Saturday, April 9, 2011

FL - Pedophilia Book Author Gets Probation

If I Get Out Alive!

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Public Safety Brief from the Council of State Governments (Winter 2010)

This is a very good article, and I recommend people read it.

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Sex offender management is an extremely complex issue that continues to pose enormous challenges for state policymakers, who struggle to identify and implement effective and evidence-based policies and programs that are not merely reactions to individual tragic events.

Myths about sex offenders continue to abound, such as the widespread belief that most victims are targeted by strangers, while in fact it is much more likely to be perpetrated by someone the victims know. These myths continue to influence policymakers and may have detrimental effects on public safety.

Successful strategies must take into account current research on sex offender management, most notably the distinctions between various types of sex offenders and the different risk levels they pose to the public.

Organizations such as the Center for Sex Offender Management have proposed several policy solutions that are based on sound research about sex offenders. To prevent additional victimization, jurisdictions must take a comprehensive approach to sex offender management, one that includes assessment, appropriate treatment and supervision, and registration requirements.

Additional research into sex offenders will continue to provide policymakers with the evidence-based solutions that protect the public and prevent further victimization.

NY - What to do with sex offenders – Big Apple speaks out

This just shows the pure stupidity of the people, who apparently believe everything they see and hear on the news. I wonder if they would be happy if we were like Iran, and had Sharia law? Probably not! Maybe they should speak to real experts who treat offenders on a daily basis? They will tell you, most sex offenders do not recidivate and commit another sex related crime, recidivism is low, yet the media and politicians continue to tell the reverse. Why? Why does the media not report the facts but only hysteria? Is it all about ratings and nothing more? I think so.