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MI - Teens Charged in 90-Year-Old Woman's Rape

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UK - Sex Offender Register is a Waste of Money

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By Andromeda

Major criticism has recently been expressed with regard to the UK Sex Offender Register. Many senior police officers think it is a waste of time and money and nobody really believes it has ever prevented an offence from being committed.

Only yesterday, a man was convicted of organizing the distribution of child porn on Facebook. What is more interesting is the fact that it was the Australian police who discovered the link with the UK not the much vaunted Child Exploitation and Online Protection branch of the British police. Indeed, if one looks closely at CEOP, it is clear that they, like most other branches of the UK police rarely actually detect anything; they simply wait for people to be ‘grassed up’ by other members of the public who may have a personal axe to grind.

The Sex Offender Register, as operated in the UK, is regarded by France, Spain, Italy and many other EU states as being unlawful. Furthermore, one must remember that it is another import from the US put in place as a knee-jerk reaction to a particular offense. The countries that do not follow the example of the UK seem to have many fewer problems than we do when it comes to managing risk. They also recognize that people can change for the better whereas the Bitish believe the opposite.

This site is of the opinion that the 2 million people who now earn a very good living as part of the UK Child Protection Industry are only allowed to continue to do so because they are also 2 million voters that no government wants to upset. Everyone in power is afraid to speak the truth of this ridiculous situation for fear of being citicised by the press.

What they should all realise is that the majority of sexual offences against children are committed in the family environment by people who are not on the register and who have not yet been caught. It is also the case that most of them are in fact never caught and so never appear on the Register. One reason for this is that the government and charities who rely on other people’s money are terrified of criticising families. Newspapers too are afraid of criticising those who buy their publications.

The very fact that the man convicted yesterday was already on the Sex Offenders Register – as well as the Visor register – and yet was still able to commit his offences, proves that the Register is useless, expensive, stigmatises people, prevents them from ever getting any sort of job again and, worst of all, protects no one.

The Opinion Site shares the view of the police chief who said the Register should be torn up and thrown away. The trouble is, our pathetic politicians are a bunch of total cowards who are afraid to do or say anything which may attract criticism and threaten their overpaid political positions of power.

It was recently suggested that there may well have been paedophiles in Tony Blair’s inner cabinet; strange how that didn’t get much publicity and more strange still that nobody allegedly involved was ever investigated. Well actually, it is not that strange. After all, there was no one to ‘grass them up’ was there?

Mark Lunsford - Save a child, hang a pedophile, except my son of course!

Mark Lunsford continually speaks out about sex offender laws, and has on his vest "SAFE A CHILD, HANG A PEDOPHILE!" But most people don't know, child porn was found (reported in the news) on his machine when Jessica went missing. And, his own son, Joshua, molested a 14 year old female when he was 18 years old. Granted it's a "Romeo & Juliet" type crime, and kids have been having sex for as long as we can remember, but why advertise killing pedophiles, when his own son molested someone? Is he going to allow someone to hang his own son? I doubt it! This just shows what a hypocrite he is. He's getting rich, as many others are as well, off the back of their own kids death! Sick, very sick indeed, IMO!

And of course we should not be hanging people, it's murder, but why advertise murdering people?

Don't believe me? Watch the following video.

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IL - Parents look to change sex offender laws in Illinois

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By Jeff Mason

Some Illinois parents are trying to change sex offender registry laws because their children had a close call with a convicted sex offender who wasn’t registered.

Why wasn’t he registered? Because the crime occurred when he was a juvenile.

Information about convicted juvenile sex offenders is only available to police and not the public, and that’s what Marie and Eric are trying to change. They want a juvenile sex offender registry.

East Alton Police Chief Dwynn Isringhausen said under current laws, they only release the information to schools, known daycares and known childcare facilities.

Illinois state Sen. Bill Haine and state Rep. Dan Beiser said they like what Marie has proposed and believe it would make communities safer.

The group Illinois Voices sent a fax to Beiser’s office while News 4 was there. They want reform to sex offender laws so not all convicts are treated the same.

Illinois Voices’ site says, “Current laws are over-broad, over-inclusive and do not distinguish between violent sex offenders and non-violent persons charged with sexually based crimes.”

Crimes covered in sex offender laws include consensual teenage sex and sexting.

Lawmakers are toying with the idea of a tier system which would categorize offenders based on the severity of the crime.

Both lawmakers said they plan to hammer out a bill and bring it up on the floor during the next legislative session to deal with what they said is a loophole in sex offender laws.

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Apparently these state reps have not examined the Adam Walsh Act, or SORNA, which sets rules to include juveniles (thus ruining their lives) on the online shaming list. So instead of complying with AWA and SORNA, they are making their own laws, just so they can "look tough" on crime while doing nothing to protect anybody, nor prevent crime, but they do make people homeless, jobless and without hope. Laws meant to protect children are ruining children for LIFE!

Blame It On "NIMBY"

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