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MA - TSA worker (Sean Shanahan) accused of raping 14-year-old girl

FL - TSA agent (Charles Bennett) arrested for molestation of a minor

IN - Former Niles cop (Ivery Cross) sentenced to 5 to 15 years

Ivery Cross
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By John Paul

NILES - A former Niles police officer who admitted to sexually assaulting an inmate received a five to 15 year prison sentence Friday.

Judge Scott Schofield sentenced Ivery Cross at the fifth-district court in Niles Friday morning. It was almost a month after Ivery Cross pleaded guilty part of a plea deal to multiple counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct charges in the second-degree and misconduct in office.

Cross can still file an appeal.

In court, the stand-out student athlete and hometown hero fought back tears and was very apologetic. For weeks, Ivery Cross appeared in court clean-cut and confident.

Friday, the courtroom saw a different man.

When it was time for Cross to talk to Judge Schofield, the former police officer appeared defeated, emotional and as the sentencing went on, Cross was very apologetic.

"I would like to start off by apologizing to the victim and his family," said Cross.

Cross, 26, admitted to the judge in April that he touched a male inmate's penis. He also pleaded guilty to multiple sex charges. And misconduct in office.

Part of the plea deal reached, prosecutors agreed to drop the first-degree sex charge, which carried a maximum life sentence.

Before the sentence was handed down, Cross' mother prayed for strength and his fiancee', who is expecting his son, was in tears.

Cross talked about this event on his reputation.

"It took me 25 years of my life to build my reputation," Cross said. "In a matter of minutes , I tore it down."

Cross choked up and fought back tears as he talked about the harm he caused the community , the Niles Police Department, even the people who love him.

"I'm not going to let this define me," said Cross.

But what happened in the Niles Law Enforcement Complex caused a lot of heartache and pain for the victim, who did not appear in court.

Assistant Prosecutor Steve Pierangeli read the victim's statement.

The victim told the court--- "Cross made him feel less than a man, ashamed; even embarrassed."

Defense Attorney Andy Burch believed the victim was a willing participant.

"He was willing to get a lighter sentence," said Burch. "That was the trickery involved in taking part in this."

Judge Schoefield said Cross abused the badge.

"The harm to the victim has been profound," said Schoefield.

FL - Polk deputy Robin Leigh Pagoria, along with Australian Christopher Lobban, sexually tortured children

Robin Leigh Pagoria
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Update: Australian man arrested in Polk abuse case


By Jeff Weiner

Robin Leigh Pagoria, 45, faces child abuse, child pornography charges

A Polk County sheriff's deputy filmed herself strapping naked children to a desk and spanking them with sex toys, then sent the videos to a boyfriend she met on a fetish website, investigators said.

On Thursday, 45-year-old Robin Leigh Pagoria was charged with aggravated child abuse, production of child pornography, promotion of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

According to an arrest report, the two children, described only as girls between the ages of 10 and 18, described in graphic detail multiple spanking sessions.

Investigators say Pagoria cut the legs off one end of the desk she used for the spanking. To keep the girls from moving, she handcuffed their arms and tied their ankles to the desk, deputies said.

The girls told investigators that Pagoria beat them with a leather sex paddle. The victims believed they were being punished — one said she was hit 50 times for being "disrespectful"

Detectives say Pagoria recorded the beatings on her cell phone, uploading them to the Internet so her online boyfriend could watch.

On Thursday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd called Pagoria's alleged behavior "outrageous."

"There aren't words to describe my anger with her," he said. Judd, noted for his well-publicized focus on sexual predators, said no one should be more aware of that focus that his own employees.

"She's seen us walk hundreds of them into the Polk County Jail," Judd said.

Judd said the arrest came "out of nowhere." Aside from a domestic violence incident and some minor disciplinary issues, he said Pagoria was considered a good worker.

Judd said Pagoria worked in housing at the jail, and was a 22-year veteran of the Marines. He said his office reviewed the psychological and polygraph tests from when she was hired, and they were clear.

"We do extensive background investigations on anyone we hire," Judd said.

When interviewed by investigators, reports state that Pagoria explained that she used to spank the girls, but "the spankings had not improved their behavior."

She switched to the table and handcuffs after "she decided she needed to do something that would embarrass them so they would learn not to break the rules again," the report states.

Investigators say Pagoria claimed she videotaped the sessions so she could review and "'fine tune' her technique" — leading her to modify the table, and to put a delay between blows for "maximum burn."

After the whippings, Pagoria explained that the girls were forced to stand naked in the corner "so that they could reflect on what they had done wrong," according to the report.

Deputies say Pagoria later admitted to having a lifelong spanking fetish, and to meeting her boyfriend Christopher Lobban online. Officials said the boyfriend, who lives in another country, is also under investigation.

Investigators said they found evidence of two videos on Pagoria's phone. In both, deputies said the victims' genitals and buttocks were the clear "focal point."

According to the Sheriff's Office, the videos were about 10 minutes long, and showed the children suffered "substantial" wounds. They could be heard screaming in the videos, investigators said.

The victims names were redacted from arresting documents, it's not clear how or why Pagoria had access to them. However, officials said it was not through her employment with the Sheriff's Office.

Officials said Pagoria, a deputy for nearly six years, resigned Tuesday, in lieu of being fired.

IN - Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano: The 4th Amendment Killed Overnight

GA - Bishop Eddie Long Reaches Settlement In Sex Abuse Case

Bishop Eddie Long
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ATLANTA - Bishop Eddie Long reached a settlement with four men who accused him of sexual abuse, an attorney for the men told Channel 2 Action News on Thursday.

Four former New Birth Missionary Baptist Church members filed lawsuits against Long, his church and youth academy, after they said he used his power and influence to entice them into sexual relationships. Long has denied the claims.

Attorney BJ Bernstein told Channel 2’s Jodie Fleischer that neither she, nor the men who made the complaints would speak about the settlement. She released a statement saying only, "The matter has been resolved."

The settlement came after court-ordered mediation sessions. It was Easter week when the judge in the case said the parties engaged in a marathon mediation session and came out of it close to a settlement.

Judge Johnny Panos said back then: "They’ve resolved a lot of major issues and there's a few fine details that need to be worked out."

TN - Police pick the worst case, make it appear as if all sex offenders are like this one!

PA - Former police sergeant (Michael Marren) sentenced to 1 1/2 to 3 years

Sgt. Michael Marren
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See Also: Former police sergeant found guilty


By Laurie Mason Schroeder

As the sergeant in charge of the Bensalem Police Department's special victim's unit, Michael Marren enjoyed a stellar reputation and the trust of the community.

But in "a very foolish, callous, all-about-me-moment," alone in a bathroom with a female coworker last year, Marren "threw it all away."

Those were the words of Bucks County Judge Alan Rubenstein on Thursday, just before he sentenced Marren, 42, to 1½ to three years in a state prison for sexual assault.

Marren, who has repeatedly denied attacking the 23-year-old victim following a night of drinking in March 2010, again asserted his innocence during the hearing in Doylestown.

"I made a lot of bad mistakes that night, but I don't believe I did anything criminal. Our justice system is the best in the world, but it's not perfect," he said.

A jury in December found Marren guilty of aggravated indecent assault and related charges for forcing himself on the woman in a bathroom of the township rescue squad, where he held a side job as a paramedic and the woman, a medical student, was a volunteer.

Marren was found not guilty of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

The incident occurred on March 9, 2010. Marren and the victim were among a group of squad members who went to a bar to commiserate the death of a paramedic who'd died of a heart attack in the line of duty.

The woman testified that Marren became amorous and forced her into the bathroom after she'd asked him for a ride back to the squad headquarters, where she was spending the night.

She testified that Marren groped her and put his mouth on her body, then forced her to her knees and made her perform a sex act.

The woman said she tried to summon help by text messaging friends with her cell phone during the incident, but was unable to stop the attack.

She said she didn't call 911 because she was afraid Marren's fellow police officers would respond, and sexually assault her as well.

Jurors heard medical evidence that the woman had injuries consistent with being sexually assaulted, and that Marren's DNA and saliva were found on her breast.

Marren told the jury that the victim was "crazy" and "homeless," and that she "cried rape" to get attention.

In court Thursday, First Assistant District Attorney Michelle Henry said that Marren has shown no remorse for his actions. She pointed to a psychologist's report, which stated that the former cop is prone to "sexual compulsivity," a trait that makes him a danger to the community.

"He of all people should have had a heightened awareness that when someone says no, no means no. It means stop," Henry said.

Marren's attorney, Jack McMahon, called the incident an "aberration" and asked the judge to take Marren's long history of community service into account. Along with being a police officer and paramedic, Marren was a former Philadelphia firefighter and corrections officer, and served four years in the U.S. Marine Corp.

"A man should not necessarily be defined by his worst moment," McMahon said.

The victim did not attend the sentencing but sent a letter to the judge that was read in court.

"My life was stolen from me by Michael Marren," she wrote. "This was not a random act of violence by a stranger. Michael Marren is a predator."

The sentence Rubenstein imposed was squarely within state sentencing guidelines; the judge rejected both Marren's plea for a lenient county prison term and the prosecution's suggestion that the ex-cop serve at least four years.

Marren, a married father of four who moved to Shamong, N.J., following his arrest, will be a registered sex offender under Megan's Law for the rest of his life. He was not found to meet the legal criteria to be labeled a sexually violent predator, so he won't face community notification.

Fred Harran, Bensalem's director of public safety, attended the hearing. The judge assured him that the police department's reputation had not been destroyed by Marren's crime.

Marren asked to be allowed to start serving his sentence at a later date, so that he could attend his children's school events. Rubenstein refused.

The judge said he understood the verdict, even if Marren did not.

"What led to the jury convicting you was the same type of evidence you were intimately familiar with in your role as sergeant of the Special Victim's Unit," Rubenstein said.

After hearing Marren speak about how his conviction had devastated his family emotionally and financially, Rubenstein told the former police officer to spend his time behind bars reflecting on what he did to the victim.

"On March 9, 2010, it was all about you. In my view, it still is."

CA - LAPD officer (Russell Mecano) sentenced to prison for sexual assaulting one woman, soliciting sex from another

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A Los Angeles Police officer convicted of sexually assaulting one young woman and soliciting sex from another while on duty was sentenced to 8 1/2 years in state prison Thursday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry also ordered Russell Mecano, a 10-year veteran officer, to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Before sentencing Mecano, Perry heard about the pain and anguish he inflicted on the woman who was 18 at time she was assaulted. She told the judge she had been the victim of a "senseless and heartless" crime that would affect the rest of her life.

A jury of nine men and three women deliberated about two hours March 14 before finding Mecano guilty of one misdemeanor count of solicitation and one felony count each of sexual battery and penetration with a foreign object by a public safety official and penetration with a foreign object by force or duress.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Natalie Adomian, of the Justice System Integrity Division, said Mecano, a patrol officer in West Los Angeles, propositioned a 19-year-old homeless woman after her arrest on suspicion of battery in October 2007. Mecano gave the young woman $200 in cash and told her to meet him at the Holiday Inn near the West Los Angeles Station, the prosecutor said. Instead, she asked a cab driver to take her to the beach. She reported the incident on March 16, 2008, to Santa Monica police and later to the LAPD.

The second incident occurred two months after the woman reported the first case.

On May 28, 2008, Mecano told an 18-year-old female he would not arrest her on suspicion of possessing a marijuana pipe if she had sex with him, prosecutors said. He initially made her promise to meet him at a nearby Holiday Inn but then sexually assaulted her out of sight behind the Palisades Branch library, Adomian said. The young woman reported the incident to authorities.

Mecano was arrested on Oct. 16, 2008, the same day the Grand Jury returned an indictment.