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Internet Trolls, Beware! 'Bounty Hunter' Can Expose You

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Digital Forensics Experts Follow Trail of Cyber Breadcrumbs to Identify Individuals

He has been called a bounty hunter for the digital era, and for good reason.

After Michael Roberts' own name was smeared across the Internet by an online antagonist, crushing his successful business and threatening personal relationships, Roberts made it his mission to help other victims of online defamation rout out the anonymous Internet trolls trying to upend their lives.

The Australian native launched a Las Vegas-based company called Rexxfield, dedicated to digital forensic analysis and online reputation defense. (Nevada was chosen as the home base because its state laws are more favorable for those suing for libel damages.)

Since starting the firm in 2008, Roberts said he has helped more than 150 people unmask their online attackers. His firm boasts an 80 to 90 percent success rate for positively identifying anonymous Internet posters. He recently launched the non-profit, a pro bono arm of his company, to give victims of online defamation even more support.

By the time people contact him, they've been branded whores, child abusers, liars and other vicious epithets on the Internet. They're spirits are so deflated, some consider ending their lives, he said.

"You can hear it in the voice of the people when they first contact you," he said. "And once the problem is solved they're like a different person."

Billionaires, Royalty Among Those Looking to Expose Anonymous Online Harassers

Roberts counts billionaires and royalty among his clientele and two of the most recent high-profile cases involving unmasking anonymous posters were ones in which he was involved.

A couple of weeks ago, one of his pro bono clients, Carla Franklin, succeeded in obtaining a court order from a New York judge instructing Google to identify people who posted defamatory content about her on YouTube.

Another pro bono client, Vogue cover model Liskula Cohen, made headlines last summer when she successfully sued Google to uncover the name of an anonymous blogger who slandered her online.

But how does this modern-day bounty hunter track down his prey?

Roberts said it often starts with the Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is the unique number assigned to any device connected to the Internet.

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MO - Safety Concerns Grow On Halloween Night

Video Description:
Sex offender laws are violating rights granted by the constitution. The law maker say that it is for public safety. But does public safety grant law makers the ability to make laws that violate rights to this degree? If laws can be made to directly violate the constitutional rights of a small percentage of the population what other laws can now be made to violate other groups or segments of the population? Who is next to be targeted for laws that are bias? Night clubs? Home schools? How will you react when it is you that is having to follow a law only because you can be identified within a group?

GA - Halloween Sex Offender Laws - The Allen Hunt Show

Allen Hunt Show

UK - Surrey woman (Kate Woodhead) jailed for false rape claim

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A Surrey woman who falsely claimed her ex-boyfriend raped her after giving her a Pringles sandwich laced with diazepam has been jailed for three years.

Kate Woodhead made her claim against [name withheld] after he told her their 18-month relationship was over, Guildford Crown Court was told.

The 31-year-old, from Ripley, told police Mr [name withheld] had drugged her before attacking her.

She then stole belongings of his worth about £25,000.

Judge Neil Stewart said he had no option but to send her to prison.

'Vindictive' campaign

The court heard Woodhead, who ran livery stables in Surrey, went to police with a friend in April 2009 and made the false allegation.

She then stole property including an expensive stereo and art prints, and transferred ownership of her ex-boyfriend's sports car and motorcycle to her own name.

Mr [name withheld] was arrested and questioned by police but the rape allegation was dropped when officers became suspicious that Woodhead had made it up.

Judge Stewart said the offences were part of a "deliberate and vindictive" campaign waged against Mr [name withheld].

He added: "These offences therefore must be seen as devious and manipulative and you are wholly unrepentant."

Abuse of position

Woodhead, of Bracken Lodge, had denied perverting the course of justice, two counts of theft and one of fraud by abuse of position, but was convicted by a jury earlier this year.

She was sentenced to a total of 12 months for the theft offences and three months for the fraud.

The sentences will run at the same time as the three-year sentence for perverting the course of justice.

Judge Stewart said the sentence was intended to act partly as a deterrent.

Speaking after the sentence, Mr [name withheld], an IT consultant, said: "She stooped pretty low. I've just got to get on."

"At the end of the day, she brought it upon herself. Relationships end every day. If someone wants to walk away, you've got to respect it."

Det Con Mike Taylor said: "This was a terrible ordeal for him, costing him his home, his job and his reputation."

FL - Vigilante Barbara Farris, out harassing sex offenders again

Barbara Farris was recently arrested on a warrant from Alabama, on menacing charges, and she claims the charges were dropped due to false allegations, which may be true, but it still doesn't justify the vigilante tactics she is doing, especially shown in this video. You can read more about Barbara by clicking the "BarbaraFarris" link above.

You can also contact the Orlando police and make a complaint about her, here.

UPDATE: See email from police at the bottom.

It also appears to me, that she may be breaking the Florida stalking laws (Click the image to enlarge), more videos here.

I, as well as others, have emailed the police about this, and this is their response. So if you or someone you know, is being harassed by this lady, contact the police and make a report.

If you are the victim of a crime or wanting to report a crime and are located in the jurisdiction of the Orange County Sheriff's Office; You may call 407-836-HELP (4357) to have a deputy respond and investigate this incident. Thank You!

Cpl. Marcus Camacho- FCPP, FCP, ILO
Orange County Sheriff's Office
Patrol Support Section/Crime Prevention Unit
2500 West Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 3280
Office: 407-685-7347 Main: 407-254-7000
Sector 5: 407-351-9368 Sector 6: 407-939-3200