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TX - Jury: Former police chief (Baldemar Flores) not guilty of having sex near Autozone

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Funny how this injustice system works. If you are a cop, then they must have evidence, but if you are Joe Blow, all they need is hearsay to label you a sex offender.



EDINBURG — A jury found former Alton police chief Baldemar Flores not guilty on a public lewdness charge Wednesday morning.

The jury spent about an hour deliberating Flores' fate after witnesses testified in the case Tuesday afternoon.

Flores' defense lawyer, Richard Alamia of Edinburg, said during his closing argument Wednesday morning that no witness testified they saw Flores or his purported sex partner, Cynthia Garza Garcia, inside a black BMW sedan having sex.

"Do you have evidence to show he had sex? No," Alamia said to the six-member jury, all women. "Is there any evidence of penetration of the sexual organ there? No."

Ultimately, that lack of evidence led to Flores' acquittal.

Mission police arrested Flores and Garcia after receiving a report they were having sex in a BMW sedan parked behind Autozone, 2204 N. Conway Ave, in September 2009.

Thomas Roland, the store's manager, said he was taking trash out behind the store when he saw a woman's exposed back and behind bouncing on the front seat of a man inside the car.
- Guess she was testing the springs?

Roland called Mission Assistant Police Chief Martin Garza on his cell phone to report the incident. Garza responded with Mission Police Chief Leo Longoria, who brought Garcia in for questioning after a traffic stop at Griffin Parkway and Stewart Road.

Flores, who lost the Mission mayoral election to incumbent Norberto "Beto" Salinas, also owns Rapid Security. He stepped down from his post as Alton Police Chief in March after taking a leave of absence.

MI - Court Docket: Retired Detroit police officer (George William Allen) pleads guilty in online sex sting

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A retired Detroit police officer snared in a predator sting pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of soliciting sex from someone he thought was a teenager.

George William Allen, 54, admitted that he "began chatting" in July 2009 and August 2009 with someone he thought was 13 years old but was actually an undercover agent.

"I later made arrangements to meet ... for sexual purposes," he said.

Allen, who pleaded guilty to child abusive commercial activity and using a computer to communicate with another to commit a crime, faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced Oct. 21.

Authorities said Allen counseled the undercover agent on how to avoid saving chat logs and threatened to kill himself if he was turned in.

Allen was one of nine men arrested in August 2009 in an undercover sting conducted by Attorney General Mike Cox's office. He was arrested at the Arby's restaurant parking lot in Howell Township.

The sting was the combined effort of Cox's office, the Livingston County Sheriff's Department and Perverted Justice, the latter of which has been involved in televised stings on "To Catch a Predator" with "Dateline NBC" and MSNBC.

The defendants were arrested after showing up at a decoy house or at area restaurants in the Howell Township area. All the other defendants have since entered plea deals and been sentenced.

OK - Pedobear fear-mongering campaign is spreading

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All Related Insanity!

Click the "PedoBear" link above for all related items. So far it's for California and Oklahoma. Talk about fear mongering!


By Abbie Alford

UPDATE - September 15th, 2010. Tulsa Police originially told FOX23 News the man in Pedobear costume at San Diego's Comic Con conference who was questioned by police was a registered sex offender. Today, Tulsa Police tell FOX23 News, they made a mistake and the man in the costume is not a registered sex offender.

Potential child predators are playing dress up and police say parents need to know they’re out there.
- You wouldn't be fear mongering now would you?  Maybe they should also check into Barney the purple dinosaur, he kind of creeps me out.

"You have no idea who is behind the mask," says Tulsa Police Exploitation Sergeant John Adams. "These are pedophiles. These are people that prey on our children."

Law enforcement officers in San Diego kicked a man dressed as a Japanese cartoon character called Pedobear out of a family-friendly Comic Con conference.

FOX23’s Abbie Alford spoke with police on the reminder for parents to watch their kids closely.

In just a couple of weeks the Tulsa State Fair will kick off and attract thousands of children and possibly child predators.

Tulsa police say they will be looking for potential predators dressed in Pedobear costumes and so should parents.
- Oh come on, this is just funny as hell!  Really?

There’s Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Chuck E. Cheese, clowns and now the Pedobear.

"I am watching everybody," says mother Kristin Weis.

Underneath the costume could be a child predator.

"You have no idea who is behind the mask," says Adams.
- Yeah, on Halloween, the person behind the Freddy Kruger mask could also be a child killer.  He did like kids in the movie, right?  So he must be a pedophile, right?

In San Diego at the Comic Con conference police say they found a man, dressed in the Pedobear suit and handing out free candy. He was asked to leave. Now, the San Luis Obisbo County sheriff's office has spread the word of warning to police departments across the nation, including TPD.

"Children love stuffed animals so one of these Pedobears is going to attract children to them and a parent that is not aware that this could be a pedophile making contact with my child and doesn't know any different and snap pictures and allow them to have a contact and that simple contact is what that pedophile needs to fulfill is fantasy for the day," says Adams.
- And Adam, how would you know this?

The Pedobear is the latest meme or internet trend that has gone viral and pokes fun of child predators.

The Huffington Post says Pedobear is an internet creation meant as a joke but the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office in California which passed on the warning to law enforcement nationwide, says it is the symbolism that is disturbing.

"Some are claiming that this is an internet hoax but someone has taken it one step further," says Adams.

However, it is not just an image on your computer screen.

"They are getting stimulated by that one touch. You don’t see it we don't know it because they are hidden under that costume but that's their sexual stimulation,” says Weis who is also a member of Stop Child Trafficking Now an organization that advocates against child abuse and human slavery. "Keep your children away from these mascots. Keep your child away from people dressed up. Know who your child is around and know what they are doing," says Weis.
- LOL!!!  Keep you kids a way from Ronald McDonald and Santa Clause as well, we all know most child predators reside in the child's own family, so Daddy may be the next pedophile, so watch Daddy very closely!

Police say pedophiles will use the Pedobear figure as a decal on their car window to signify a connection with other pedophiles.

"They use it on their cars so they can identify with each other, they will wear lapel pins," says Adams. “It offers them that sense of belonging in a group."

Tulsa Police say officers are monitoring Facebook and other social networking sites that identify with Pedobear and its fans.
- Well then, you should check out the many vigilante sites out there.

Police will also be out investigating Pedobear at the Tulsa State Fair and during Halloween.

Among the groups police are monitoring is the North American Man/Boy Love Association, a group whose mission is to end age of consent laws.

The following is the actual PDF document spreading throughout the USA now. Fear-Mongering to the extreme.

OH - Police: Cop (Shaun Harder) sought sex with girl, 14

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By Sandusky Register Staff

A former cop is now in jail for allegedly seeking a pact to lose his virginity with a 14-year-old girl.

Shaun S. Harder, 24, had been a police officer with the Elmore Police Department when he attempted to forge an inappropriate relationship with the girl over a period of six to nine months, Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan said.

Harder was on duty at least some of the time he “groomed” the girl, Mulligan added, explaining that the officer sometimes sought the girl out during school sporting events.

Mulligan said Harder, who deputies arrested Tuesday, texted the girl explicit messages on her cell phone.

After the two sent 1,000 or so messages back and forth, the girl’s mom discovered the texts and forbid her to have contact with Harder.

He (then) instructed her on how to use the computer for messaging,” Mulligan said.

While chatting online, Harder showed her pictures of his genitalia via webcam, he said.

He also indicated to her where his bedroom was and she could climb up the antennae to get there,” the prosecutor said. “There was some discussion about them wanting to lose their virginity together.”

Harder’s attorney, Thomas DeBacco, said Harder is a fine young man who has never been in trouble in his life.

He did not do any of the things he’s accused of,” he said. “We hope and we expect that he and his good name will be cleared.”

DeBacco represents Harder in another matter where the former officer was accused of making threats against the Arabian Rescue Mission via his Facebook page. The mission is involved in the rescue of 36 horses from an Oak Harbor farm.

In that case, he faces charges of aggravated menacing for a Facebook message that stated, “the horses need (people) like us; the Arabian rescue group needs to be slaughtered like livestock.”

In the case involving the 14-year-old girl, Harder faces the following charges:
  • Two counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance, felonies of the second degree.
  • Two counts of disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile, felonies of the fifth degree.
  • Tampering with evidence, a felony of the third degree.
  • Three counts of contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a child, a misdemeanor of the first degree.
  • Obstructing official business, a misdemeanor of the second degree.

The most recent charges stemmed from a nine-month investigation into the allegations. Elmore police administrators fired Harder after placing him on suspension in December after the allegations came to light.

Mulligan said that’s when Elmore police became aware of the accusations and asked the Ottawa County Sheriff’s office to investigate.

Harder remains behind bars at the Ottawa County jail on no bond. He has a hearing Wednesday afternoon, at which time DeBacco said he’ll enter a not-guilty plea.

AUSTRALIA - Grandad falsely accused of rape and incest

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By Tony Koch and Amanda Gearing

The Queensland Department of Child Safety refused for 18 months to correct a file that falsely accused a Toowoomba man of being a rapist who was jailed for fathering his own grandchild.

The 64-year-old man was told by the department to prove he was not a rapist.

When he presented a certificate from the police service saying he did not have a criminal record and a DNA blood test showing he was not the father of his granddaughter, the department still refused to believe him.

The man was banned from having contact with his nine-year-old granddaughter, and she was not allowed to stay with him and his wife for holidays, which she had done for the preceding eight years.

The grandfather repeatedly wrote to Child Safety Minister Phil Reeves, his local state MP and former attorney-general Kerry Shine, and the Parliamentary Ombudsman - all to no avail.

When The Australian contacted Mr Reeves's office on Monday, it took just three hours to confirm the error and for a departmental officer to be ordered to contact the accused grandfather and apologise for the "inaccuracy recorded in the file".

The file contained details of a criminal with an identical surname and first initial, according to department officials.

The accusation of being an incest rapist was discovered by the grandfather last year when he sought access to his file under Right to Information legislation. One document, from August last year, alleged the girl "was a product of rape and the father/grandfather is now currently in prison".

The grandfather yesterday told The Australian he was "shattered" when he read the document and immediately questioned it with department officers but was told the file would not be altered.

He pointed out the obvious: he could not be the person in the document because he was sitting opposite them, not in prison.

"Finally the DCS complaints officer told me that I had to prove I was not a rapist and had not fathered my grandchild," he said yesterday, breaking down in tears.

"So I asked the police to detail my criminal history - there was no history of crime - and my wife and I sold our caravan to get the $800 to pay for a DNA test which showed I was not the father of my granddaughter."

"Yet despite having this evidence before them, until your newspaper contacted minister Reeves, nobody would do anything, and we were warned about going to the media."

The nightmare began when the grandfather sought kinship carer status for his daughter's two children. She had difficulty looking after them because she was the victim of domestic violence from a drug-addicted husband who is in prison for stealing.

The application by the grandparents was refused, with no reason given. Instead the two children were put in foster care for several months until their mother was again able to cope.

Yesterday Toowoomba police held the grandfather in the watchhouse for 30 minutes after saying they had received a complaint from his DCS case officer, Nicole Steele, alleging that he had threatened her in a telephone conversation with other staff.

"I made no threats and I refused to give a statement, so they let me go," the grandfather said.

"The apology given to me by the department meant nothing. Why didn't it come a year ago - and what about all the money it has cost me in telephone calls and running around. The least they could do is refund the $800 it cost for the DNA test."

A statement released yesterday, said Department of Communities acting director-general Bette Kill "has apologised to the person in this case for an inaccuracy recorded in his file".

CA - Could We Have Prevented Chelsea King's Death?

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Listen to the show (1:24:55)

Letter to the Editor

Surprisingly, last week I received a letter in my mailbox from Chelsea King's and Amber Dubois' killer, John Gardner. I initially wrote him many months ago to ask him to explain how he morphed into a habitual killer.

In a California courtroom, Gardner admitted to killing King and Dubois after he sexually assaulted them. He is now back in prison where he rightfully belongs. But in his letter he talks about how as a Registered Sex Offender, he tried to get help from a multitude of organizations. He states, "When my life started to fall apart I tried to find help, drug treatment, AA/NA, Welfare, County Mental Health. When they found out my history (which is required information), they turned me away or didn't try to help."

As most sex offenders will tell you, being on a public registry is one of the most humiliating things that one can endure in his/her life. It is wrong to abuse anyone against their will, but so many offenders on the registry had consensual sex; were in possession of child pornography; or for other non-aggravated crimes. Of course this wasn't the case with Gardner. He also mentions that he had a mental disorder: "I don't even know exactly which things [contributed to my killing spree] but a combination of many bad things happening to me mixed with my bi-polar depression set me off in a go out with a bang attitude (like suicide). But since I felt like my life was over I just did whatever I wanted which unfortunately was to hurt someone else as much as I hurt."

Briefly he mentioned being assigned to a new parole officer and "all went to hell" for him. His first two years on parole were met with minor violations. But it appears from the letter that the parole officer played a detrimental part in Gardner's struggle to successfully move forward with his life.

A few times that he states he didn't want to disclose too much because of a book that was coming out to be released by author, Caitlin Rother. But he further mentioned that he was interviewed by CBS 8 out of San Diego, CA. In the interview Gardner is quoted as saying, "I had public defenders in that little box that they always put me in, and when they came after court -- because you have to plead not guilty for some reason to everything before you can even plead guilty, I guess -- I was telling them I just want to plead guilty and want everyone to know how bad that I felt," Gardner said.

It is evident, from Gardner's point of view, that he was trying to get help that was never provided. Many sex offenders are excluded not only from jobs but also from stable housing, tax-funded programs and facilities.

No one enjoys being humiliated or ostracized from their peers. As humans we are social creatures and despite our emotional disgust with sex offenders, we need to treat them with dignity, support, and treatment. King and Dubois could possibly be alive today had Gardner received comprehensive support and assistance along with forgiveness at the time when he was crying out for help.