Monday, August 15, 2011

NM - Former police officer (James Carney Ritterhoff) from Aurora, MO accused in New Mexico child pornography case

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ALBUQUERQUE (AP) - A former Aurora, Missouri police officer has been ordered detained pending trial in New Mexico on child enticement and child pornography charges.

A federal judge issued a 14-page order last week saying 38-year-old James Carney Ritterhoff is a flight risk and poses a danger to the community.

Ritterhoff was employed as an armed money courier in Albuquerque when he was arrested on June 17.

He's accused of using the Internet to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity, soliciting child pornography, sending and receiving child porn and possession of child pornography.

Prosecutors say he was charged after online conversation with undercover officers between February and June.

Ritterhoff entered a not guilty plea to all charges at his July 22 arraignment.


anonymous said...

ANOTHER person who "WAS NOT" on the public sex offender registry! Another person who is, or was, a SWORN OFFICER of the LAW! Obviously this man is innocent until proven guilty. But we All know how that's going to work out. You see, no one in law enforcement or the government could have predicted what this guy was up to prior to the sting. The NEVER will. So, in thier paltry attempt to have the public believe they have a handle on these kind of crimes, what do they do? They perpetuate the public registry, institute more and more restrictions on FSO's, and pass laws affecting FSO's by the boat load. All in thier attempt to make the public FEEL safer and informed. I can't say if the public registry will EVER come down. But this just shows the REALITY of a grossly broken system. When will they learn to focus on the truly dangerous
and all of the perverts who are NOT on the registry? Look at it this way..........Change the system: EVERYBODY wins, and our kids will TRULY be SAFER.

Pink09valek said...

Wtf! It just goes to show u that not only is there a freakin million sick twisted "FSO"'s that we alrdy know about, but there's even more that we don't. If you are a sick pedophile/FSO you should be lucky you even got out of jail. I think you should be castrated &/or NEVER see the light of day again. If you did it once, you're damn freakin right we want to know about it, to protect a next would-be victim. Anyone that could sexually assault a child, or anyone, should be put in prison for liiiiiffffffeeee. And any of you freaks EVER touch my kid, I'd make sure you lived to regret it...for a long time. Explain to me this: how does it help our children for FSO's to NOT be on a public registry? Huh? No, really tell me, u sick freak!