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KY - Where are the places named after ex-sex offenders murdered by vigilantes?

Christopher 2X
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What kind of name is Christopher 2X? And where are the places named after ex-sex offenders murdered by vigilantes? Like I've said before, name a law after some child, and no matter what is in the bill, it will pass. I bet Hitler would be jealous.


By Joseph Gerth

Rosalina Cano released a clutch of nine balloons and listened as those around her sang happy birthday to her son, Cesar “Ivan” Aguilar-Cano, who would have turned nine yesterday had he never crossed paths with [name withheld].

Children climbed on a new set of monkey bars behind her, in a small playground dedicated to Ivan's memory.

The sadness was inescapable at the playground's dedication Sunday behind the South Louisville Community Center, but it was also a chance to recall how a missing five-year old boy brought the community together and touched so many lives.

It's going to be a reminder of what happened … but also know the playground is going to generate a lot of smiles and that too will be part of Cesar's legacy,” said John Asher, a spokesman for Churchill Downs, where Ivan's family members worked and where he sometimes played.

The playground has two spring-mounted rocking horses that are pointed toward the twin spires of Churchill Downs, as well as swings and monkey bars.

It will be called the “Fight Crimes Against Children Playground” and will have a plaque honoring Ivan, said Christopher 2X, a community activist who works with the families of people who are murdered.
- Mr. 2X is an ex-felon himself, see here.

Ivan was abducted on June 29, 2007, while playing with trucks outside his mother's home in the neighborhood surrounding the racetrack. After an eight-day search, his body was found in a garbage can where [name withheld] had stashed it.

[name withheld] would later plead guilty to giving the boy alcohol, sexually abusing him and then killing him.

Rosalina Cano said through an interpreter that “she feels a little bit happy” because of the playground dedication. “If he was with life, she'd be the happiest mom in the world,” said Daisy Davila, who interpreted for her.

Sunday's event brought together the police officer who led the search for Ivan and his killer, the lead prosecutor who was days away from trying [name withheld] when he changed his plea to guilty, people from the community and others in Louisville who have suffered through the death of a child.

Kim Vanderhaar, whose son, Camden McCroskey, was killed in a grocery store on the Outer Loop in 2009, helped organize and spoke at the event. She called [name withheld] a “monster” and told Rosalina Cano she understands the pain she has gone through.

I know the size of the hole in your heart,” she said.

Lt. Barry Wilkerson, commander of the Louisville Metro Police homicide unit, talked about the investigation and how people pulled together to help the police investigation and Ivan's family.

If it wasn't for the community pulling together, this case would have been very difficult to solve,” Wilkerson said.

Jon Heck, a former assistant commonwealth's attorney who prosecuted [name withheld], urged the 70 or so people who attended the event to get involved and report to child protective services if they believe a child is being neglected or abused.

2X said the idea behind Sunday's event was singular in its nature. “Our program is a simple program,” he told the room. “It's about Cesar.”
- Is it really?  For some reason, I doubt it.


Kizzle said...

Still, building a park seems like a much more positive way to deal with a tragedy like this than going on a crusade to punish all sex offenders. Things like this devastate communities and often people are not satisfied by punishing only the people responsible.

Tclnick203 said...

2 things:
1.  It would appear that history already has a "1X"...  That would have been Malcolm X who believed his original name was a slave name and dropped it in place of the "X."  That may explain this guy...
2.  Every day, drug dealers spread their poison, allowing more and more people to injure/kill themselves.  They blindly keep plying their trade believing that people may do to themselves as they wish.  Yet, has anybody ever studied just how many children die from drug overdose each year?  What about children that are handicapped at birth because of crack moms?

Note:  If Mr. 2X has really turned over a new leaf and is doing some kind of personal penance by becoming a community activist, then God bless.  But, given his past, I wonder if he isn't another Corey Wright (Predator magazine)...

One of the preeminent truths of our time is that drug dealers are getting a much easier time of it now that sex offenders and terrorists are "threatening" the safety of children.  But I've met a number of these dealers and they all believe that they did nothing wrong except to make a mistake and get caught.    Many I met were secure in the knowledge that, when they returned to the street, they could go back to their business and not get caught again...

When somebody comes to me and talks about "recidivism" for sex offenders or "addiction" to pornography, I think of this ongoing danger.  One that has not simply gone away because it's not headline news anymore...

Of course, there are also the media whores who exploit children for their own ends.  Political hacks that only consider the present but have learned no lessons from the past and have little care about the future...

A little off topic but, still, my humble opinion...

anonymous said...

I notice the article does not say that the offender was on the public registry.
Well let's hypothetically say he was. Could his being on the registry have prevented this tragedy? The answer would be NO. The registry does not prevent peverts from re-offending. Only incarceration will provide stop a person like this, for however long it takes. Get rid of registries and incarcerate (forever if necessary) the truly dangerous. Very simple solution; so very difficult for society to understand.