Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dedicated to Mary Duvall of SOSEN - You Will Be Missed!

UPDATE: We have also created a cause on Facebook, so if you use Facebook, then join the cause.

Mary Duvall of SOSEN passed away today at approximately 6:20 AM Pacific time. Her son is in desperate need of money to handle the cremation, which the people want up front. So please, consider making a small donation! You can send checks or card below, or visit the link above and use their DONATE button to send via PayPal or credit card, which is tax deductible.

Please send all cards and checks to:

D Logan
765 Mesa View Drive
Space 24
Arroyo Grande, Ca.

If everyone she helped sent just one (1) dollar. WOW!

God bless Mary. She is now at peace and with her daddy on Father's Day.

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Dakota0526 said...

Many tears.....:((

Amomseekingjustice64 said...

Mary, you started a great fight and we will continue in your name.  You will be sadly missed.

Russ said...

I can't believe it, Mary is the most courageous woman and fought with every ounce of strength in her body not only for her son but for all mankind.  She fought for the most unpopular civil rights issues in our current legislation.  She will go down as a hero in my book.  I will donate accordingly.

MSLGWCEO said...

A close and personal friend and confident. I have never meet another human being in all my long life that had so much drive and strength.

Her last act, after going through radiation and chemo was appearing before the Nevada State Legislature to speak. Few knew what she had gone through in her fight against cancer and fewer yet knew about the chronic pain she was enduring due to a collapsed vertebra (just days before), in the small of her back.

She is a hero in every sense of the word. Human and civil rights for all was what she lived and breathed.

She may be gone but never forgotten and highly respected. Legislatures in Oklahoma respected her. She got new law written. She was in demand for speaking and lobbying.

Mary appeared on several Oklahoma News stations, Cable news like CNN, FOX, John Stossel and others. Newspapers all across the country covered her. L.A. Times and a host of others. She appeared on Minnesota Public Radio and other broadcast systems.

There are archived shows that she and her co-host "Kevin" and can be heard here:

There is so much more that can be said. Lenore Skanazy of Free Range Kids, says it best. :

"Injustice made Mary into the kind of activist they make movies about…:

LauriAnn said...

"Whose gonna fill these shoes?....whose gonna stand this tall?"
There will never be another one like Mary, she was one of a kind and she fought with her whole heart for all of us.  Rest in Peace, Mary!