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Adam Walsh Act And Ex Post Facto

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CO - Michael Mangino, busted for sex crimes, 2nd Aurora DARE cop (Morgan Sellman) accused of pervy kid habit

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By Michael Roberts

DARE officers are charged with going into classrooms and telling kids that they should stay off drugs. But Michael Mangino probably should have added that they should stay off cops, too. He's been accused of several sex crimes in relation to an allegedly inappropriate relationship with a fifteen-year-old runaway. And he's not the first Aurora DARE officer to face charges about an unhealthy obsession on children.

Back in December, you'll recall that Aurora DARE coordinator Morgan Sellman was busted for child pornography in Colorado Springs. He hadn't officially visited classrooms as a DARE instructor since 2001, and if the charges against him are proven in court, that'll have been a very good thing.

Michael Mangino
No such luck with Mangino, whose school visits were so numerous that before news broke about him being accused of sexual exploitation of a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor (plus official misconduct), Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates reportedly met with administrators from six facilities: Clyde Miller Elementary, Vaughn Elementary, Lynn Knoll Elementary and Arkansas Elementary, all in the Aurora Public Schools system, plus Cherry Creek's Eastridge Elementary and St. Pius X Catholic School, part of the Archdiocese of Denver.

Oates said the first complaint about Mangino came from the runaway herself, who first came into contact with him on March 9, Oates said at a press conference. After that, his fellow APD members found naughty photos of the girl on Mangino's smart phone, which wasn't too smart, obviously. And neither was his decision to store some other media, including videos of sheet shenanigans with women who appeared to be adults -- and a shot of a girl's a-- that seems to have been taken at a school. Classy.

Morgan Sellman
Of late, Aurora cops have mostly made the news for getting shot. One was injured by Aaron Williams, who allegedly took a family of four hostage before being killed by police trying to flee their home. Another was winged in an incident in which Oleg Gidenko died and two accused compatriots were busted.

But the Mangino and Sellman arrests are a very different type of PR for Aurora -- the undeniably terrible kind. And Mangino's on the streets again, having been released after posting $20,000 bond. Don't you feel safer?

DC - Finding Fugitive Sex Offender Act of 2011 introduced

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See Also: More details by eAdvocate


By Senator Blumenthal's office

U.S. Senators Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) introduced a bipartisan bill yesterday that would create subpoena authority by which the Director of the U.S. Marshals Service could authorize administrative subpoenas specifically for the investigation of sex offenders who have failed to register as required by the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.

Cosponsors of the bill include Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), John Cornyn (R-TX), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Mike Lee (R-UT), Susan Collins (R-ME), John Thune (R-SD), Tom Coburn (R-OK), Richard Burr (R-NC), and Saxby Chambliss (R-GA).

The administrative subpoena power granted by the Finding Fugitive Sex Offenders Act of 2011 would allow the Marshals Service the ability to track unregistered sex offenders in real time across jurisdictions. Sadly, sex offenders often fail to register precisely so they can evade detection and in many cases, find new victims.
- This may be the case for some, but many don't register because it prevents them from getting jobs and a home, not because they are looking for "new victims!"

As offenders circumvent the law to hide their location, every second could mean the difference between life and death for a new set of victim,” Sessions said. “Marshals must have the ability to quickly obtain vital information in these fast-moving investigations of unregistered sex offenders, so they will be able to find missing predators more easily and greatly curb the threat of future offenses. When I served Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee in the 111th Congress, I worked closely with my Democrat and Republican colleagues to create language that would grant the Marshals Service the ability to quickly act to find sex offenders.”

Granting the Marshals Service this authority to track down fugitive sex offenders will help keep our children and our communities safe,” Blumenthal said. “I’m proud to work with my Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle to ensure law enforcement has the tools and resources they need to pursue and prosecute these dangerous convicted criminals.”
- Not all of them are dangerous.

The Adam Walsh Act of 2006 (Wikipedia) was passed to create a more uniform and enforceable sex offender registry system. A key component of the Act gave the U.S. Marshals Service primary enforcement authority to locate and arrest unregistered sex offenders who had moved in interstate commerce or had earlier been convicted under federal law. This provision will help the Marshals Service perform this vital task.
- So, if they already have this power, why a new law?

S.671, the Finding Fugitive Sex Offender Act of 2011, was introduced to the Senate March 29, 2011.

WA - Lacey mother outraged by school bus stop near sex offender's house

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By Luke Duecy

A mother is outraged over her school district's plan to put her children's bus stop right next to a sex offender's home.

The district says it's fixed the problem, but mom wonders why the district didn't out the stop in the first place.

Monica Fierro could not believe the North Thurston County School District put their new bus stop right next to a convicted child molester.

"He's a level-two sex offender and his crime was a against an 11-year-old girl," she said. "I was definitely angry and concerned not just for my children, but for all the children at the bus stop.."

But what really shocked her is nobody from the school district ever bothered to do any research or look him up. And when Fierro did some research herself, she learned there are actually two registered sex offenders on the block in question.
- So she's shocked they did no homework, and yet she apparently did none, until now.

When asked why the district doesn't screen for sex offenders before choosing bus stops, district spokesperson Courtney Schriever said, "Well, all of the stops are put in at the beginning of the year based on enrollment."

Schriever added there are too many bus stops in the district to screen every single one of them.

"We have to have efficiency in mind as well," she said. "We can't keep adding stops or keep moving things all around."

But the sex offender registry is available online; it only takes a few clicks to figure out where the offenders live. And a number of other parents now want the district to make searching for sex offenders a priority.

"Some kids are too friendly, and my daughter is one that will talk to everybody," said parent Carla Rardin. "So that's one step I take to protect her."
- Maybe you should teach your child to not talk to strangers?

The district fixed Fierro's problem as soon as it was notified, but that offers little consolation for other parents.

"In this case, what we did is create two bus stops and so now parents have an option so the kids don't have to walk in front of that house," Schriever said.

Fierro isn't taking any chances. She now picks up her kids every day.
- Good, and does she also drop them off in the morning as well?

"They're my kids; their safety is my number one issue," she said.

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UT - Media fear mongering as usual - Must be a slow news week?

He may re-offend, but come on, stop the fear-mongering!!!! Experts say all sex offenders have a "cognitive disorder", doesn't mean it's true. I don't know of this mans past, but not all sex offenders are child molesters, and not all people with the child molestation label are dangerous. Give me a break! Fear mongering as usual!! See this blog post. Must be a slow news week for them, so they have to bust out the sex offender fear mongering!

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GA - Ex-Police Officer (Victor Palmarini) now convicted sex offender

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BARTOW COUNTY - Channel 2 Action News has learned a former police officer is now a convicted sex offender after he admitted to accusations Tuesday.

Investigative reporter Mark Winne obtained court records from Bartow County that show Victor Palmarini pleaded guilty to rape charges.

Palmarini pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated assault with intent to commit rape, false imprisonment and two counts of sexual battery involving one victim.

Bartow County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth York told Channel 2 that Palmarini received a sentence of 25 years, with seven to serve, in the state prison system.

York suggested the attack Palmarini pleaded guilty to was the last in a series of escalating sexual incidents spanning almost a decade.

The other three instances all occurred while the defendant was on duty and in uniform,” said York.

A Channel 2 Investigation last year revealed Palmarini had a history of questionable sexual behavior on the job, with multiple allegations of sexual assaults while he worked for several police departments.

Winne dug up records dating back to 2001, when Palmarini was a Bartow County deputy. He was accused of having an inappropriate and sexually graphic conversation with a woman who was home alone when he answered an alarm call, according to the records.

Winne interviewed one of the victims last year about her encounter with Palmarini in 2005. Newspaper carrier Julia Squires said she was delivering papers when she encountered Palmarini, then a Euharlee police officer, on a dark and deserted cul-de-sac.

He proceeded to molest me for 45 minutes at least, while he talked filth and degraded me,” said Squires.

In that case, Palmarini received first offender treatment for a misdemeanor charge. Squires said she felt the system failed to deliver justice for her. Squires told Channel 2, “I've never been the same person.”

TX - Sex offenders and their employers - who's accountable again?

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This just shows, that sex offenders are hot topics, and exploited for personal gain, ratings!


By Karen Brooks

A few witnesses testifying in favor of Lon Burnam's bill to make sex offenders' employers private are saying that the media are the only ones who benefit from that info being public.

They say it's a reliable source of stories "on a slow news week" and that it was "sad" that one media outlet once did a check of all 93 sex offenders in their viewing area to see if they were working anywhere close to children - no doubt as a way to check up on how well the system works.

Quote Source: eAdvocate - Congress, Courts and Sex Offenders
"A few points, the state registry exists for people to use IF THEY CHOSE TO, and that includes EMPLOYERS. When the media starts going around and playing Media Community Notifier that is stalking and violates the registry; media vigilantism. It is clear from the other story (see link) that nothing occurred at the place of employment nor was it used to make contact with the new victim. The world does not need to be force fed by the media when the tools are available for personal use!"

The Texas Sex Offender Registry clearly states:
"Anyone who uses any information on this website to injure, harass, or for any other unlawful purpose may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability."

They're also saying that the sex offenders are already being held accountable for their crimes and their whereabouts because the DPS still knows where they're working - and is making sure they're working in the appropriate places.

In a case last year, an Austin neighborhood discovered that a sex offender was working at an Amy's Ice Cream shop when he was arrested on charges of molesting a third victim - he had already been convicted twice as a juvenile.

For molesting a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old.

A couple local TV stations got a tip and learned that he'd been working there - a place frequented by children. The owner of the Amy's Ice Cream was flabbergasted; she had no idea. The community was outraged that a sex offender had been allowed to work there. The sex offender registry hadn't been checked on that hire - thought that probably won't be omitted again.

Had that information not been made public, Amy's might never have known. The community - including nannies who were bringing their kids to get ice cream from a convicted child molester - would almost certainly have never known.

The DPS and the man's probation officer, clearly, didn't see any issue with him working at a place that sells ice cream to kids. The parents begged to differ.

Who's being held accountable in that situation? Who's checking up on the system? And who benefitted when the info became public?

In at least one instance, shown here, the public benefitted. Just sayin'. Thoughts?

Dr. Phil - Sex Offender Recidivism - LOWER than any other criminal!

Most recidivism studies you read (See here) show a very LOW recidivism rate for sex offenders, yet most people in the news media, politics, or people like John Walsh, Mark Lunsford, etc, continually say recidivism is high for sex offenders.

Well, that is a flat out lie. And you can see it for yourself by reading the MANY studies we have on our blog below.

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