Thursday, February 17, 2011

MI - Picking out predators? Sex list no help!

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By Ken Kolker

GRAND RAPIDS (WOOD) - [name withheld] and his brother, [name withheld], live together on Grand Rapids' southwest side -- and both are listed on the sex offender registry.

[name withheld] performed oral sex on a 12-year-old boy; [name withheld] molested a young relative -- details not available on Michigan's registry Web site.

"I'm on it until 2012," [name withheld], now 49, told Target 8.

"I'm on it for life," his 46-year-old brother added.

As Target 8 previously reported, not everybody on Michigan's Sex Offender Registry is a predator, leaving the public to wonder: Which of these faces should we fear?

In most cases, the registry doesn't have enough details to answer that question.

So, Target 8 went looking for them.

"It was CSC second-degree against a 12-year-old male child that was black," [name withheld] told Target 8.

Four years later, [name withheld]'s victim, [name withheld], molested three young relatives, court records show. [name withheld] was 16 at the time. Then, when [name withheld] was 18, he sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl. [name withheld], now 26, is in prison for that assault.

The girl, who was [name withheld]'s friend, told Target 8 she started cutting herself after the assault and considered suicide. She is now 23, with a young daughter.

She put some of the blame on [name withheld] -- her attacker's attacker, a man she's never met.

"Maybe if that guy wouldn't have done it to [name withheld], maybe [name withheld] wouldn't have done it to nobody else," the woman said.

Michigan's sex offender list includes 42,000 names across the state -- nearly 1,900 in Kent County, 640 in Ottawa and 830 each in Kalamazoo and Muskegon counties -- men and women convicted of everything from stranger-on-stranger rape to groping somebody on the dance floor.

"What the act is trying to do is protect the public from, as you say, predators," Kent County Circuit Judge Paul Sullivan said. "It does that, but it seems to go beyond that."

In Florida, unlike Michigan, predators get their own designation -- with red boxes around their photographs and the word "predator" in their description. That is one reason the website TopTenReviews ranked that state's sex offender list as the best in the nation. Michigan's ranked 31.

LA - Girl says she traded sex for jail privileges with guards (Floyd Howard, Darwin Brown, Angelo Vickers, Christopher Turner)

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By Eric Heisig

HOUMA — A teenage girl testified Wednesday that she performed sexual favors for guards at Terrebonne's juvenile lockup in exchange for privileges.

Her testimony came in the second day of a trial for two former Terrebonne Parish Juvenile Detention Center guards.

Floyd Howard, 50, and Darwin Brown, 25, are charged with molestation of a juvenile. The guards allegedly offered inmates treats, such as snacks and phone call privileges, in exchange for sex.

Six girls made the accusations following their release, authorities said.

If convicted, Howard and Brown face up to 20 years in prison.

The 17-year-old girl, who was 15-16 at the time of the alleged abuse, said the detention center, referred to as “Baby Ashland,” had major problems. She said guards would frequently abuse their power, taking away the few privileges they had.

In her testimony, the girl said all of the sexual acts were consensual. She said she performed sexual acts in an attempt to make her life at the facility better, to try to win over the guards who were friendly.

The little privileges you have, you cherish them,” said the girl, whose identity is being withheld by The Courier and Daily Comet because of the nature of the charges.

During her testimony, the girl said Brown asked her to masturbate on multiple occasions while she was in a jail cell. Brown would be in another room, watching on a monitor.

She also said Howard asked her to masturbate and touch her breast. The girl also said she gave oral sex to Howard not long after she was released from the detention center in March 2009.

FL - Sex Offenders Living In Woods To Be Evicted

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Legislature who do not think or read laws, pass unconstitutional laws creating homelessness, and forcing people to live in the woods, then the police come along and kick them out of their only home. Once again, their real goal is to put them all in prison, that is obvious, except if they are other cops committing sex crimes. I wonder if any of these folks are from Bookville?


ORLANDO - Police will serve eviction notices Thursday to more than two dozen sex offenders living in the woods of an Orlando neighborhood.

Officers stopped by a camp off John Young Parkway Wednesday. They said the group will be forced out of the area by the end of the month.

The property owner just recently became aware that the sex offenders were camping out.
- Okay, if they are living on private property, then yes, this is their own fault.