Saturday, July 31, 2010

CA - Registered sex offender arrested on suspicion of rape of teenage girl

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This, is yet more proof, that GPS is not a deterrent, and will not prevent anybody from committing a crime, if that is their intention!


A registered sex offender has been connected to a rape and an attempted rape that took place over the past two weeks -- including an incident in which he met the victim online -- and is in jail on suspicion of committing numerous offenses, police and deputies said.

[name withheld], 26, was already in custody for a parole violation warrant when detectives linked him to the crimes, according to a Kern County Sheriff's Department news release. He is being held without bail.

[name withheld] had cut off his ankle monitor July 5 and wasn't found until July 22, a Bakersfield Police Department news release said. Both the BPD and the Sheriff's Department worked on separate cases in which [name withheld] was the suspect.

The Sheriff's Department's investigation began July 20 when a 15-year-old girl reported being raped by a man she met on an Internet social networking site, the news release said. She had agreed to meet the man at a local fast-food restaurant, and after dinner the man lured her into his vehicle by saying he would drive her to a family member's home, the release said.
- Why is a underage child meeting someone she doesn't know, whom she met online, in person?  That is a major problem.  Where are the parents?

Instead, he drove her to an orchard east of Bakersfield and raped her, the news release said.

In the BPD case, a 14-year-old girl said she was walking in the north alley in the 700 block of Monterey Street on July 17 when she was confronted by a man who brandished a gun and forced her into a vehicle parked nearby, the news release said. The man tried to remove her pants, but she fought and managed to escape.

The man in both incidents has been identified as [name withheld], according to the news releases.
- Identified how?

The Sheriff's Department's website lists 13 felonies [name withheld] is suspected of committing in the two incidents, including rape and kidnapping. An arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 2, the website says.

[name withheld] pleaded no contest to a rape charge in 2004 and was sentenced to six years in prison, according to the Kern County Superior Court website.

An investigation is ongoing, the law enforcement agencies said.

Ex-DA FemiNazi, Wendy Murphy, doesn't have a clue!

In the following video, which is only a portion of the entire show, Fox cut out the part with Mary and Ricky. What's with that? You can see the full segment with Mary and Ricky, here.

Wendy Murphy states:

"Something like 2% of all sex offenders are on the registries. That's a problem, that number should be much higher."

What? Really Wendy? Did you pull that out of your butt?

There are over 700,000 people on the sex offender registries across this once great nation. And you are saying only 2% are on the registry? Wow!!! You are one fry short of a Happy Meal!

That would be over 35 million people on the registry, for sex crimes only. What about all the other criminals who harm children and society?

You apparently do not care about the facts, that is obvious. Remember the Mike NiFong and Duke Lacrosse case? You were on the side of Mike NiFong, and were grilling those kids, claiming they were guilty, when, in the end, they were found innocent, and Mike NiFong was disbarred! If you were not an ex-DA, I'm sure you would've been disbarred as well.

She also admits her own mother had a child at 16, which today, would be illegal. Hell, lets make the laws retroactive, far back, so it puts her mom on the registry, then lets see what she thinks about the laws. I wonder, how old was she when she first had sex? Would she be on the registry today?

My question is: Why do shows like this not have real sex offender experts in on the discussion, instead of ex-DA's and feminists like Wendy, Nancy Grace, Etc?

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OK - Three Oklahomans Facing Felony Charges for 'Sexting'

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The female, who is apparently underage, should be charged with creating and distributing child porn. They say she "may" be charged with a crime, how wrong is that? If the males are charged with a crime, then so should she!


OKLAHOMA CITY - Three young Oklahomans could be labeled as sex offenders for the rest of their lives for sexting. Authorities arrested them for sending a naked picture of a girl to their friends.

It all started when a Texhoma High School girl allegedly took a naked picture of herself on her cell phone and forwarded it to her boyfriend's cell. Sheriff's officials said he then sent the pictures to his friends.

Three 18 year old men are now charged with distribution of child pornography, which is a felony.

Texhoma County District Attorney Michael Boring said he thinks the punishment doesn't fit the crime and wants the state to have a more appropriate one.

"The only charge that is really applicable in Oklahoma right now for what everyone is referring to as sexting is a charge relating and falling under our child pornography statues," said Michael Boring, Texas County District Attorney.

The three were juveniles when the alleged crime was committed. The girl who police said took the picture could also face charges.

DC - House Sends Convicted Sex Offenders Unpacking

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By Sarah Parker

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives sent convicted sex offenders UNpacking by passing a bill that would give Megan's Law an international scope and enforce strict regulations on sex-offender travel across U.S. borders. Back in February, this bill was still a gleam in daddy's eye. Now it's quickly making its journey into the world, quite literally. Covenant House, an organization caring for nearly 70,000 homeless youth, many victims of sex trafficking, is among those credited for championing the bill, petitioning Congress with over 30,000 signers, along with Representatives Chris Smith and Dan Lungren. The bill's next stop is the Senate, where it is expected to pass posthaste. (Read the bill in it's entirety here.)

In a statement on his website, Lungren reflected that with effective domestic enforcement of Megan's Law, sex offenders head overseas to commit their crimes instead. But now Lungren believes that will change, saying, "The bill we passed today, H.R. 5138, will bring us one step closer to stopping these predators before they do unspeakable, irreparable damage to children."

Not everyone agrees the bill should fly, least surprisingly, convicted sex offenders. There are blogs and online communities where offenders descry the bill as a violation of their human rights and basic American freedoms. Upset offenders claim they'll be unable to leave the country or legally expatriate to "get a fresh start" somewhere else because the bill gives the Secretary of State the right to rescind the passports of anyone awaiting trial for a sex offense against a minor or a permanent resident of the U.S. who has been convicted of that offense. But not every sex offense is against a minor so not every offender risks losing their passport. Besides, if you destroy the life of a child by sexually exploiting them, maybe it's fair that you, too, should have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.

My favorite argument is that Americans who are afraid of sex offenders in their communities will be forced to live with them indefinitely if offenders can't travel freely to other countries. In other words, hey folks, wouldn't you like to dump us on unsuspecting communities on the other side of the world so we can violate their children instead of yours? No, actually. We would like you to be unable to harm any child, ever, and expect you to abide by the laws of general human decency, as well as those of the state, or face the consequences.

The only argument against the bill that makes me question it, and then only its language versus its intent, is that it violates Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country." Does this bill violate that right if it takes away the passports of those who were convicted of a sex offense against a minor if they served their time and were deemed unlikely to reoffend? Otherwise, I don't see how notifying other countries that a person who has committed a sex crime is heading their way keeps that person from leaving their country. It makes it more difficult, but only just.

Chris Smith put it best when he said, "Child predators thrive on secrecy, a secrecy that allows them to commit heinous crimes against children with impunity and without any meaningful accountability." International Megan's Law will take that dirty laundry, those heinous secrets, out of their suitcases, airing them to the proper authorities. Most of the world is okay with that.