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TX - Swimming Pools Open But Sexual Predators May Lurk Nearby

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Sex offenders are everywhere, run for your lives........



HOUSTON - Pat Uribe's grandchildren are counting the days. Soon they'll trade playtime in the hot, dry sun for a refreshing dip in a nice, cold pool.

"We're looking into swimming lessons and all the typical things," said Uribe, as her grandchildren slid, jumped, and swung from a playground near Stude Park in the Houston Heights.

This Memorial Day weekend, 20 swimming pools in the city of Houston will open, and crime victims' advocate Andy Kahan says parents should be aware of the dangers that don't involve water.

"You've got 5000 and then some sex offenders that are registered in Harris County," said Kahan. "They're going to be all over the place."
- Don't goto sleep at night, or the boogeyman might get you!

Yes, that means by your neighborhood pool.
- And the gas station, mall, store, local bar, church, they are everywhere.

A FOX26 news investigation revealed registered sex offenders live near every one of the pools scheduled to open this weekend.

On the northeast side, we found nine “high risk" offenders living within a mile of Moody Pool.

On the southeast side, five offenders live right behind Reveille Pool.

An offender who once sexually assaulted a 7-year-old boy lives in an apartment complex right across the street from Stude Pool where Uribe’s family plays.

"I am surprised that they're that close," said Uribe's friend, Mona Quellhorst.

"I thought they kept track of schools, parks and churches and things where children gather," said Uribe.

Uribe is correct.

"If they are being supervised by a correctional department, normally they have a condition they cannot enter a child safety zone," said Kahan.
- Not true, they cannot loiter there, big difference.

"Once you're off that probation or parole and the state doesn't have any control over you anymore, you can live anywhere you want," said Chris Tritico, Fox 26's Legal Expert. "So you can have a sex offender living right across the street from this park and he's not violating the law."

Records show the offender who lives near Stude Pool fulfilled the conditions of his release three months ago.

So legally, it's okay for him to live and play here.

"It would be virtually impossible to monitor or to keep them out of public swimming pools," said Kahan, of the offenders who are no longer under supervision.

The explanation isn't much comfort to Uribe.

"It's really alarming. We don't really pay attention to that," she said. "(The kids are) in there swimming and (say) ‘I have to go to the bathroom' so you let them go to the bathroom and you never think that somebody, a predator could be out there in the restroom."
- A predator could be right behind you right now..  Watch out, he may get you!

Even if these convicted predators stay away from the water, for many working parents, the walk to the pool is short enough for their kids to make alone.
- There is your problem. Don't let them walk alone!  If you think the boogeyman is everywhere, why would you let them?

Experts say before you pack up their sunscreen and towels, and send them on their way, you should also add something else to your checklist.

"Check on the public sex offender database and find out the registered sex offenders that are living in your neighborhood and kinda familiarize yourself with what they look like," said Kahan.
- Okay, so you know what they look like.  How is that going to protect you?  If they wanted to commit a crime, they will.

Tritico agrees.

"That's why we have the law that says (offenders) have to register and we post (their) name and address on the internet," said Tritico. "So that people know where (they) live."

WI - Court: Man Must Register As Offender Over Teen Sex

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MADISON (AP) ― A man who was 18 and had sex with a 14-year-old girl must keep registering as a sex offender, a Wisconsin appeals court ruled Wednesday.

The District 2 Court of Appeals adopted a new rule for interpreting a law that exempts offenders who are less than four years older than their victims from registering. The three-judge panel decided that the age difference is to be calculated by comparing the birth dates, and not the calendar year ages, of the two.

The court ordered _____ of Sheboygan to continue to register as a sex offender, noting that he was four years and four months older than the girl at the time they had intercourse in 2004.

_____ had pleaded no contest to second-degree sexual assault of a child, was sentenced to five years of probation and ordered to register as a sex offender. Now 24, he had asked to be exempted from the registration requirements last year, saying he served his probation without violations.

A Sheboygan County judge granted the request, ruling "there is a four-year difference, not more than a four-year difference" between _____ and the victim."

Prosecutors appealed. They argued that the age difference should be calculated by comparing birth dates and that _____ should first undergo an examination to determine his probability of reoffending before being exempted.

The three-judge panel of the appeals court agreed, saying lawmakers intended to carve out a narrow exemption in cases in which two minors have consensual sex. Comparing calendar year ages would allow a nearly five-year age difference in some cases, which was not the intent, Judge Daniel P. Anderson wrote.

In adopting the rule, Anderson wrote: "This method of calculating age disparity between an actor and a child victim promotes the overarching state policy of protecting our children from those who would abuse them."

Anyone convicted of a wide range of sex crimes in Wisconsin is required to report their address, offense information, place of employment and other personal details annually for 15 years. Some of the worst offenders can be required to register for life.

_____ attorney did not immediately return a phone message.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen (Contact) said the registry, which currently lists 21,405 offenders, has improved public safety and helped law enforcement officials investigate crime and arrest offenders.

"The court of appeals' decision safeguards those interests by keeping the narrow exemption for underage sexual activity from being expanded to offenders who are more than four years older than their victims," he said in a statement.

RSOL - Love is not a crime

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NC - Roseboro Police Chief Marries a registered sex offender (The Horror!)

I am not sure how old this video is, it just showed up on YouTube.

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CA - Bill would limit sex offenders’ Internet use

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This is for those on probation or parole. And the funny thing, probation/parole officers can already do this to their clients, so why is another law, out of vengeance, needed?


By Michael Gardner

Enforcement would be difficult, critics say

SACRAMENTO — Sex offenders trolling the Internet for their next young victim could wind up back behind bars, even without committing a new crime.

That is the goal of a measure moving through the Legislature that would prohibit paroled child molesters from using social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook.

Predators have left the playground and are now going to the Internet,” warned Harriet Salarno, president of Crime Victims United, an advocacy group that has endorsed the ban.

But parole agents and civil libertarians are wary, questioning the wisdom of legally suspect legislation that would rob supervisors of time better used to make home visits that can reveal evidence of contacts with children, child pornography or other behavior.

All they have to do is go to a public library and use a fake name and we’re not going to find it,” said Melinda Silva, a Sacramento parole agent and president of their statewide union.

John Albert Gardner III, sentenced this month in the murders of North County teens Chelsea King and Amber Dubois, maintained a MySpace page in violation of his parole for a previous molestation conviction. He used the name Jason the Stud and listed his home as the Playboy Mansion.
- Once again, one man commits a crime, and all offenders must pay.  If it's okay to do this to sex offenders, why do we not do it with all other criminals?  If a person murders someone, why not punish all murderers? Or if one DUI offender kills someone, punish all other DUI offenders.  Because it's not fair!

Assemblywoman Norma Torres (Contact), D-Pomona, who is carrying one of the social networking bills, said her goal is to give parole and probation agents tools to keep predators off websites. Assembly Bill 2208, awaiting final action in the Appropriations Committee Friday, would punish them with a return trip to jail if they fail to follow the rules.

Her measure would allow work-related social networking if authorities grant permission.

MySpace, Facebook and others have already taken similar steps. In response to inquiries, Facebook and MySpace issued e-mail messages in support of tighter restrictions.

Protecting the people that we serve, especially the many teenagers, has always been a priority of Facebook,” said Andre Noyes, its public policy communications manager.

The issue has emerged in the campaign for state attorney general. Candidates have rushed to voice support of a crackdown, particularly Chris Kelly, who has taken a leave of absence from his post as Facebook’s chief privacy officer during the campaign.

Others urge caution. Even the California Sex Offender Management Board, in its recent recommendations to the governor, cited time constraints facing parole agents.

There are so many social networking sites of various types that it may be virtually impossible to enforce,” the board said in its report.

Paul Sutton , a San Diego State University criminal justice professor, suggested that lawmakers tread carefully. For example, monitoring Internet use “is all but impossible” and some registered sex offenders need the Internet for work or use it to find jobs.

There are an awful lot of bad ideas merged into a giant fiasco under the pretext of catching sex offenders,” he said.

Sen. George Runner (Contact), R-Lancaster, is carrying separate legislation that would require registered sex offenders — even when they are released from parole — to submit to law enforcement all e-mail addresses, various user names and social network pages. That way, he said, social networks can use the database to purge them from sites.
- Which is discrimination!  You are assuming that because they wear the sex offender scarlet letter, that they are using the Internet to look for "victims!"  If there is evidence of them doing so, that is different, but if they use it to keep track of friends, family, find jobs, etc, like everyone else does, then it's a violation of their privacy and other rights.

We ask them for their physical address. We ought to ask them for their electronic address,” Runner said. His Senate Bill 1204 sailed through the Senate and is pending in the Assembly.

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