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How ironic, Carol Markin, who is suing for a bad date, has written several books on the same subject!

This video IS available, not sure why it's saying it's not. Click the VIDEO LINK below.

What a good way to get publicity. Find a sex offender, set up a date with them, claim you were sexually assaulted, the man goes to jail/prison, she gets free publicity and attention on all the media channels. She gets a heroes welcome, and eventually, more money in her pocket book! But I'm just speculating! I am not saying this did or didn't happen, just questioning her motives. I've read she also has a reality show coming out, wonder what it will be about? Bad dates? Here we have someone who has written two books on bad dates, and yet she did not head her own advice in her books, nor the rules by, nor common sense!, and now she wants to scream and blame

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DC - FBI and Department of Justice pushing for new sex offender island

Cristy Sheldon
Original Article



By Charles Doppelganger

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Cristy Sheldon was one a nice, innocent young kid who loved to get on the Internet, despite her parents wishes, and chat with people online.

She recently became a victim of sexual abuse by a man claiming to be another 14 year old child, fitness buff, who loves to work out.

She met the man online
Cristy doesn't want anybody else to suffer the same fate as her, so she is now working with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Department of Justice, to pass a new law to further punish all the evil, sick, perverted monsters roaming the cyber world. This will also prevent them from living under bridges like trolls, or in your backyard behind the bushes.

The law will be named after her, to honor her name, and will be called "Cristy's Law."

The law will force all states to comply, or they will lose their federal grant money that has been set aside by the NotSmart office.

The law has already passed the House, and next goes to the Senate.

Sex Offender Island
If passed, the law will convert Hawaii into a "sex offender" island where all people who have ever been convicted of a sex crime, of any nature, will be rounded up and shipped to.  This would include your grand parents, if they married under the age of 18, public urinaters, kids who have experimented with sex with someone their own age, if they are under the age of 18, and many other related sex crimes.

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The law will also force the offenders to wear special clothing, to help identify them, if they ever escape.  The uniforms will be similar to what the Jews and others had to wear during Hitler's reign.  For example, their uniforms will be supplied with patches to help easily identify different classes of people.  Click the image to the right to see the patches they will have to wear (in red).

Sex Offender Mark
All offenders will also be required to get a tattoo or mark on their forehead, so if they ever escape and dispose of their uniforms, then people can still identify them easily.

The FBI stated this was not done to punish offenders, but to protect society and the children from those who wish to do them harm.  They are also considering putting other criminals on a similar online registry to further help protect society.

If you would like to voice your support for this new law, then visit the FBI's web site and click on the contact link.

The Department of Justice would also like to inform you on how to potentially identify a possible sex offender.  Below is a list of traits many share.
Typical Sex Offender
  • Are they driving a van or ice cream truck?
  • Do they usually wear long trench coats, even during the summer?
  • Are they bald, grumpy all the time, and like to hang out in the bushes at parks or playgrounds?
  • Are they, or have they, ever offered your kids candy, or want them to sit on their laps?
  • Do they pretend to be kids online?
  • Do they work at McDonalds or some other place with a playground?
  • Do they like to dress up in bear costumes?
  • Do they wear thick rimmed glasses?
  • Do they live with their parents in the basement, and spend a lot of time on the computer?
These are just a few of the many things to look for to help protect your kids from sex beasts.

Heil Hitler!
So visit the above web sites, or come to the congressional building in Washington DC on May 15th, 2011, and let the people in congress know you support their proposed law.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mein Führer