Saturday, October 29, 2011

CAUTIONclick - Citizens Against Unfair Treatment of Internet Offenders Nationwide

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John Evans said...

I`m a convicet sex offender in ky, I was supposed to get off parole in Apris of this year, then it was moved to june, now, they`ve stipped me of all my good time, and they have informed me that i`ll be on paorle till 2018.  I`ve always followed their rules, and did nothing to lose my good time.  This is not right.

Marv said...

Son just got arrestee by fbi for on count of recieving a file he clicked onto an it had child porn and a video of cp on it. did not know until he opened it. Then sent it on one time and deleted.
Now charged with recieving and dist for one stupid mistake incident. did not go after or ask for it. They want -12 yrs. This is obscene. Punishment yes, but not this, he is not a pedifile, or has interest in children. Just did something stupid. I am here for suggestions to mitigate and what ever. Any support groups konw for parents in south florida area.
plaese let me know what we can do. I am screening lawyers now , first lawyer got him out on bond and surity. home arrest with montot. Job is behind him and he kept it. Please help.