley was found limp on the floor of the front living room of the home.

Attempts were made to revive her and she was taken to Meridian Park Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

A later autopsy would show she died of strangulation. Sherwood police found Kristina Buckley had locked herself in the bathroom, with self-inflicted wounds to her wrists and neck.

Winfield wrote that Sherwood officers said Buckley made spontaneous statements that she was Cecilia's mother and that she had killer her daughter.

Winfield read Miranda rights to her in the ambulance on the way to St. Vincent's hospital.

He said Buckley understood those rights and agreed to speak with him and a Tigard detective, acknowledging that "by killing Cecilia Buckley she would go to jail."

"Kristina Buckley said that in-part, her reason for killing Cecilia Buckley," Winfield wrote in the warrant, "was because she wanted to 'save' and protect Cecilia Buckley from pedophiles."

MN - Millions spent on rehabilitation, but no one has been rehabilitated

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It's not about treatment, but money. And yes, it's a prison.


By Brandon Stahl

You might not care about people like 43-year-old [name withheld], a former Eveleth and Duluth resident and convicted sex offender whom the state of Minnesota considers a psychopath unable to control his impulses to reoffend.

But in 2010, the state spent an average of $120,000 a year to house, feed and treat offenders like [name withheld] through the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, nearly 3½ times as much as it would spend if he were in a state prison.

Created in the mid-1990s, MSOP is not supposed to be incarceration. Like [name withheld], nearly all the offenders there have completed their prison time and are committed to the center for intensive treatment for eventual release back into society. The hundreds of offenders who have gone through MSOP are called “patients” or “clients” instead of inmates. Yet despite spending $386.9 million since 2005 alone, the number of patients successfully rehabilitated — permanently released back into the community — is zero.

Some have served life sentences there; more than 18 have died in the heavily secured facility surrounded by razor-wire fences. Critics have used that poor success rate to label MSOP Minnesota’s Guantanamo or Gulag.

[name withheld] said he saw his commitment as the equivalent of a death sentence, which he said he and three others tried to escape last year.

It came down to a necessity, protecting myself, protecting my very psyche, to leave this place. Because it’s just punitive,” [name withheld] told the News Tribune during an in-person interview. “People in here shouldn’t be treated any differently than people out there on the streets. To do so would be punitive; it would be punishment. And this isn’t supposed to be about punishment. It’s supposed to be treatment.”