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Facing Dennis Ferguson - Trailer

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The Resident: Sex offenders

In this episode of The Resident, Lori talks to people at the crossroads of the world, Times Square, about the rights of sex offenders.

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CA - Roseville child molester speaks

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By Josh Fernandez

A Roseville resident, who was convicted almost eight years ago of a sex crime, wants the public to know what it’s like to live life on the wrong side of Megan’s Law.

Life seems to stop … and existence takes place,” he said in ana phone interview Monday. “Mistakes can be made. Not all sex offenders are the same. Some of us have made some very terrible mistakes and have paid a very horrible price for that.”

The man (who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation) can be found on the Megan’s Law website – an online list that points out the location of registered sex offenders in a given area.

This offender – one of 171 in Roseville – is listed for participating in lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14 years old.

The offender freely admits his guilt. He served eight months in jail for his crime. He’s not a career criminal (he was arrested once as a teen for disturbing the peace and he’s almost 60 years old now). But he’s been ousted from mainstream society.

I’ve had people spit on me because they recognized me through the Megan’s list. I’ve had people come onto my property and tell me to leave,” he said, adding that his crime, while horrific by any standard, took place seven years ago. “The crime was absolutely wrong. No ifs, no ands, no buts, no excuses – but there has to come a time when the pound of flesh has been exacted. With a registered sex offender, that pound of flesh doesn’t exist.”

The girl he molested was his own stepdaughter. She was 13.

Although he takes responsibility for his crime, he says mental stresses contributed to his decision to sexually abuse his daughter. He was raised by an alcoholic father who abused him physically and mentally from ages three through seven, he said.

The public only sees that phrase ‘sex offender’ and correlates it to ‘monster,’” he said. “But that’s not always the case.”

Det. Doug Blake, who handles sexual crimes for the Roseville Police Department, said that it is possible for sex offenders to have their listing on the Megan’s Law website removed, but they have to follow a strict, systematic procedure of rehabilitation and legal paperwork.

However, this sex offender, who is an independent contractor in the repair business, said it’s nearly impossible to make enough money for a lawyer.

It might as well be $12 or 15 million,” he said. “Employers would rather have a murderer working for them.”

He says being on a sex offender list can be “embarrassing and difficult” and, at times, it can be dangerous – but Det. Blake says it’s absolutely necessary.

For the more serious crimes, I believe it’s right for them to have that lifetime requirement,” Blake said. “Certain sex offenders who have been convicted of some fairly minor crimes are not even on Megan’s Law. There are certain crimes where you don’t automatically wear this scarlet letter for the rest of your life.”

Crimes like indecent exposure, do not necessarily require an offender to register in the Megan's Law database. But many, like molesting your teenage stepdaughter, for instance, do.

So does this offender consider himself rehabilitated?

I’m not certain that there is such a thing as the word rehabilitation when it comes to (these) problems,” he said. “It’s about gaining self-control. It’s about recognizing your accountability to the world and to yourself.”

Sex offenders statewide could be in for tighter restrictions if a bill known as Chelsea’s Law (named for a San Diego student Chelsea King who was raped in killed in May) passes. The measure would require lifetime GPS monitoring for some sex offenders. It would also ban them from going to places where kids congregate, like parks and schools.

Chelsea’s law passed easily through the state Assembly and now awaits action in the Senate.

TN - Sevier woman (Susan Wagers) arrested after false rape report

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SEVIERVILLE - Sevier County authorities charged a woman with making a false report that she had been assaulted and raped in her home by an acquaintance.

Susan Wagers was being held this morning in the Sevier County Jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond, according to the Sevier County Sheriff's Office.

Wagers called 911 on July 8 and claimed she had been raped at her home on Willow Creek Lane near Sevierville. Authorities launched an investigation and searched for the alleged suspect in several areas in Sevier County, according to the SCSO.

On July 9, Wagers admitted while being re-interviewed that the rape allegation was false, the Sheriff's Office said in a press release.

UK - Student (Temitope Adenugba) blasted over rape lie

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By Jonross Swaby

Woman jailed after falsely accusing cleaner to get coursework extension

A UNIVERSITY student has been blasted after falsely claiming she had been raped so she could get an extension on her coursework.

Temitope Adenugba, 24, was jailed for 18 months last week for committing the hoax. She had reportedly been struggling to hand in her work on time at Oxford Brookes University, so Adenugba phoned police claiming she was sexually assaulted by a cleaner in her hall of residence.

When officers arrived, she randomly blamed innocent [name withheld], the court heard. He was arrested, but police later found her claims to be a series of lies.

On websites, both men and women reacted angrily, blasting the student for trying to ruin the life of an innocent man, and for making it more difficult for real rape victims to get justice.

All… criminally malicious creature Adenugba has done by making these false allegations against a totally innocent man is to effectively ensure that REAL rapists will possibly now escape justice…’ wrote Gary from Stoke on the Daily Mail website.

It's no wonder real rape victims struggle to get convictions when there are women out there who will cry it for no good reason,’ added Pato from Aberdeen on the Metro newpaper’s website.

Adenugba was found guilty of perverting the course of justice at Oxford Crown Court, which also heard that Adenugba had previously made false rape claims against her stepfather and an ex-partner.

A Victim Support spokesman urged the public not to let Adenugba’s lies detract from the bravery of real rape victims.

…Cases like this shouldn’t detract from the fact that it takes a tremendous amount of courage for victims to report rape, and that the vast majority of victims are telling the truth,” he said.

IL - Concentration camps for sex offenders?

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By Thomas Frisbie

A Chicago lawyer has facetiously suggested in private conversations that the government should build concentration camps to house sex offenders who have completed their prison sentences.

His thinking: As more and more residential locations are ruled off limits to sex offenders, concentration camps would at least provide them with housing. In some areas, sex offenders - homeless because they can't find a legal place to live - already gather in unofficial (and unauthorized) camps.

Governments at various levels have gradually been narrowing the areas where sex offenders may live. Now, Congress is poised to further complicate housing for sex offenders.

On June 10, the U.S. House voted 420 to 10 in favor of an amendment sponsored by Rep. Chet Edwards (D-Texas) that would bar those guilty of a sex offense against a minor from obtaining mortgages through the Federal Housing Administration. (A similar ban already is in effect for Section 8 subsidized housing.)

The argument in favor: Why should taxpayers help subsidize sex offenders?

Sex Offender Scam

Why anybody who received this, would not question it and send them $90.00 is beyond me, but here it is, FYI.