Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NM - Surveillance photo shows officer (Bert Lopez) having sex, in uniform, in public, on the hood of his car!

Original Article

Cops: Sex officer didn't commit crime
State cop gets ax over sex scandal


By Eddie Garcia

KOB Eyewitness News 4 has obtained surveillance pictures of a State Police officer (Bert Lopez) having sex with a woman on the hood of a car in broad daylight.

State Police aren't saying anything about the photos, but KOB Eyewitness News 4 is pressing for answers.

Two weeks ago KOB reported a story about an officer caught on camera having sex while in full uniform, an act shown on security camera at the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch.

KOB has blurred out the woman's image, but you can see it's during daylight hours and the officer is still wearing his utility belt.

The Santa Fe Sheriff's office released the pictures to KOB after we filed a public records request. They say they also gave them to State Police over a week ago.

We got reaction from people who saw the photos.

"It's an inappropriate use of time," said Cate Campbell of Albuquerque.

"Inappropriate use of our tax money, I mean we pay these guys," added Jacob Powers.

Albert Loma said if charged and found guilty, the officer should be fired.

"With that kind of judgment you don't want him carrying a weapon," said Loma. "I think it's an embarrassment to the state patrol, they should be ashamed."

Others say it hurts the reputation built by good officers.

Bert Lopez
"I expect them to be the mark. State Police should be the standard to which other police departments hold themselves to," said a man identifying himself as Jeremy.

KOB knows the name of the officer - however, since he has not been charged with any crime, we have chosen not to release his name.

State Police will not comment about the pictures or any internal investigation against the officer, saying it is an ongoing personnel matter.

On Monday, they turned down an on camera interview, saying they need more time to gather the information we're asking for.

So far no officer faces any charges.


mark said...

i would at the very least think that the officer in question, who the tv station knows his name, is a "person of interest"?  And we all know how police dept love to broadcast those names to the media before they have any clear evidence, warrant, or witnesses.


TCLNick203 said...

Anybody notice the small dog in the lower part of the picture?
It's not shown here but the news report I heard said there is another shot of the dog looking up from between the officers legs...
Really funny stuff!!
After all we've seen in recent months, does anybody really think that cops are deserving of the respect that they've held for so long? should we continue to consider them to be keepers of the peace or harbingers of doom?
I've heard that later photos also show the woman wrapping her legs around the officer which might indicate that she was not coerced but one has to wonder if this didn't initially start because she didn't want a speeding ticket or something...
If we can't trust the protectors to live to a higher standard than the rest of us, then can we truly feel safe?  Who wants a guy like this coming into their home after a burglary or some other issue?  He might be upstairs screwing your daughter when your back is turned (a little harsh, perhaps, but possible)...

So the question is:  who is there to police the police?

Food for thought...

A SOinGA said...

SOI...Update it looks like they canned his a$$ - http://www.santafenewmexican.com/Local%20News/State-police-fire-cop-in-sex-tape

SOIssues said...

Thanks, we've added that link to the article.