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FL - Former Police Officer (James Scharfschwerdt) Accused of Sex Acts on Child

James Scharfschwerdt
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Florida, home of the perverted cops! It seems like every time a cop is busted for a sex crime, it's in Florida.


ST. JOHNS COUNTY - A former police officer from south Florida is being held in the St. Johns County jail on three counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child.

Detectives arrested 53-year-old James H. Scharfschwerdt at his home on Kinlaw Road Wednesday morning.

The investigation began six months ago when a juvenile told investigators that Scharfschwerdt engaged in sex acts with another juvenile.

The sheriff's office says Scharfschwerdt gave the juvenile victim alcohol and performed sex acts on him on three occasions.

Detectives also learned police had once arrested Scharfschwerdt in 1998 for similar allegations. Scharfschwerdt once worked as a police officer in south Florida, but investigators didn't say where.

Scharfschwerdt is being held on bonds totaling $1.5 million.


WI - Sex Assault Charged Filed Against Former Police Chief (Patrick Lynch)

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You ever notice, that when a cop is busted on a sex crime, the story is short? When it's the average Joe, they write a book about the person.


FOX LAKE - Former Fox Lake Police Chief Patrick Lynch has been arrested and charged with repeated sexual assault of a seven-year-old girl.

According to the criminal complaint, Lynch was friends with the alleged victim's father. The alleged victim claims Lynch assaulted her in a bathroom in 1989.

Years later, the alleged victim claims Lynch would come to where she worked and stare at her.

If convicted on all charges, Lynch faces a maximum sentence of nearly 30 years in prison.

John Newton Former Sex Offender The Untold Story

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MA - SJC cites homeless plight in sex offender’s GPS case

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By Martin Finucane

Convicted sex offenders should not be punished for violating the terms of their probation if they cannot find a power outlet to charge their GPS monitoring devices because they are homeless, the state’s highest court ruled yesterday.

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled in a case involving [name withheld], who was released on probation with the requirement, among other things, that he wear a GPS monitoring device.

But after [name withheld]’s release from prison, he was living in a homeless shelter that could not provide residents with access to a reliable electrical outlet necessary for operating the GPS device, the court said.

At a probation revocation hearing, a judge found that [name withheld] had violated the conditions of his probation because he had failed to make sufficient efforts to find a job that would have allowed him to find housing — and get access to a power outlet.

The SJC reversed that ruling. “In these circumstances, where there was no evidence of willful noncompliance, a finding of violation of the condition of wearing an operable GPS monitoring device was unwarranted, and is akin to punishing the defendant for being homeless,’’ the court said.

The court noted that the case highlighted a tension between mandatory GPS monitoring of sex offenders on probation and “the practical reality of homelessness.’’

Mandatory GPS tracking is intended to protect the public from sex offenders, but the requirement also affects the ability of former sex offenders to get jobs and reintegrate into the community, the court said.

One of the consequences, the court said in a seven-page ruling written by Justice Robert Cordy, has been an increase in homelessness. And for homeless sex offenders, GPS monitoring can be “problematic and challenging,’’ the court said.

The court, however, did not offer solutions, saying, “This larger problem is not one that can be, or need be, solved in this case.’’

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