Friday, June 3, 2011

MI - Performing oral sex on Sheriff's deputy (Kenneth Hartshorn) was ‘like getting to the final level of your game’

Kenneth Hartshorn
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By Dave Phillips

Being let out of her jail cell in order to perform oral sex on an Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy was “like getting to the final level of your game,” the deputy’s alleged victim said on the witness stand Thursday.

The woman, whom the Daily Tribune is not naming because she was the victim of an alleged sex crime, was the second witness called in the trial of former deputy Kenneth Hartshorn, who is charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct on accusations he touched the woman’s breast and allowed her to perform oral sex on him.

It is illegal for an officer to have sex with a prisoner.

The victim described several events leading up to the day in which she performed oral sex on the man, making Pod H at the Oakland County Jail Annex sound more like an episode of "Girls Gone Wild" when Hartshorn was on duty.

Hartshorn worked the overnight shift in March 2010, when investigators say the incidents occurred.

He let us get away with a lot,” the victim said.

In one of the first encounters the victim had with Hartshorn, he allowed inmates on the lower level to flash inmates on the second level, who had made signs that said “Spring Break” on them.

Hartshorn watched and was laughing at first, though he eventually put all inmates on lockdown, the victim said.

Hartshorn made the victim feel comfortable and they began to have conversations, which evolved into a “game” one night during Hartshorn’s regular cell checks.

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WI - Small Wisconsin city of Niagara won't let husband live with wife

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By Bruce Vielmetti

Couple alleges misuse of sex offender rules

Like many Wisconsin communities, Niagara passed an ordinance in 2009 restricting where registered sex offenders can live.

And when [name withheld], 29, tried to move there last summer from Appleton, city officials cited the ordinance as the reason why he could not join his wife in the tiny former mill town on the Upper Michigan border.

Now in a federal lawsuit, the couple accuses Niagara and its city council members of violating the couple's civil rights, as well as racial harassment and discrimination.

[name withheld] is African-American.

According to the lawsuit filed Friday in U.S. District Court: When he began preparing to move to Niagara, where his wife, [name withheld], 38, already resides, [name withheld] was told by city officials that he was prohibited from living with her because he is a registered sex offender.

The lawsuit contends that Niagara's ordinance targets any offender whose victim was 14 or younger, and that [name withheld] was 16 and the victim 15 at the time of his offense. The couple appealed under the ordinance, and was again denied.

Rules being altered

They then notified the city that they intended to use an exception under the ordinance for any offender moving in with certain family members, including spouses, who have lived in the residence at least two years.

The city council then proposed amending the ordinance to eliminate the exception, according to the [name withheld]' suit, an action the couple says was retaliatory, discriminatory and intended to specifically deny them from living together in Niagara.

The Niagara ordinance prohibits designated offenders from living within 2,500 feet of a school, day care, park, trail, church "or any other place designated by the city as a place where children are known to congregate."

[name withheld] lives on _____, which runs through the town of about 1,700. Neither she nor her husband could be reached for comment. Their attorney, Michael Menghini of Green Bay, did not return messages.

None of the city council members named in the lawsuit returned a message sent via the city clerk.

Reached at home, one of them, Glenn Lantagne, referred a reporter to the city's attorney.

The attorney, Kim Coggins of Marinette, also declined to comment, saying the lawsuit would be turned over to Niagara's insurance carrier.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages from the city council members, and a declaration that Niagara's sex offender residence ordinance is unconstitutional.