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NY - Lambs to the Slaughter: The Hofstra False Rape Case

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The Hofstra false rape accusation is a chilling case study in the harsh and byzantine ways our purportedly enlightened society not only tolerates but tacitly encourages rape lies as the price of battling rape, without regard for the terrible harm to the men and boys falsely accused.

Modern people cannot stomach the sort of vigilantejustice” that, well into the 20th Century, condemned countless falsely accused men and boys to the lynch mob's rope. But the Hofstra case is a somber warning that the witch-hunt hysteria fomented by those self-anointed rape avengers of yesteryear is alive and well in our news media, in our law enforcement apparatuses, indeed, in society at large.

This is a cautionary tale about a terrible, but politically correct, injustice that our gender-politicized society has deluded itself into believing is not a problem at all.

In A Nutshell

Early in the morning of Sunday, September 13, 2009, Danmell Ndonye (pronounced en-DAHN'-yeh), then an 18-year-old Hofstra University student, lied about being gang raped in a Hofstra dormitory bathroom, causing four young non-white men ranging in age from 19 to 21 to be arrested by Nassau County police and held in custody for almost four days. Another young man, a high school senior, was about to be arrested at the time the false accuser recanted.

Jesus Ortiz and Stalin Felipe, both of the Bronx, Kevin Taveras of Brentwood, New York, and Hofstra student Rondell Bedward, were charged with five counts of rape in the first degree. Their bail was set at $500,000 bond or $350,000 cash, effectively insuring they wouldn't be freed until law enforcement said they would be. They each faced up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Newspaper reports treated the naked allegation as a proven rape, with lock-the-doors-and-hide-the-daughters headlines. Mugshots of the four frightened young men were plastered across the pages of some of America's leading dailies. Television news reported the story with a frantic tone that left little doubt that a terrible rape had certainly occurred.

The only one of the young men who was a student at Hofstra was immediately suspended and banned from campus. Another one of the young men was immediately fired from his job. The men received death threats. Jail guards badgered, pushed and shoved at least one of the men. The men's families were harassed.

The only reason the false accuser recanted was because she learned that one of the young men had videotaped the sordid event. But even when it was revealed that the claim was a lie, progressive pundits insisted "we'll never know what really happened." Chivalrous men said the falsely accused men got the good scare they deserved. And feminists declared that the liar did not deserve to be branded as a criminal because "rape culture" made her do it.

GA - Klan slams illegals

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The KKK and Black Panthers (who are the black form of the KKK) are what is wrong with this country.


By Adam Crisp

ELLIJAY - Ku Klux Klan members rallied here Saturday to condemn illegal immigration, homosexuality, sex offenders, blacks and President Barack Obama, while counterdemonstrators preached love for everyone.

About 40 robe-clad Klansmen stood in the Gilmer County Courthouse parking lot as several hundred spectators watched from across the street. Police said there were no incidents.

The Klan’s biggest gripe nowadays, if the Saturday event is any indication, appears to be illegal immigration. Speakers spent most of the hourlong rally assailing Hispanic immigrants.

Most of you probably don’t realize how bad this illegal alien situation actually is,” said a man who identified himself at Imperial Wizard Jeff Jones. “Us real Americans don’t want these ... people in our country.”
- You are wrong.  If they come here legally, I have no problem with it.

He blamed lack of jobs and increases in tuberculosis, HIV and car accidents on illegal immigration.
- So where is their proof of this?  Bet they can't find any!

Ellijay has a major illegal alien community,” said Jones, who claims the state headquarters for the KKK is in Gilmer County. “They are nothing but a bunch of leaches, parasites, like ticks on a dog, sucking our country dry.”

People who said they were Klan leaders in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi all spoke, but none gave full names or could be contacted after the rally.

Countering the Klan, some people carried signs proclaiming love for all people, regardless of ethnicity. Around 15 came from the Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church to “provide an alternative message,” said Myra Kibler, president of the congregation.

We were incensed they would do this on Sept. 11,” Kibler said. “We just didn’t want their message to go unanswered. And we are thankful there are many other people here who want to make a different statement [than the Klan]. We want to provide an alternative message. ... We say that we are standing on the side of love.”


The Klan that onlookers saw Saturday is a mere flickering shadow of its former power and influence.

During the 1920s — the Klan’s heyday — the group had more than 4 million members, according to Mark Potok, head of intelligence for the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala.

Today, a fractured Klan with small branches all over the country has fewer than 6,000 members, he said.

The Klan of today is small, fractured, impotent and irrelevant,” Potok said.

The group has been crippled by lawsuits, infighting and waves of more sophisticated white supremacist groups that have siphoned members, said Potok.

That’s the general impression of Andrew Stevens, a native of England who became an American citizen a few years ago. He had never seen a Klan rally but came to Ellijay expecting some sort of spectacle.

These are just a bunch of knuckle-dragging idiots,” Stevens said. “It’s really pathetic to see how irrelevant they are, almost a parody of themselves.”


Glenn Whitman drove from Tennessee to hear what the Klan had to say Saturday. He said he wasn’t a member, but he didn’t disagree with everything the speakers had to say.

They are angry; I am angry. Who wouldn’t be angry?” Whitman said, referring to the economy and illegal immigration. “They’re illegal, for God’s sake. They are turning our country into a Third World nation.”

He declined to say where he lives in Tennessee.

Most of the supporters, who cheered and shouted “white power” with the Klansmen, appeared to have traveled with the group. They left after the event.

Gilmer County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Frank Copeland, speaking after the event, said officers checked the Klansmen’s license plates and found only one Gilmer County plate among 30 vehicles. Others came from South Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and one had a New York plate, Copeland said.


No one would say how many law enforcement officers were present Saturday, but Lt. Copeland said at least 100 were in Ellijay to prevent a violent incident.

As the Klan left, a dozen or so Georgia State Patrol troopers with riot gear walked out of the courthouse and drove away. Sheriff’s deputies, state troopers, city police and Department of Natural Resources rangers were at the rally.

Copeland said the cost of all that protection would be tallied later.

It’s definitely an expense,” he said. “We’ve got to pay these officers to come down here ... but we don’t really have a choice.”

Marcelle Lowry, who owns the barbershop on the town square, said the county can ill afford such an expense in lean times.

And it’s not good for the town’s budding tourism economy, which relies on weekend travelers from Atlanta, Lowery said.

I don’t know if their reason [for being here] is because of the economy, but the cost is kind of defeating the purpose because it’s hurting our economy,” Lowery said.

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FL - Interviews with four convicted sexual predators -- Part One

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By lmmartin

The Decision

In all my years in child protection work, I never once had the opportunity to question or even speak to a perpetrator. My job was to connect with the victim, to gain trust, to listen, to report, to protect, and by the time I’d succeeded at that, my feelings for the offender were such – well let’s just say I wouldn’t have been pleasant.

Some years have passed since that chapter of my life, and I decided the time had come to look at the problem from the other side, from the offenders’ side. I had a long list of questions overdue for answers.

To do that, I had to meet some and that is what led me to contact the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office to request their assistance. (I certainly wasn't about to go out by myself and knock on the door of any one of these all too easy to find individuals.)

I had some explicit criteria:
  • I wanted to speak with someone whose crime involved a child -- three categories in Florida: A) over the age of twelve and younger than sixteen, or B) under the age of twelve and C) 16 or 17 if the other party is over the age of 24.
  • I wanted to speak with someone categorized as a sexual predator, thus avoiding the excuses of 'I was only taking a leak,' or 'I was only eighteen and my girlfriend fifteen' or 'it was an accident and I only brushed up against her breast.'

I explained my purpose, and was transferred to a Community Relations officer -- who did his best to dissuade me, but eventually arranged a contact with the Florida Department of Corrections.

A week later, I was to meet with a probation officer at the Sheriff's office, and he would arrange for me to interview his hand-picked candidates.

In the meantime, I did some research so I'd be as informed as possible and prepared.

As the days went by, my sleep grew increasingly interrupted as long stifled memories haunted me. Once again my nights were populated with a parade of child victims from the past. I heard their whispered confidences, dried their tears and taught them how to speak of the unspeakable.