Saturday, September 18, 2010

OH - Committee approves sex offender boundary

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Has the world gone friggin' insane?

OH - Sex Offender Ban

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OH - Sex Offender Opening Church In Lockland

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A new Pentecostal church in Lockland promises to be open and inclusive of gay lifestyles. That alone may spark some controversy but there's even more to this story: one of the organizers is a registered sex offender.

[name withheld] says his past is behind him and it's time for church people to forgive him. But as Local 12's Joe Webb found out, forgiveness may not be the central issue.

We talked to [name withheld] today who is angry someone e-mailed us to complain. He says his sex offender record is irrelevant because the new church won't have a children's ministry. And he won't pastor the church. Those who know him say they aren't so sure it's a good idea.

On Facebook, Cincinnati Open Door Community Church sells itself as the newest Pentecostal-based gay affirming church. When we called the phone number, the man who answered was [name withheld], listed as a sexual predator on Ohio's sex offender registry.

[name withheld] grew up in a Maineville Pentecostal Church. Bill Marcum was his childhood pastor. He now pastors a church in Newport. "My personal feeling is he's not qualified. In his lifestyle and in his present circumstances with the felony he has on him. I think it would disqualify him with anything in the church."

Warren County records show [name withheld] has multiple sex offenses dating back to 1999 including a charge for fondling a 7-year-old. Reverend Marcum says involvement in a new church raises questions. "My feelings is it could very possibly be a new avenue for repeats of things."

The Facebook site doesn't list [name withheld]' name.... it only shows the preparation for opening the church later this month. [name withheld] says all charges against him are at least 8 years old and he would not be the church's pastor. His old pastor says if he's looking for a church, he's welcome to sit in a pew in Newport. "I'd tell him to repent and let the Lord change him."

On the phone this morning, [name withheld] said he doesn't see his past as an issue. He says he's done his time and is no longer on probation. By this afternoon, the Facebook profile was gone and the phone number we called this morning no longer worked.

The church is set to hold its first services September 26th. Reverend Marcum says openly recruiting gay people does not fit with the Pentecostal tradition. He says, in his opinion, gay people are welcome in Pentecostal churches but should not be in church leadership.